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Naming Patterns

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Naming Patterns
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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From Geographic Reference Library, American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford Historical Site, Tuscaloosa, AL

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: Report from the secretary of state, with accompanying papers, relation to the Court of commissioners of Alabama claims; pub. 1877; Page 73:
Cites the case of Fuller v. Staniford, 11 east 232, as precedent for measuring damages in a suit by the owner of a vessel against the charterer of the vessell.  *Contributed by Brian Bivona

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From Geographic Reference Library, American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford Residential Area, Stanislaus, CA

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From Geographic Reference Library, American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford School, Stanislaus Co., CA

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From: The Patrons of husbandry on the Pacific Coast; by Ezra Slocum Carr, 1875, p. 229:
Being a complete history of origin, condition and progress of agriculture in different parts of the world; of the origin and growth of the order of Patrons, with a general and special grange directory, and full list of charter members of the subordinate granges of California.  Also, of the foes of the farmers, or monopolies of land, water, trangsportation and education; of a protective tariff, currency and banking.  Listing of the Granges: Los Nietos (Town of Galatin), Los Angeles County, Organized August 8, 1873 by W. H. Baxter, Deputy.  Lists 34 members, including
W. W. Standifer.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: Overland monthly and Out West magazine; Vol. 28, issue 167.  Pub. Date: November 1896; City: San Franciso.  Page 542.  Racing and Racing Men, Author: Gates, Charles Fuller.  (This is an article on bicycle racing).
The professionals in Los Angles compose the cream of the Southwestern racing talent, and many of them rank well with the very best men in the far west.  Probably Ulbricht, Hatton, McCrea, and Burke are the best known.  The others are Fred Holbrook, Chas. W. Miller, Godfrey Schmidt,
J. L Standefer, W. J. Hutton, Arthur Griffin and Joe Long.  W. A. Taylor and Clyde Washburn of Duarte are remarkable riders, and they are generally classed as part of the Los Angeles talent, althought they live beyond Pasadena, and train on the Duarte track.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: Indiana Methodism: Being an account of the introduction, progress, and present position of Methodism in the state; and also a history of the literary institutions under the care of the church, with sketches of the principal Methodist educators in the state down to 1872.  Author: Rev. Fermandez C. Holliday, D. D.; Pub. 1873, Cincinnati, OH.
p. 92: The first meeting-house was built this year (1832) at Door Village, by James Armstrong, who secured a subscription of three hundred dollars at one of his quarterly meeting there.  The first camp-meeting held in Laporte County was on the farm of J. Osbon, while Armstrong was on his death-bed.  He was unable to leave his room, but gave directions for the management of the meeting.  The preachers at the meeting were Boyd Phelps, A. Johnson and E. Smith.  About this time, some influential preachers moved into the county.  There was quite an emigration from Clarke County, and
F. Standiford and Stephen Jones came from Ohio.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: Kansas: its Interior and Exterior Life.  Including a full view of its settlement, political history, social life, climate, soil, productions, scenery, etc.  Author: Robinson, Sarah Tappan Doolittle (Lawrence)
Pub. 1856; 386 pages.  A listing of state officers and members of the state senate and state house of representatives includes
H. B. Standiford as a member of the house of representatives.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: Report of the special committee appointed to investigate the troubles in Kansas, with the views of the minority of said committee.  This is a special report to the 34th Congress of the United States, published in 1856.  1346 pages.
P. 229: A statement dated May 9, 1856 in Lawrence, Kansas by Jos. M. Gearhart that his review of the poll books indicated that oly 13 of those listed actually were residents of the Bull Creek district, to his knowledge.  List of those who were residents includes Harrison Standiford.
P. 463: Certified list of the votes polled at the election March 30, 1855.  Bull Creek Precinct, 5th election district, Kansas Territory, election held at the house of Baptist Peoria to elect four representatives and two members of the council for the territory.  List includes #350 -
Israel Standiford.
P. 598: Poll book for the Marysville, Marshall County lists #16 Wm. Standiford.  This was an election for congressmen, held on October 18, 1855.
P. 636: Until otherwise provided by law, the election in the several districts shall be held at the following places: Fifth senatorial district, Stanton Precinct, at the home of
Mr. Staniford.
P. 642: Again stating elections to be held at the home of
Mr. Staniford.
P. 647: Again stating elections to be held at the home of
Mr. Staniford.
P. 731: Poll book, 5th district, Stanton.  List of persons who voted in constitutional vote for the state included #19
John Standiford, #20 H. B. Standiford, #21 A. H. Standiford.
P. 775: List of persons voting for governor, judges and various state offices.  5th district, Stanton Precinct,
#8 John Standiford, #7 A. H. Standiford #14 William H. Standiford.
P. 776: Election for Congressmen, January 15, 1856.  Stanton Precinct results.  Mark W. Delehay 28 votes,
H. B. Standfiord, 3 votes.
P. 777: Election for Congressmen, January 15, 1856. 
H. B. Staniford received 41 votes.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From Gazetteer of the United States by Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, MD (1854); p. 1041:  SANDIFER'S STORE, , a post-office of Carroll County, Kentucky

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From Geographic Reference Library, American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford Cemetery, Nicholas Co., KY

