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Anderson County:

 From Historical Background of Anderson County, Tennessee by Snyder E. Roberts

 William Standifer was authorized by the General Assembly of Anderson County, Tennessee to serve as a commissioner to purchase land for the county seat. He and six other commissioners were further instructed to supervise the selection of a Court of Pleas and Quarter Session to conduct the judicial and business affairs of the county. 1801.

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Bledsoe County:

From Tennessee Genealogical Records by R. Barnes

Bledsoe Co., TN: April 1842: Settlement with Jesse H. Standifer, administrator of James Standifer (p.191)

From Bledsoe County, TN Chancery Court Minute Book, Vol. II; 1836-1837 (WPA)
(Typed as written)

P-283: Wednesday, March 12, 1845John B. Seaman VS William I. Standefer.  Be it remembered that on the 12th day of March 1845 before the Honorable Broomfield L. Ridley Chancellor & C the above came on to be heard upon the bill of complaint taken for confessed and upon the exhibits and it appearing to the court that the complainant John B. Seaman and a certain Samuel Ward were merchants of New York partners under the style and firm of Seaman and Ward and that the defendant became indebted to the there in the sum of one thousand seven hundred and sixty three dollars for which he executed to the his note under seal bearing date the 29th day of May 1839 and payable on day after the date thereof to secure the payment the defendant on the 1st day of May 1840 executed to them a mortgage deed of that date by which he conveyed to them all the right title claim interest and demand of the said William I. Standifer in and to a certain tract of land in the county of Bledsoe and state of Tennessee of which the late C. I. James Standifer decd. seized and possessed Known as the Mount Airy place supposed to contain about seventeen acres more or less the part of said tract of land intended to be conveyed being one undivided fifth thereof subject however to dower of the widow of the said James Standefer deceased but to be void and of no effect in case the defendant should pay the said debt by the 12th day of July 1845 and it further appearing to the court that Samuel Ward departed this life about the ____day of ____184__ leaving complainant as surviving partner of the said firm of Seaman and Ward and as such entitled to the said debt and all benefits arising from the deed aforesaid made to secure its payment and it further appearing that the said debt was due and unpaid on the 13th of July 1841 and that the same with all accruing interest thereon is still due and unpaid---and further that said tract of land has since the execution of the mortgage deed been portioned and divided and that in said division the several parts were also respectively designated as lots No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Lot No. 1 was assigned allotted and conveyed in severalty to the defendant to which complainant agrees his mortgage shall attach and which or portion set off is severalty to defendant, is described as follow towit--

Lot No. 1 beginning at a stake near the foot of the mountain on the north west line of James Standifers old tract the last corner of the Widows dower.   Thence with her line south 59 5/5 o East 158 poles crossing the public road to a walnut stump thence with another line of the same 8o 88l E 71 1/4 poles to a sassafras Thence with (p.284) another line of the P-284 same S 8 o E. 39 poles to a dogwood thence N. 50 o W. 250 poles crossing the public road at 180 poles to a stake near a white oak, the beginning corner of a 432 tract sold by John Bridgman to James Standefer thence 40 o W. to the beginning contain three hundred and thirty nine acres more or less and further ?? that the defendant is entitled to one fifth part in fee of that portion of the entire tract which was assigned to the widow, to James Standefer, as dower which is taken and considered as held by said mortgage deed.  It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed that the mortgage aforesaid to foreclosed and that the tract of three hundred and thirty acres of land as herein before described together with the defendants interest of one fifth of that portion of the entire tract alloted to James Standefer widow as dower be sold and the proceeds of the sale be applied in the first place to the payment of the costs of this suit including such as may hereafter acre therein, secondly to the payment of complainants said debt of seventeen hundred and sixty three dollars with the interest hereon at the rate of six percent per anum from the 30th day of May 1839 until paid and the balance if any be paid over to the defendant--It is further ordered that the clerk and master, of this court after giving 30 days written notice at three or more places in Bledsoe County one of which shall be at the court house in Pikeville shall on the said tract of land sell the same at public sale to the highest bidder, on a credit of six months taking bond and good security for the purchase money and retain a lien upon the land until the same be paid.  And that he report this court how he shall have performed the duties assigned him under this decree.

