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Lee Wise

Lee County

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: Lee Co,, Virginia Court Records by Ada Grace Catron AND Lee Co., VA Death Register 1853-1877 by Carpenter & Peters.

Bullet7.gif (140 bytes)Gabrella Sandifer, 17 years, 3 mos., 15 days, d. 15 September 1859, died Still House Branch; b. Patrick Co., VA; parents William A. and Nancy Sandafer. Cause: Fever

Bullet7.gif (140 bytes)Elizabeth Staniford, 29 years, 15 days, d. 24 August 1865; parents, Samuel and Elizabeth Hanes; William Staniford, consort/husband. Cause: Consumption

Bullet7.gif (140 bytes)R. A. Standerfer, 1 year, 1 month, d. 16 October 1868 Lee Co; b. Lee Co.,   parents: William and Rebecca Standerfer
Cause: bold hives.

Bullet7.gif (140 bytes)Joseph Standerfer, 77 years, 1 month, d. 29 March 1887; parents William and Mary Standerfer; Samuel Oxford, son-in-law, informant.


Wise County

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: Wise County, VA Death Register

Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) William A. Stripes ? (18-41)
d. May 1, 1888, Wise Co., VA
Measles, 6 months
Parents: Robert L & Ida Stanifer

Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) John Stanifer (17-17)
d. August 5, 1887, Wise Co., VA
Flux, age 54 years
Parents: William & Polly Stanifer

Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Rosanna S. Stanifer
d. April 9, 1883
bronchitis; age 36 years
Parents: James &I Nancy Short
Reported by brother-in-law: John Stanifer, Wise Co.

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