Early Immigrants

 An index to Early Settlers, Lib. 27, folio 411:

 Israel Skelton is listed as a passenger aboard the ship "Constant Friendship" in 1673.

 From Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666:

Abraham Standford, 1654, by Fra. Spright, Nansemond County
Ann Stanford, 1637, by Henry Perry, Charles River County
Ann Stanford, 1655, by Mr. Anthony Langston, New Kent County
Hugh Stanforb, 1653, by Joseph Croshaw, York County
Nell Stanford, 1652, by Capt. Tho. Hackett, Lancaster County
Mary Stanford, 1652, by John Robinson, Jr., Northampton County
James Stanfast, 1652, by John Robinson, Jr., Northampton County
Vincent Standford, 1656, by Richard Gible, Northumberland County
William Sanford, 1655, by. Lt. Col. Thomas Swan, Surry County
William Sandiford, 1662, by Jno. Hughlett, Northumberland County  (
Hughlett was granted 400 acs. in Northumberland Co on 17 Sept 1662.)

From List of Immigrants to America

p. 408: William Sandford sailed 1679

p. 489: Robert Stanford, son of Robert Stanford and Mary baptized September 24, 1678

From List of Immigrants to Canada

John Sandiford, age 20, arrived at the Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada aboard the "Circassian" in 1887.

William Sandiford, age 27, born outside of Canada - 1901.

Passenger Arrivals in the United States, 1819-1820

M. Stanfer, age 55, Male, Occupation: Farmer; Country: Switzerland

Misc. Sources:

Anthony Standford, (Owner of a shipping company: Thomas Griffith and Anthony Standford & Co.) December 1672, William & Mary from London to Virginia

Henry Sandiford, April 12, 1679, ship: The Robert from Barbados to Boston. (Nathan Hayman was the Commander.

Lt. Charles Sandiford, 1679 from Britain to America

Lt. John Sandiford, 1679 from Britain to America

Thomas Standford, December 4, 1729, from Buckinghamsire, age 22, bound to Richard White to serve five years in Maryland.

Richard Sanford, age 25, July 27, 1635; transported from London to Virginia by the Primrose.

Thomas Sandiford, October 1685; shippers by the Diligence of Liverpool, bound from Liverpool to Virginia.

Thomas Sandiford, September 1686; shippers by the Lamb of Liverpool, bound from Liverpool for Virginia.

Thomas Standford, age 22, December 4, 1729; Bound to Richard White to serve five years in Maryland.

William Sandiford, September 14, 1663. Apprenticed in Bristol to Abraham Roome, four years in Virginia.

Note: Among the names of inhabitants of Barbados who possessed more than ten acres of Land in the year 1638 was Thomas Sandiford and William Sandiford.   The surname Sandforde can be found in 1657. In 1722 there were Honorable John Sandford, Colonel Richard Sandiford and Colonel William Sandiford.

From: Passenger and Immigration Index, 1800-1900s

William Standeford, to Maryland, 1760, #entry number: 7490160
William Standeford, to America, 1760,  #entry number: 7753924
William Standeford, to America, 1759, #entry number 6805486
William Standeford to America, 1759, #entry number 7753925

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