September 19, 1845
JP-298: John B. Seamon VS William I. Standifer. 
Be it remembered that on this 9th day of September 1845 before the Honorable B. L. Ridley Chancellor & C. The above cause came on to be further heard upon the report of the clerk and master which is unexcepted to and in the conromity with the decreee rendered in this cause at the last term sold the land and premises mentioned in the said decree to James Loyd for the sum of eight hundred and seventy five dollars and fifty cents and that he had paid the consideration in full therefore to the satisfaction of complainant and that the conplainant had paid the cost of this suit.  It is therefore by the court ordered, adjudged and decreed that the said sale and report be in all things confirmed and that the title of the defendant in and to the land named and described in the decree be divested out of the said William I. Standifer and vested in the said James Loyd his heirs and assigns forever and that a writ issue from this court commanding the sheriff of Bledsoe County to place him in possession of the same.

March 12, 1845
Joel B. Arondal VS Alfred Standifer, Green H. Pryor and James H. Hendrix
Came the defendant Alfred Standifer by his counsel and moved the court to withdraw his answer and be permitted to file a demurror in this cause and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that said answer had been filed by the clerk through a mistake.   It is ordered that the same be withdrawn and the defendant be permitted to file a demurror.  Thereupon came on this cause to be heard upon said demurror to complainants bill and after argument of Counsils and mature deliberation of the court because it appears to the satisfaction of the court that the complainants ranidy? on his alledge warranty the contract having bee fully executed, is as law, and because the complainant has no debt upon which an attachment could lawfully issued and that complainant is entitled to no adjustice? this court.  It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the court that the complainants bill be dismissed the injunction heretofore granted disscolved and the attachment discharged hand that complainant pay the ccosts of this suit for which esecution may issue as a law.  From which said decree the complainant by his counsel prayed an appeal to the next term of the supreme court to be held at Knoxville on the 2nd Monday of  September next and the same is allowed him upon his giving bond and security according to law on or before the first Monday in ____next.

March 9, 1846
P-307: Hazeltine Haddock & Co. VS Ephraim M. Evans, Jesse H. Standifer, Arthur Crozier & Arthur T. Croser.  Be it remembered that this cause being set down for hearing (after the death of Arthur L. Crozier was suggested and proved and complainant agreed that his suit abete? as to Arthur L. so fare as this suit is concerned) upon the bil ammended bill and pre confess as to Arthur Crosier and the answer of the defendants Evans & Standifer replication and evidence. Hence it appeared to the satisfaction of the court that complainants recover a judgment against the defendants Evans for the sum of $394.97 besides the costs of this suit on the 13th day of July 1845.  That on the 20th of February 1844 an alian FI issued on said judgment and came to the hands of the Sheriff of Bledsoe County which was returned no property to pay and satisfy the same.  And it further appeared that the defendant Evans purchased the 200 acres of land mentioned in the pleadings at the sum of $1,200 from his co-defendant Standifer.  But because the court is not satisfied as to the amount of money due defendant Standifer and because the Court is not satisfied as to the probate and registration of the title bond executed by Standifer to defendant Evans--Whereupon the ordered and decreed that the clerk and master of the court take and state an account   of the balance of the purchase money due to defenant Standifer and further that he take proof as to the probate and registration of the bond mentioned in the pleadings and report to the next term of this court.  All other matters are reserved until the coming in of said report.

From: Tennessee Divorces, 1797-1858, taken from Legislative Petitions & Acts by Bammam & Spero
*Contributed by Myra (Kell) McCreery

*Nimrod and Sally Jones Moore were the parents of Mary Moore who married LeRoy Standifer about 1834 in Bledsoe Co., TN

Moore, Sally.  1833. No county stated (in abstract).  Sally was married about 1808 to Nimrod Moore of Bledsoe County.  After five or six years of marriage he took up drinking, being sullen and associating in gambling companies.  He abused her and her children.  He moved them frequently.  One time he left them in McMinnville, (Warren).  He went from there to Jasper in (Marion).  She and the children were kicked out of a rented house in McMinnville (rent expired) and they moved to a cabin on Cumberland Mountain.  She got word to her mother and brother who came and got her and the children.  Nimrod came to her mother's and she went with him to try to live in Jasper.  He stayed drunk and would not support her and the family, so she went back to her mother's house, where she now lives and has for the past five years.  Nimrod came to her mother's but left again to Cumberland Mountain.  He took some of the children but left them at Cumberland Mountain without anything and they ran away and returned to her.  Nimrod took up with another woman in (Hamilton).  Last April he came to where Sally was living on her brother's land and took all of her property.  Last summer he and that woman he was living with were committed to (Hamilton) jail for stealing.

