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Anderson County

Note: William Standerfer/Standifer was a Commissioner of Anderson Co. in the early 1800s.  (1802- 1808). His name appears on several deeds as a Commissioner but those deeds will not be listed here. 

Extracts from Anderson Co. Deed Books.

Deed Book A-1, p. 11:
December 21, 1801.  William Boyd of Anderson Co. to Thomas Jones of same, for $1000, 250 acres in Anderson Co., east Fork of Poplar Creek, part of 1500 acres survey joining land of Dougless Ollever, on Henry's line, Ollever's corner.  8 June 1802.  Wit: William Standefer, Douglas Ollever, William Boyd

Deed Book B-1, p. 92:
October 9, 1804.  Benjamin C. Parker of Knox Co. to Frederick Sadler of Anderson Co., for $30, 15 acres in Anderson Co., north side of Clinch River, on waters of Cain Creek, beginning at Israel Standefer's corner.  Reg. 23 Aug. 1805.  Ben C. Parker.  Wit: Jacob Leinart

Deed Book B-1, p. 205:
May 27, 1805.  Charles McClung to James Standerfer, for $7, 20 acres in Anderson Co., on bank of the creek, along the creek, to mouth of a hollow, near the road.  Part of a tract granted by N. C. to Charles McClung on 3 May 1803, 200 acres in Anderson Co. on east fork of Poplar Creek, on the creek bank, survey line of Stockley Donelso's 3000 acre grant, near land granted to John Hackett & Charles McClung.  Reg. 18 July 1806.  Charles McClung.  Wit: R. Houston, Jacob Butler

Deed Book B-1, p. 189:
December 27, 1805.  Israel Standerfer of Anderson Co. to Simon Derrick of Anderson Co., for $700, 100 acres in Anderson Co., north side of Clinch River, northwest side of the pine Ridge, Henderson & Co.,'s lower line.  Reg. 6 June 1806.  Israel Standerfer.  Wit: Kinza Johnson, William Johnson.

Deed Book C-1, p. 48
December 26, 1806.  William Roberson of Anderson Co., to Jacob Peak for $1100, 230 acres in Anderson Co., north side of Clinch River, on East Fork of Poplar Creek, part of 640 acres purchased by George Mayberry from Henry and conveyed from Mayberry to Roberson.  On bank of small branch that empties into the clear Branch, about 36 poles above where path crosses Clear Branch Creek, on bank of Creek.  Reg. 24 Feb 1808.  Wit: Joabe (x) Dow, Douglas Oliver, William Standefer.  William Roberson.

Deed Book C-1, p. 16.
September 14, 1807.  Squire Hendrix of Anderson Co. to James Porter for $400, 100 acres in Anderson Co., East Fork of Poplar Creek corner, the old line.  Reg. 16 Feb. 1808.  Squier Hendrix.  Wit: Abram Standefer, Richard Forrest.

Deed Book C-1, p. 276
October 31, 1809.  William Standifer of Anderson Co. to Collins Roberts, for $2333 1/3, 400 acres in Anderson Co., East Fork of Poplar Creek, north side of Creek, to Roberson's with his line down a branch to the creek, up the creek, with the line, to extreme height of a Ridge.  Reg. Dec. Term 1809.  William Standifer. Wit: Charles Y. Oliver, Jacob Peak, John McKamy.

Deed Book D-1, p. 64.
November 5, 1807.  Richard Forrest of Anderson Co. to John Hoskins, for $500, 100 acres, north side of Clinch River, Asklock's corner, up meanders of the river, at a sinkhole, part of tract granted to William Copeland (200 acres).  Richard Forrest.  Wit: Lewis Harmon, Abram Standifer, James Beesley.

Deed Book D-1, p. 58
June 5, 1809.  Squire Hendrix of Roane Co. to Mitchell Childress of Knox Co., for $500, 114 acres in Anderon Co., on East Fork of Poplar Creek, northeast line of a 1500 acre survey granted by North Carolina to Col.  Stockley Donelson, with this line, to Thomas Jones' corner, with his line to beginning.  Oct. Session 1810.
Squier Hendrix.  Wit: Isreal Standefer, James Porter.

