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To begin with, no researcher should disregard the Standerfer surname spelling variations. Each individual line spelled their name seemingly as they pleased. In the very early documents, most early ancestors could not write and others spelled their names the way they were pronounced. After about 1860, the family surname spellings were more consistent. Thus, researchers should approach this dilemma with an open mind. In his letter dated July 8, 1864, Archibald Standifer of Georgia: "Our ancestors formerly spelled the name Standever, then Standiford, then Standerfer and now Standifer." Many more name variations have been established. (See The Name & Progenitors)

There are several viewpoints as to the progenitor of the family. Some believe that the first Standiford in America was a Vincent, from whom we all descend. Others believe that the first one was a John or William Standiford. Still yet, others say that there were actually three brothers who arrived in America in the early 1600s and it is from them that we all descend. Also, there are different points of view as to whether the first Standifords were from Ireland, England or Scotland. I do not attempt to draw conclusions here…just early documentation. Here you will find an early Abraham, Vincent, William, John, James and others.

Some carefully researched lineage's are included here. Many capable people have researched the Standifer (etc.) family and many of their non-copyrighted works are included here also.

Many of the early Standifords settled in the state of Maryland. Fortunately for us, these early documents were not destroyed in the Revolution. You will find a good collection of these early records on these pages.  There are also thousands of Standifer, etc. marriages listed here.

In order for this page to be successful, contributions from others will be very important. A little "tidbit" that seems irrelevant to one, may be just what someone else is looking for. So please help me build this Web Site into a real research source for all of the Standifords, Standerfers, Standifers, etc. to come. Let's preserve our Standerfer heritage!

A special thank you to my Illinois Standerfers researchers, Rick Lanham, Michael Wright, Jack Standerfer, Rhonda McClure, Coleen Elzey, and others (who got me be started)! Also, many thanks to Joan Pappa of Texas for sharing these very early letters that have been in her family's possession for years.


And, as to old Archibald…..I'm going to place you yet!

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