Moore, Sally.  1833 BLEDSOE COUNTY.  The marriage is hereby dissolved between Sally Moore and her husband, Nimrod Moore.  Acts of TN, 1833, p. 118.

Bledsoe County Circuit Court Minutes 1834-1841.  Submitted by Jim C. Standifer

P-319; Monday, March 11, 1839
The State VS. Skelton C. Standefer} Larceny
Dep Shff Thomas N. Frazier for conveying defendant from the Jail of Bledsoe County to the house of Judge Keith in McMinn County on a writ of Habeas Corpas 46 Miles going & 46 Miles returning, making 92 miles at 10 pr Mile = $9.20
Const. John G. Lamb arrest 50 same more & 6 witnesses 25 an=$2.00
1 day $1.00 & 120 Miles $4.80 1 ferry 25 pekeagos = $6.30
Witness for the State Jonathan Pope 1 day $1.00, 116 miles traveling $4.64 pekeages 25 ferrages ? = 5.89
Making it all -- $29.69

Whereupon it is considered by the Court that the treasurer of the State of Tennessee pay the above bill of cost amounting to twenty nine dollars & 69/100 upon a certified copy of the same being presented to said Treasurer as the law directs.
Court then adjourned until tomorrow morning 11 o'clock.  Edward Scott

P-360; Friday, July 12th, 1839
The State VS. Skelton C. Standefer} Misdemeanor
The attorney general reported to Court the following bill of cost as correctly taxed.
Deputy Shff Thomas N. Foster for conveying defendant from the Jail in Bledsoe County to the house of Judge Keiths in McMinn County onn a writ of Habeas Corpus 46 Miles going & 46 Miles returning, mkaing 92 miles at 10 pr. Mile=$9.20
Const. Jno. G. Lamb arrest 50 Summoning 6 witnesess 25 each=$2.00
Witness for the State David Smith: 1 day 1.00, 120 miles 4.80, ferry 25, pekeage 25 = 6.30
Witness for the State G. W. Smith, 1 day $1.00, 120 miles $4.80, Ferrys 25, Pekeage .25 = 6.30
Witness for the State Jonathan Pope: 1 day $1.00, 116 Miles $4.64, Ferry 25, Peakeage 25 = 5.89

And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the offense charged in the warrant was a Misdemeanor & that the said defendant was discharged on Habeas Corpus.  It is considered by the Court that the Clerk of this Court certify the foregoing bill of costs to the County Court for allowance.

P-381; 1839
David Horn & John Lamb,
S. C. Standefer, Jacob Swanner}} Assault and Battery
This day came attorney general who prosecutes for the people of this state, and thereupon came Schelton C. Standefer and John Lamb two of the defendants together with Samuel H. Hunter, and acknowledge justly indebted to the State of Tennessee in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be levied of their goods and Chattles lands and tenements but to be void on condition that the said John Lab and Schelton C. Standefer make their personal appearance at the Courthouse in the town of Pikeville on the first Wednesday after the second Monday in March next then and there to answer a charge of the State Exhibited against them for an assault and battery and not depart the Court without leave.

David Smith VS Martha Standefer}}
Alexander Lamb acting Justice of the peace in and for the county of Bledsoe returned into Court the following proceedings had before him in this cause towit.
State of Tennessee
Bledsoe County}}
To any lawful officer of said County I command you to Summons Martha Standefer to appear before some Justice of said County to answer David Smith in a plea of Debt under warrant Given under my hand and seal January 1, 1839  Joel Wheeler (Seal), Justice of the Peace.  Executed the 8th Jan 1839 by citing the defendant to appear Esquire Lamb he same day at 12 o'clock.  Jasp Hoge Const.

State of Tennessee
Bledsoe County
Judgment given against the defendant for $25.00 debt and 75 costs 8th January 1839.  Alexander Lamb, Justice of the Peace on which Judgment a Fi Fa Issued as follow towit:
State of Tennessee
To any lawful officer of said County to Execute and return -
You are hereby commanded that of the goods and Chattles lands and tenements of Martha Standefer you cause to be made the sum of twenty-five dollars and all lawful interest and costs to satisfy a Judgment in favour of David Smith obtained before me the eight day of January 1839 herein fail not and made due return of the same given under my hand and seal this 11th day of Nov. 1839.  Alexander Lamb (Seal), Justice of the Peace.
ON which said Fi Fa appear the following endorsement:
Judgment - $25.00, Constable Hoge Fee - 50, Justice Lamb Fee 37 1/2

Came to hand 12th Nov 1839.  Jasp Hoge Const. - No personal property found in my county levied on the undivided interest of Martha Standefer in a tract of land of the heirs of James Standefer lying in district No. 9 adjoining land of Adam Lamb and Jonathan Pope--in Bledsoe County Tennessee in Sequatchee river 12th Nov. 1839.  Jasp Hog Const.

