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Civil War - Confederate Records

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From the Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas, 1863-1865; (A list of Indigent soldiers families and number of persons dependent upon them:

  • p. 24: Bastrop County, Texas; 25 FEB 1865; W. A. Standifer, 2

    p. 100: Coryell County, Texas; 16 FEB 1864; D. P. Standifer, 2

    p. 184: Hamilton County, Texas; 17 FEB 1864; T. C. C. Standifer, 4

    p. 412: Williamson County, Texas; 1 MAR 1865; David Standifer, 1

    p. 209: Hill County, Texas; 17 FEB 1864; Moses Standifer, 2; No. 6 (no explanation).

  • From Confederate Pension Application files:

    John Hogue Standifer, County Bosque, #14647 (Click to view pension files)

    James L. Standiford, County Milam, #50040 (Click to view pension application)

    From Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions compiled by John M. McKinney

    Click on name to view pension application

    #42413    Sandefer, J. F.,                                   Kerr County, TX
    #47939    Sandefer, Mrs. Annie
    (See 42413)       Kerr County, TX
    #26896    Sanderford, Mrs. Mattie
    (Pension)     Henderson Co., TX
    #25419    Sanderford, Mrs. M. J.  
    (See 24581)    Bell County, TX
    #25481    Sanderford, Wm. E.
    (Pension)              Bell County, TX
    #20202    Sandifer, J. S.  (Pension)                    Freestone County, TX
    #50496    Sandifer, T. J..                                    Childress County, TX
    #20781    Sandifer, J. Z.  (Pension)                    Limestone County, TX
    #09393    Sandifer, Martha A.
    (Pension)               Limestone County, TX
    #43099    Sandifer, Mrs. Angie                          Dallas County, TX
    #32215    Sandifer, Mrs. Ellen                           Freestone County, TX
    #51406    Sandifer, Mrs. T. J.  
    (See 50496)          Childress County, TX
    #43396    Sanderford, John Rice (Mrs)             Bell County, TX
    #40451    Sanderford, Colon C. (Mrs.)              Bell County, TX

    From The Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1864, Vol. XIV; edited by Janet B. Hewett.


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. P. Sandefer, 9th (Nichols') Infantry, Co. C
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. P. Sandefer, Inf. Timmons' Regt. Co., F, 2nd Lt.


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. P. Sandefur, Waul's Legion Co. C, 1st Sgt.


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) ? Sandford, Cav. 4th Regt., St. Troops, Co. E


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) John M. Sandifer, 4th Infantry, Co., A (see pension application)
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) L. G. Sandifer, 4th Infantry, Co. E
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) L. G. Sandifer, Inf. Houston Bn. Loc. Def. Troops, Co. D, 1st Sgt


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Richmond Standafer, 12th Cavalry, Co. D


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) D. Standefer, 7th Cavalry, Co. C, Cpl sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) D. T. Standefer, 5th Cavalry, Co. H
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) I. P. Standefer, 30th Cavalry, Co. F, Cpl sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. E. Standefer, 4th Cavalry, Co. B


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Thomas Standford, Infantry 3rd St. Troops, Co. D


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) D. T. Standifer, Waul's Legion Co. H, 2nd Lt. sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) H. C. Standifer, Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt., Co. I
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. P. Standifer, 12th Cavalry, Co. D sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) J. S. Standifer, 2nd Inf., co. G
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) M. H. Standifer, 15th Infantry, Co. H sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Thomas Standifer, 12th Cavalry, Co. D
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) W. A. Standifer, 8th Cavalry, Co. D sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) W. R. Standifer, 12th Infantry, Co. I
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) W. W. Standifer, 10th Field Battery


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) E. Stanfired, Cavalry Border's Regiment, Co. A


    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) A. Stanford, 9th (Young's) Infantry, Co. I sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) C. C. Stanford, Cav. McCord's Frontier Regt., Co. B. Cpl.
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) James R. Stanford, 16th Cavalry, Co. E sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) John Stanford, 27th Cavalry, Co. G
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) John Stanford, Cav. Martin's Regt., Co. F sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Joseph Stanford, Inf. Chambers' Bn. Res. Corps. Co. C
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) M. Stanford, 19th Cav. Co. B. sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Napoleon Stanford, 9th (Young's) Inf. Co. I
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Newton B Stanford, 18th Cavalry, Co. I sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Thomas Stanford, 16th Cavalry, Co. F
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) W. Stanford, 33rd Cavalry, Co. K sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) W. C. Stanford, 14th Infantry, Co. G
    sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) William Stanford, 16th Cavalry, Co. E, 1st Lt. sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) William E. Stanford, 6th Cavalry, Co. D

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