Deed Book D-1, p. 22
State of Tenn., Grant No. 1881.  By entry No.199 of Fourth District Surveyor's office, 10 Sept. 1807, by certificate 7 issued by Commissioners of East Tenn. to James Trimble and devisees of George Doherty, for 400 acres, dated 6 June 1807.  Certificate to James Trimble, who has assigned 90 acres to Jacob Butler and 5 acres by Butler to William Standefer, the enterer.  To William Standefer, 5 acres in Anderson Co., in the Hamilton Dist., on the East Fork of Poplar Creek, beginning at Standefer's line, to a spring, to the main road, to the beginning.  Surveyed 27 Feb 1808.  Willie Blount, on 26 Dec 1810, in Knoxville, has affixed the State Seal.  Signed by the Governor, Willie Blount.  P. Houston, Secretary.

Deed Book E-1, p. 181
April 18, 1809.  Charles McClung of Knox Co. to Matthew Hawkins of Anderson Co., for $150, 150 acres in Anderson Co., rush fork of East fork of Poplar Creek, part of grant No. 107 by North Carolina for 3000 acres.  Registered 1 April 1821.  Charles McClung.  Wit: Michael (X) Stonecypher, Jacob (X) Peek, James Standefer.

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Bledsoe County

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)Bledsoe County: Skelton Carrol Standifer

Contributed by Jim Standifer

The following Deed of Conveyance is from Skelton Carroll Standifer (12 Apr 1815 - 1903) and wife Nancy (1813 - after 1898) to their grandson Thomas Alexander Standifer (26 Sep 1865 - 30 Jun 1931). The document is hand written by Skelton Carroll Standifer, who was the son of Congressman James Israel Standifer. Thomas A. Standifer was the son of William Carroll Standifer (14 Jan 1846 - 22 Aug 1921) and Lizzie Epperson Jones of near Bridgeport AL. Thomas A. was raised by his grandparents S. C. and Nancy and cared for them in their old age. T. A. and his wife Sallie Hitchcock Standifer (24 Jul 1870 - 17 Dec 1958) raised their family on this farm. The document is as follows:

"This indenture made and entered into this the 22nd day of Feb. 1898 between S. C. Standifer and wife Nancy Standifer of the 9th District of Bledsoe County Tenn of the first part, and T. A. Standifer of the 9th District of Bledsoe County Tenn of the second part.

The above written party of the first part for and in consideration of the love and affection that we have for out grandson T. A. Standifer and also his taking care of us in our old age, doth grant and convey unto the said T. A. Standifer of the second part all our rights, titles and claims to a certain tract or parcel of land in the 9th District of Bledsoe County Tenn and bounded as follows:

Beginning at a stake on the hill north west of Rev. James Hale’s thence S63E 60 poles to a cedar on the east bank of Sequachie River, thence down said river S20W 10 poles to a sycamore, thence S65E 70 poles more or less to a stake in the back line, thence N15E to a black oak, thence N 40 poles to a stake in Lamb’s line, thence W 47 poles, thence down said river S40W 40 poles to a birch, thence N62W 42 poles more or less to a stake in said line, thence S33W 82 poles to the beginning supposed to be 114 acres.

To have and to hold said track or parcel of land with appertainencys thereunto belonging unto the said T. A. Standifer his heirs and assigns forever in testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands this March 11, 1898.

/s/ S. C. Standifer

/s/ x (S. C. Standifer signed "her mark Nancy Standifer" (Nancy may have been unable to sign this document because she was sick and elderly)

Attached receipts:

State of Tennessee, Bledsoe County. Personally appeared before me, W. A. Barber, clerk of the County Court of said County, the above named S. C. Standifer and Nancy Standifer the bargainor with who I am personally acquainted, and acknowledged that they executed the within named instrument for the purposed therein contained. And Nancy Standifer, wife of the said S. C. Standifer, having personally appeared before me, privately and apart from her husband, the said Nancy Standifer, acknowledged the execution of the said Deed to have been done be them freely, voluntarily, and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from her said husband, and for the purpose therein expressed. Witness, W. A. Barber, Clerk of said Court, at office, this 11 day of March 1898. /s/ W. A. Barber.