Whereupon on Motto: of the plaintiff by his attorney It is ordered by the Co. Court that the undivided interest of the said Martha Standefer in said tract of land be advertised and sold according to law for the satisfaction of said debt together with the costs of this prosecution.

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Claiborne County

From: Claiborne Co., TN TSLA Reel 16, Wills Inventories and Settlements, Vol. May 1893 to December 1932, PP. 101-102.  *Contributed by Dale Standifer.  Thanks, Dale!

[Margaret was the wife of Stephen Standifer, son of James and Sarah Sallie Blevins]

Written March 27, 1905; Recorded April 6, 1905


I Margaret Standifer being of sound mind and disposing memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of life and certainty of death and desiring to dispose of my worldly goods, according to my will and desire and that of my late husband, Stephen Standifer, I will and bequeath as follows:

1st That all my funeral expenses and those of my husband be paid out of the effects of my estate as soon as possible after my decease.

2nd  I devise that all the doctor  bill and expenses of my last sickness, such as nursing, washing and care be paid out of the assets of my estate as soon as possible after my decease.

3rd  I devise that my executor hereinafter to be appointed have tombstones put up at the head & foot of the graves of Stephen Standifer’s father and mother, not to cost more than ten dollars each.

4th  I also devise that my executor put up tombstones at my grave and at the grave of my husband (Stephen Standifer), similar to the stones at the graves of William Stone.

5th  I devise and bequeath to Mary Noe two hundred dollars in money to be paid to her by my executor as soon as possible after my decease.  I also devise and bequeath to her three quilts & three cover lids.

6th  I devise and bequeath to Emma Chumbley the house and lot & barn & contents on which I now reside, it being in the 1st Civil District of Claiborne County, & State of Tennessee, and in the town of Tazwell bounded on the east by the road leading to New Tazwell, on the south by the street leading to the grave yard and on the west and north by the lands of Francisco.  I also bequeath to Emma Chumbley all of my chickens and all my household & kitchen furniture of every kind and character with the exceptions herein after stated.

7th  I devise and bequeath to Joe Estes’ two  children and grand children some articles of my household goods as a keepsake to be designated by Mrs. Emma Chumbley consisting of bed clothing.

8th  I devise and bequeath to I. B. Friars wife our feather bed and one cover lid.

9th  I devise and bequeath to Poke Standifer, Stephen Standifer’s brother, now living in the west the sum of two hundred dollars.

10th  I devise and bequeath to the  Missionary Baptist Church of Tazwell three hundred dollars to be used as the church may hereafter designate.

11th  I further devise and bequeath that after all the above devises have been satisfied if there still remains any thing in the hands of my executor that it be given to the Tazwell College.

12th  I also devise that my cow be sold and the proceeds of the sale be a part of the assets of my estate.  My estate consists of  county warrants, county judgements and interest bearing notes all of which my executor is to collect and apply to the payment of the above devises of this my will.

13th  I nominate and appoint as executor, of this my  last will and testament, G. W. Montgomery and require him to give bond as required by law.  It is my desire that Dr. M. B. Carr take charge of and hold this will until my executor shall qualify.

Signed by the testator                                                                                           Margaret x Standifer

Margaret Standifer who called A.  J. Franciso & Reppie Woodward and Sarah E. Francisco & Dr. M. B. Carr as Witnesses to her mark on March 27, 1905. Recorded the 6th April 1905 -  J. W. Rose, Clerk; By Josia Day D. C.

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Davidson County:

Click here for John Hoggatt's Will (Re. Sandifers)

From Davidson Co. Tennessee Wills & Inventories, Vol. One 1783-1816

p. 135 (p. 66 Bill of Sale.) April 9, 1806, I, John Sandifer of Northampton Co., NC, sold unto Flowers McGergor of Davidson Co., a negro woman named Rachel which I purchased of my brother, Robert Sandifer.  This 12 Oct 1805 (Wit. illegible, J. Lockhard and George Payne.)

