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Dr. C. H. Standifer
Southwestern Life Building
Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, Feb. 6th, 16.

Dr. Jack G. Standifer,
Blakely, Ga.

Dear Cousin Jack: - I take the privilege of thus addressing you, for I know that we must be related. I suppose that I should preface my answer to your letter with profuse apoligies for my procrastination, but, as you know, excuses are some times worse than none, so I will just say that I post poned answering your letter because I was trying to get some information on my family history, that I could give you.

I am sorry that I do not know much about my predecessors, and of all the letters that I have sent out, making inquiry, I have not gotten much light on the subject.   From the best information I can gain, my great grandfather was one of three brothers who came from either Scotland or England, settling in Virginia.  My grand father came to Texas from Tenn. in the early days and had a large family, nine girls and three boys.  His name was James E. Standifer, but I do not know how many there were in his family, but think that he had a brother or two that came to Texas.  My father was R. V. Standifer, one of the three sons, who was born, raised and died in bastrop county Texas.  He has been dead many years, but previous to his death was in the cattle and mercantile business in Elgin his home county.  My mother was a Gatlin, of Virginia stock originally from the Buchanans of Virginia.  To the union of my mother and father, there were six children born, three boys and three girls, the oldest boy dying at the age of twenty one and the second girl at about sixteen from appendicitis.  I have a brother and two sisters living, the oldest girl is married and my brother just younger than myself also has been married about a year, while myself and baby sister do not seem to be able to do much along the matrimonial line.

I am thirty-two years, of age, and as stated above am not married, and not much prospects in the near future.  I graduated at the University of Louisville in 1909, served a years internship in Louisville, then came to Dallas, and have been engaged in the practice of general medicine and surgery since.  Have done pretty well here, and if the financial panic had not hit us of the south so hard, I think I would have gone into a specialty before now, and may yet, if I can make the arrangements that I want to.

Doctor, there is only one thing that I did not like about your letter, and that was it was not long enough and the, you made excuses for addressing me.  I have always had a sentimental feeling about my father's people, for he died when I was so young, that I never had a chance to get from him the history of his family.  My mother is still living and is one of the best women that ever lived, and naturally, as she was both mother and father to me, I know much more about her people that I do my father's.

If you go to the exposition, I wish you would either go or come the southern route and stop and visit me, for I can not imagine anyone it would be more of a pleasure to see.  If I do not go east this spring to take some special work, it may be that I will go to California in the fall.  My roommate in medical college lives in Phoenix, Ariz. and he has been writing me for several months to come and make the trip with him.

Now, Dr., I don't want you to think that I did not appreciate your letter and history, and ma hungry for more.  Am so sorry that I am unable to give you any more information, and know that this disconnected letter is very unsatisfactory, but it is the best I could do.

Will close, with very kindest regards to you.

C. H. Standifer

1. CHARLES HERBERT5 STANDEFER (RICHARD VAUGHN4, JAMES WILLIAMSON3, ANDERSON2, BENJAMIN1 STANDIFER, ) was born October 15, 1882 in Bastrop Co, TX, and died November 30, 1954 in Austin, Travis Co, TX. He married MARGARET ALLEEN YEARY April 21, 1916 in Farmersville, TX.

BIRTH: Bastrop Co, TX Birth Records; Book 8; p. 296
DEATH: Texas death cert. 57536

Encyclopedia of Texas; Vol 2; p. 684; Texas State Archives.
Charles was a noted neurologist of his time. He was schooled in Georgetown, TX and the University of Louisville. He served the Baylor School of Medicine and Parkland Hospital in Dallas. At one time he worked at the North Texas Insane Asylum at Mineral Wells, TX. On Feb 1918 he entered the medical corp and was stationed at Ft. McPherson, GA and Allerey, France. He was discharged 19 Apr 1919. He was a32nd degree Mason and a member of the Scottish Rite.

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