State of Tennessee, Bledsoe County Register’s Office, Pikeville, Tenn. August 15, 1900. I, J. B. Spears, Register of said County, do hereby certify that the foregoing Deed with Certificate of Probate, was filed for record in my office, the 15th day of August, 1900 at 8 o’clock AM entered in Note
Book and registered to-day in Volume Y, page 311 and 312.

/s/ J. Brown Spears, County Register"


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Bledsoe County Deed Index 1797-1887:

Bk. G:   James Standifer to James Ore (Negro) 10 Apr 1811
4-32A:  Israel Standifer to John McIver 18 Mar 1816
D-221:  Luke Standifer to Adm Lamb 13 Nov 1826
D-228: William H. Standifer to John Ogle 15 1826
D-232:  Luke Standifer to Isaac Standefer 13 April 1826
D-288:  Israel Standifer to John Bridgman 5 Jun 1825
D-294: Luke Standifer to John Hale 26 Sept 1825
F-62:   James Standifer to Reuben Rogers 10 Nov 1831
A-380: James Standifer to John Kelly (Slaves) 16 Mar 1811
Bk C:   James Standifer from Aron Hickenbottom 198 acres - 1 Nov 1818
Bk C:   James Standifer from Alex Bradford 17 Nov 1821
D-115: Israel Standifer from John McIver 432 acres - 25 Sept 1823
D-126: James Standifer from Samuel McReynolds 675 acres - 15 Feb 1820
D-232: Isaac Standifer from Luke Standifer 13 Apr 1826
F-87:   James Standifer from John Bridgman 5,000 acres 13 Nov 1831
F-84:   James Standifer from John McIver 600 acres 18 Jan 1829
G-154: James Standifer from Henry Thomas 250 acres 13 Jun 1837
I-59:    William I. to Seamen Ward 1,700 acres 23 May 1840
1-215:  James Standifer to B. F. Bridgman (slaves) 23 Jun 1842
I-115    S. C. Standifer to John G. Lamb (Livestock) 21 Dec 1840
I-178:   S. C. Standifer to Wright Johnson 436 acres 26 Mar 1842
I-279:   J. M. Standifer to  John B. Crozier 210 acres 13 Mar 1843
K-371:  William I. Standifer to John B. Seaman 1,700 acres 8 Sept 1838
I-125:    Jesse H. Standifer to William H. Hendricks (gift) 21 Feb 1852
I-263:    J. M. Standifer to Archibald Doroling 110 acres 12 Mar 1852
N-13:    Jesse H. Standifer to Adam Lamb 44 acres 25 Feb 1857
N-18:    James M. Standifer to John G. Lamb 10 Feb 1857
H-68:    James Standifer from Alfred Thomas (Negro Boy) 9 Oct 1834
K-115:  William I. Standifer to Seamen to James Boyd 1,700 acres 9 Mar 1846
K-189:  James M. Standifer to E. M. Evens 15 Sept 1846
K-227:  James M. Standifer to Robert Omens (Negro) 12 Mar 1847
K-246:  S. C. Standifer to Robert Omens (Negro) 13 July 1847
K-362:  Jesse H. Standifer to E. M. Evens (Negro) 19 Oct 1847
K-453:  William I. Standifer to Byran Heard 400 acres 5 Nov 1849
K-475:  S. C. Standifer to I. H. Spears 5,000 acres 4 Feb 1850
Q-324:  James Standifer from John Walker 50 acres 9 Aug 1881
Q-348:  W. A. Standifer from Wm. Boyd 25 acres 1 Jun 1881
             S. C. Standifer from W. J. Standifer 400 acres 14 Dec 1885
             W. J. Standifer and S. C. Standifer to John D. Johnson 50 acres 28 Apr 1887

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)1808: State of Tennessee; Third District. Surveyed the fourth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and eight of Aaron Higginbotham (assee. of William Mitchell) one hundred and ninety eight acres of land his occupant claim as assee.of James Standefer by virtue of a warrant issued by the register of West Tennessee No. 1 not having a sufficient bounds to satisfy an entry made by the said Higginbotham for two hundred acres within the calls of said location leaving a ballance of said warrant to be satisfied of two acres located this day of August eighteen hundred and seven location No. Five situated in the county of Bledsoe in the fifty sixth & fiftieth sections of said district beginning on hickory and white oak and running with a condition with Alexander Coulter south eight east eighty eighty poles to Sequatchee river thence on the one hundred and fifty eight poles in all to post aoak thence east ninety poles to pointers thence north one hundred and thrity five poles to hickory thence west two hundred and fifty poles to pointers thence south one hundred and twelve poles to the beginning.  Signed: A. Higginbotham, D. S., Alexander Coutler and Israel Standefer, C. C.