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Giles County:

 From Giles County, Tennessee Court Minutes, K/7:

 Perry, Jeremiah….Died before September 5, 1814 when the will was entered. John Perry and William Standford were executors.

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Hancock County

John H. Standiford was the executor of William Baker's estate, who died intestate. John H. was married to Agness Baker, d/o John & Nancy Baker.

Hancock Co., TN Court Minutes, pp. 187-88, Tuesday, March 11, 1873 - Archillas Baker, et all vs. Daniel Baker, et all DECREE:
In the file: "The said commissioners will be first duly sworn by a Justice of the Peace or the said County Surveyor, and will be furnished with a copy of this decree--And it being suggested that John Standifer, the administrator of William Baker deceased has exhausted the personal assets of said estate in due course of administration leaving a small balance (perhaps less the $50.00) of debts outstanding and unpaid, to pay which there are no assets but the real estate mentioned--therefore on motion of Complainants, the court doth order, and decree that the Clerk and Master notify said John Standifer to file a sworn statement of his settlements, inventories, and account and expenses of administration from which the Clerk and Master will report whether the said personal assets are exhausted leaving debts outstanding and unpaid and what amount and to whom due."
*Contributed by Tom Spradling

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Knox County:

From: Commission Book of Governor John Sevier 1796-1801

Israel Standifer commissioned Justice of the Peace in and for the county of Knox during good behavior. Oct. 31, 1797

William Standiford commissioned to Knox County Justice of the peace.  January 11, 1799

Samuel Standefer and Charles Fierel commissioned Ensign in the Knox Regiment.  September 25, 1799.

Samuel Standifer commissioned Lt. in Regiment of Knox.  February 23, 1801

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Marion County:

 Marion County Will Records

 Marion County Court Records; Deed Book "A:, page 250-1, in the Register's Office of Marion County, Tennessee.


This indenture made this 5th day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty five between William Standifer Ser. of the County of Marion and State of Tennessee of the one part and William I. Standifer, Luke C. Standifer, Jesse H. Standifer, Skelton C. Standifer and James M. Standifer grandsons of the said William Standifer Sr. of the County of Bledsoe and State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said William Standifer as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath and beareth unto the said William I. Standifer, Luke C. Standifer, Jesse H. Standifer, Skelton C. Standifer and James M. Standifer as also the better maintenance and perferment of the said William I. Standifer, Luke C. Standifer, Jesse H. Standifer, Skelton C. Standifer and James M. Standifer hath given and granted and by these presents doth give and grant unto the said William Standifer his heirs and assigns forever a certain negro girl named Lyle about twenty six years old. To have and to hold the above named negro girl to the only proper use and behoof of him the said William I. Standifer, his heirs and assigns - Also the s'd William Standifer hath given and granted by these presents doth give and grant unto the said Luke C. Standifer, Jesse H. Standifer, Skelton C. Standifer and James M. Standifer their heirs and assigns forever a negro girl named Lorenda about five years old To have and to hold the above named negro girl to the only proper use and behoof of them the said Luke C. Standifer and James M. Standifer their heirs and assigns forever. In witness whereof I the said William Standifer Sr. doth hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date first above written.

William Standifer Sr.


ISAAC STANDIFER Attest. State of Tennessee Marion County Court November Term 1825. Then was the above Deed of gift from William Standifer Sr. to William I. Standifer, Luke Standifer, Jesse H. Standifer, Skelton C. Standifer and James M. Standifer, for two Negro girls named Syle and Lucinda was proven in open Court by the oath of Amos Griffith and Isaac Standifer subscribing witness thereto and ordered be certified for registration. Given under my hand and private seal not having an official at Office in Jasper the (L S) 21st day of Nov. 1825. Jno. Kelly Clk.

Register January 19, 1828

THE STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF MARION. I, Fayette Smith, Registrar for said County, hereby certify this to be true, correct and complete copy of the deed of gift as appears in Fayette Smith REG.

Click here for William Standifer's Will of 1826.

