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Harrison County:

*Contributed by Donna Schultz.   Thank you, Donna!

The Republic of Texas August the 21st County of Harrison 1843.

In the name of God Amen

Know all men by these presents that I James Standafer knowing the shortness of life and certainty of death & being of a sound mind though of infirm of body as make this my last will and testament. Unto my beloved wife Nancy I give and bequeath all my property both personal and real of every description whatsoever to be disposed of as she pleases or thinks proper at or before her death. With the increase from and after my demise be it further known that I hereby appoint my two sons Munro R Standerfor and Blufor Preston Stander to be my lawful executers to do and manage every thing to carry out this intent & design of this bequest.

Witness my hand and seal this the day and date above written.

James Standafer

Witness: Edward C Beazely, Benjamine Gage

The Republic of Texas County of Harrison. Personally appeared before me the undersigned Authorith Edward C Beazly and Benjamine Gage and upon their oaths say that they saw James Standerfer sign seal and execute his name to the within will and testament sworn to and subscribed in open court this 30th day of Oct. 1843.

L H Dilliard Chief Justice of the Cty. Edward C. Beazly, Benjamine Gage

I do certify that the above is a true copy of the original. L H Wolf C
Clrk. By ??????????


The Republic of Texas County of Harrison. Know all men by these presents that Monroe Standerfer and Preston Standerfer & Benjamine Gage ???? ????? are held and firmly bound unto L. H. Dilliard Chief Justice of said County and his successons in Office eleven thousand dollars for the payment of which well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our and each of our heirs by these presents this the 27 day of November AD 1843.

The condition of the above bond is such that when the said Monroe Standefer & Preston Standefer have been appointed executors of the Will of James Standefer Dcd. Now if the said Standfers shall well and truly discharge the duties that are required by them by the status in such case then the above bond to be void and not otherwise given under our hands and seals the day and date above written.

Approved the 13th Dec 1843. L H Dilliard Probate Judge.

M R Standefer  
B P Standefer
Benjamin Gage
Jesse Lullins

I do certify that the above bond is a true copy of the original on file in my office this the 27th day December AD 1843. G H Wolf C Clerk by E C Beazly Depy

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Montgomery County:

Chancery Court Record: April 22, 1840 - in the case of Texas vs. M. D. Sandifer for larcency; charges were dismissed.

November 18, 2840 "came into open court, Marmaduke Sandifer".

April 3, 1841, Maramduke Sandifer appeared in the case of Henry Smock vs. M. D. Sandifer

January term, 1842 re. Succession of Marmaduke Sandifer, dec'd - Elizabeth Sandifer and James McLaughlin petitioners; This day came into court the petitioners by their attorney, and came also to be filed an instrument of writing purporting to the the last will and testament of said M. P. Sandifer and after argument being heard on behalf of petitioners and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that legal notice had been given, and they having presented a bond and took the oath prescribed by law, it is ordered and decreed by the court that letters of administration be issued in favor of the petitioners was done accordingly. *Contributed by Brian Bivona

Panola County:

From: Panola County, Texas Probate Docket Books 1846-1877
File #056: M. R. Standifer, Estate-Type of Case: Administration; Term of Court: October 1849; other persons mentioned: W. R. Standifer and Beth Carter.

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