Military Records

The Cherokee War 1836-1839

James M. Standefer, PVT, Standefer's Co. #1, INF, Tennessee

Skelton C. Standefer, Corporal, Terry's Co. #1, INF, Tennessee

William I. Standefer, Captain, Sandefer's Co. #1, INF, Tennessee

A. P. Standerfer, PVT, Fariss' Co. Highland BTN, Georgia

James Standifer, 3rd Sergeant, Lindsay's Co., Georgia

Skelton G. Standifer, PVT, Elliott's Co., Lauderdales' BTN, Tennessee

William J. Standifer, 1st Sergeant, Ferris & Wild's Co., Lauderdale's BTN, Tennessee

Robert L. Stanford, PVT, Serugg's Co . #3, Tennessee

William Standford, PVT, Truit's Co., INF, North Carolina

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