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Maury County:

From: Maury Couny, TN Will Books A,B, C-1 D and E 1807-1832 by Garrett & Lightfoot

Note: Three spelling variations for James T.

p. 3: Will of James Turner.   James T. Sandford to receive negro Lucy and six children. Son, James Turner. Betsey Morgan to receive one side saddle and $200. Balance "among my four children." James T. Sandford, Executor. 5 April 1809.   Witnesses: Donald Campbell and John C. Smoot.

p. 17: Sale of estate of John Dickey, deceased, 24 December 1814.  James T. Sandeford, Administrator.

p. 243: James T. Sanford, deceased - Account of Sale - recorded 22 May 1832 - sold 2 March 1831...buyers were H. Langtry, Geve and Jenkins, William R. Miller, signed James Black, administrator.

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McMinn County:

From: Will Book "H", p. 163:

Last Will and Testament of A. J. Standifer, desceased.

State of Tennessee, McMinn County.

We, A. J. Standifer and wife Mary Standifer make this as our last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills made by us.
1st. That all our debts and funeral expenses be paid out of any money coming into the hands of our executor as soon after our death as possible.
2nd. We direct that our daughter Faney L. West have the farm known as the farm on which Hones West Fernly lived in the old 15th and 17th with all the appurtenances thereto.
3rd. We direct that the rest of our children vis. Benjamin Standifer, George Standifer, Lucy Layett, Sallie Alexander, Mary Mathis and Elva Bowman have the farm known as the Ohl Farm on which we now live.
4th. We direct that W. M. Standifer be executor to this our last will.  This April 14, 1910.

Signed: A. J. (X) Standifer and Mary (X) Standifer (their marks)

Witnesses:  W. M. Standifer and M. R. Calhoun

Probated to A. J. Standifer, in common form and recorded May 2, 1910.  W. ? Knox, Clerk.

Death Record: A. J. Standifer died April 22, 1910 at age 82 years in McMinn Co., TN.  He was forn in Bledsoe Co., TN and his occupation was farming.

From:  Chancery Court Records of McMinn County, TN, compiled by Reba Bayless Boyer, 1980.

p. 45, #75: John J. Dixon and wife Mary v. A. Swafford et al.  File 6 Aug 1866.  Defendants are A. Swafford of Ill. and his sons Larkin Frank, John L. M., and minor Alfred A.  Debt.  Swafford sold land to his sons and Chancellor decress that deed is fraudulent.  Witness James Parkison deposes that Swafford told him that he was being sued for damages for his conduct as a home guard in the Rebel Army and he believe his life wa sin danger if he remained here.  Living on the land are the three sons who bought it, the wife of Alfred Sr., and their two small boys, a widowed daughter and several children of A. Swafford, SR.   William and John Dixon are brothers.  John is brother-in-law of John Scarborough.  Alfred Swafford, SR is brother-in-law to A. J. Standifer and cousin to Portman Swafford.

p. 167, #634: W. T. Lane et al vs. S. B. Spurlock.  Filed 10 May 1879.  Lane bought a horse at sale of property of Robert Powell; horse was immediately replevined by F. W. Standifer; now Spurlock & Co. have recovered a judgment against Lane's law library.

p. 192, #846: State of Tennessee and McMinn County vs. G. W. Standifer. Filed 22 Oct 1883.  Bill for taxes.

  Standifer for the old Hall place.   Not not paid.  A. F. Keith deposes in Lowndes Co., Mississippi February 1884.   Suit combined with No. 923.

p. 200, #923: A. F. Keith vs. G. W. Standifer.  Filed 25 Sept 1885.  Combined with No. 849.

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Rhea County:

From Wills, Inventories, Estate Settlements and Guardian Reports 1810-1881

p. 142: 7 Feb. 1825: James Cowen permitted to Adm. estate of Polly Lauderdale, dec'd (widow of John Lauderdale); entered into bond with Jas. C. Willson, security.  A power of attorney from James Cowan, adm. to JAMES STANDEFER.

p. 51: CC-E:307 & WB-B: 25 Jan 1849 fee collected of Stephen Hicks and William J. Standefer, former clerks of said court which they have failed to pay over from Marion Co. to Rhea Co.

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Sumner County:

From Sumner County, TN Probate Data 1787-1808 by Bamman & Spero, p. 39:

p.330: John Standiford: Ordred that letters of administration on estate of John Standiford, dec'd. be granted to Archibald Standiford, who entered into bond of $500.00 with James Hart, security. (April term, 1802)

p.342 (October term, 1802) Account of sales of estate of John Sandiford, deceased by administrator.

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Wilson County:

Click here to view Thomas Woodcock's Will, dated 1821.  (Husband to Mary Standifer).

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