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From: Big Springs Primitive Baptist Church minutes.  This church is located at Springdale, TN in Claiborne Co., TN, about four miles southeast of Tazewell and south of U. S. Highway 25E. 

September 18th, 1869.  Bro. James Long and Bro. Hurst the moderator of the church at Big Springs held a meeting and dismissed Bro. Hiram Hurst and Eliza Hurst, his wife, by letter.  Same day at night at Tyes Branch, Bro. Long had a meeting and opened the door for reception of members and received J. C. Standifer and Harell Rosenbalm by experience....

September 1st, 1870.  Church met at Big Springs.  1st appointed Bro. Nathan Hurst clerk pro tem.  2nd Bro. J. C. Standifer dismissed by letter.

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