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R. E. Standefer, M. D.
Dunlap, Tennessee

May 21st, 1937

Dr. J. G. Standifer,
Blakely, Ga.

Dear Doctor:

Beg your pardon for not answering your letter sooner under date of May 7th.

I will give you some of my family history.

I have four sisters and two brothers living, James Alex - Rome, Ga., Otis Allen - Chatta. Tenn.  My father James Epenetus had brothers by the name of Luke (died a few years ago at the age of 92) Polk, Carrol, Lycurgius, and Rufus (a Methodist Preacher).  They are all dead.  My grandfather was a school teacher, his name was James M. Standefer.  He had some brothers one by the name of Luke, (I believe) who was last heard of at Vicksburg, Miss.  He was a surveyor or engineer.  One of grandfathers brothers went to Ga. or Ala. one, and one went to Mo.  Two remained in this part of Tenn.  His name was William I Standefer, the first Clerk and Master of Hamilton County, Tenn. (Chattanooga, Tennessee.)  My great grandfather was a member of Congress with James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson etals.  I have one of his Campaign speeches he made in 1830.  My grandfather came from Va. to East Tennessee.   Some of the heirs of my fathers brothers spell their name Standifer.

I wish you would write me again and tell me from what state your great grandfather came.  I think it possible we might be related as, one of my grand-fathers brothers went to Ga. or Ala.

Jackson --- the religious insane, "fired" me after he broke his fast and was on his way to recovery.

I am glad you wrote,

Very truly,

R. E. Standefer M. D.


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