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From The Campaign Text Book.  Title: Why the people want a change.  The Republican party reviewed: its sins of commission and omission.; Author: Democratic Party-pub. 1876
Includes an excerpt of a speech by
Congressman Standiford of Kentucky regarding the proposed canals.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: The Necrology of Harvard College. 1869-1872.  Pub. by the Harvard Alumni Association, 1872.  P. 48: 1810 James Cutler Dunn was born in Boston 7 February 1801, the third son of Samuel and Sarah Cutler Dunn....He was fitted for college at Mr. Staniford's school, and entered Harvard at age 14.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) Standeford Observatory - named for Leo V. Standeford, professor of astronomy at Minnesota State University from 1969 to 1981 -- was established in 1982.  The telescopes there are used for visual observations of MSU students and other observatory visitors.   See: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/astro/standeford.html

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From Gazetteer of the United States by Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, MD (1854); p. 1041: SANDIFER'S MILLS, , a post-office of Copiah County, Mississippi

 ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From American Genealogical Gazetteer, Mississippi: STANDIFER CREEK, Waterway; Monroe Co., MS

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources:  STANDIFORD CEMETERY, , Scotland County, MO

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From Cemeteries, Scotland Co., MO by E.  Dodge: Standiford Cemetery

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford Cemetery, Platte Co., MO.

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford Cemetery, Knox Co., MO

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: Ohio State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1860-61; Pub. 1860; City: Indianapolis.
An alphabetical listing of the professionals and trademens of Smithfield, Ohio includes:
J. Standiford & Sons, carpenters.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: The Official Report of the Third Constitutional Convention of Ohio, 1873-1874.  Published in 1873, Cleveland, Ohio, 1372 pages.  Page 554, listing petitions and memorials presented:
By Mr. White, of Hocking: The petition of
Mr. A. J. Standiford, and 25 other citizens and voters of Hocking County, praying for a well regulated license system, which was referred to the Committee on the Traffic in Intoxicating Liquors.*Contributed by Brian Bivona

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South Dakota

 ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From: South Dakota State Business Directory, pub. by The Gazeteer Pub. Co., Denver Co. in 1909. SLAUGHTER AND STANDIFORD,
Real Estate and Loans (in Gregory, CO.)

 ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)From American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford Ranch, Stanley Co, SD

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From American Genealogical Gazetteer, Tennessee

STANDIFER BRANCH, Waterway, Bledsoe Co., TN

STANDIFER BRANCH, Waterway, Marion Co., TN


STANDIFER CREEK, Waterway, Sequatchie Co., TN (Variant Name: Standerfer Creek)

STANDIFER GAP CHURCH, Church, Hamilton Co., TN (Variant Name: Standifer Gap Baptist Church)

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 ballorange2.gif (878 bytes)The First Baptist Church in Odonell, Texas is located on the corner of 7th & Standefer Streets. *Contributed by Dick Standefer, M.S., D.D.S.

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) GRADY SCHOOL COMMUNITY, TEXAS. The Grady school community, on Farm Road 829 in central Martin County, was named for Grady Standefer, from whom the land for the school was purchased. Grady was established as a rural school district in 1930 and became an independent school district in 1950 when the schools of South Plains, Lenorah, and Valley View were consolidated with it. In 1973 Grady gained a high school with classes up to the eleventh grade, and in 1975 a twelfth grade was added. During the 1980s and 1990s the R. K. Petroleum Company maintained a pipe yard and office west of the Grady school. In 1992 the Grady school reported an attendance of 216 students in grades kindergarten through twelve. A district office was maintained in nearby Lenorah.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Vernen Liles, Pioneering on the Plains: The History of Martin County, Texas (M.A. thesis, University of Texas, 1953). Martin County Historical Commission, Martin County, Texas (Dallas: Taylor, 1979).

Noel Wiggins

"GRADY SCHOOL COMMUNITY, TX." The Handbook of Texas Online. <http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/view/GG/hwg2.html>

* Grady School was named for Clarence Grady Standefer, son of Leroy and Luella Howton Standefer.  
Click here for their lineage.

ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) Bell County, Texas: Sanderford Log Cabin. Erected next to the cabin is a state historic marker designating this cabin as a Texas Historic Landmark in 1967. The marker reads as follows: "Sanderford Log Cabin - One of earliest homes in Nolan Valley Community, built when John Rice Sanderford (1841-1923)  moved to Texas in 1867.  Settler John Rice Sanderford was father of 12 children. First wife, Elvira Keith, for whom he built this cabin of hand-hewn oak logs, died in 1884. his second wife was Emily Viola Lacy. The descendants are area leaders in civic and business life." The cabin restored by youngest son, Judge T.E. Sanderford, 1964. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1967

Directions to the cabin: Take Hwy 93 west out of Belton, Tx. Pass the first Backstrom's Crossing Road which turns off to the right, and continue to the next road to the left, named Paddy Hamilton Road. Turn left on Paddy Hamilton Road, go up the hill for approx. 1 mile. To the right, there is a small entrance which is blocked with a barbed wire fence & gate. Inthe distance, one can see a cleared field and the log cabin with historicalmarker set well back off the road. The Paddy Hamilton Road was originally known as the Nolanville Road.

The cabin can also be seen from a distance from Hwy 93 as the highway bridge crosses Nolan Creek, just as Backstrom Crossing Road rejoins Hwy 93. *Contributed by Pat Ezell

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) From American Genealogical Gazetter: Standiford Creek Waterway, Franklin Co., VA

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ballorange2.gif (878 bytes) Sandifer Lake, British Columbia, Canada.  (Located about 40 miles west of Whiteside Lake on the northwest section of Tweedsmuir Provinicial Park.) *Contributed by Tarney Sandifer Smith.


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