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Hancock County

From: DEED BOOK D:76  *Contributed by Dale Standifer

Know all men by these presents that I JAMES STANDIFER of the county of Hancock and state of Tennessee do by these presents make constitute and appoint my son WILLIAM STANDIFER of the County of Floyd and state of Kentucky by true and lawful attorney for me and my name to sell and dispose of in any way he may see fit and proper a certain tract of lane situate in the county of Floyd and state of Kentucky on the waters of Little Paint Creek containing 150 acres for such sum or sums of money and to such person or persons as he may think expedient and to convey all the title which I have in and to said land by deed of absolute sale to such person or persons. So sold in fee simple warrenty against me my heirs and all persons claiming by through or under me. Hereby ratifying whatsoever my said attorney may lawfully do in the premises December 1851.

His Mark
James (X) Standifer (S )
State of Tennessee} Set Hancock County

Hancock Co. TN Deeds U-275 extract: *Contributed by Tom Spradling

"We, John H. Standiford and wife Agness sell to Etta and Grover Sumpter undivided interest in land dowery of Nancy Baker." Dated 7 Nov 1902

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Knox County

From Tennessee Genealogical Records by R. Barnes

Deed Bk A, p. 1: 15 January 1808 Christian Rhodes of Knox County, TN for $1,000.00 sells to Thomas Menefee of Anderson County and James Daver of Bledsoe County 1,000 acres; Sequatchie commonly called Crow Creek it being part of a 5,000 acres granted Stokely Donelson by North Carolina.  Test: Stephen Heard and Israel Standifer.

BOOK B, p. 139, William Standifer to Jacob Peak, 200 acres on Poplar Creek
Film at FHC, #0503041, p. 272

Transcribed by Ed O'Brien and contributed by Jim Standifer.

This indenture made the twenty third day of July in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety six between William Standifer of the State of Tennessee, Knox County of the one part and Jacob Peak of the aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that he the said ___ William Standifer for and in consideration of ____hundred and fifty dollars paid the receipts whereof is hereby acknowledged in hath and by these presents doth grant - bargain? - sell-alien?-____ release and confirm unto the said Jacob Peak his heirs and consigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred acres in the County of Knox on the north side of the Clinch river on the waters of Poplar Creek Beginning at a white oak and dogwood thence east three hundred poles to a stake then south one hundred and sixty poles to a stake then west three hundred poles to a stake thence north one hundred and sixty poles to the Beginning.  With all and singular the woods waters water courses profit____commodities hereditaments and appertances whatsoever belonging to the said tract of land and issues thereof and all the estate right title intrust property claim and demand of him the said William Standifer his heirs thereof in and to the same and every part and parcel thereof either in Law or Equity to have and to hold the said three hundred acres of land with the appertances unto the said Jacob Peak his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful title claim and demand of all and every person or person whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents.  In witness whereof the said William Standifer hath here unto set his hand and seal the day and date first above written.

Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of
Jesse Roysdon, William Roberson

William Standifer, Re. March 13, 1797

*Note: William received this land grant of 300 acres on Poplar Creek 16 Feb 1796 and sold the property to Jacob Peak 13 Mar 1797.

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Marion County

Marion County, TN Deed Records

B-349: Isaac Standifer to David Rankin 4 April 1822
A-83: James Standifer to Amos Griffith 4 Apri 1823
A-96: William Standifer to Isaac Standifer 10 May 1823
A-112: William Standifer, SR to John Millsay 19 Nov 1822
A-121: Luke Standifer to Chandoin Jones 21 Nov 1822

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McMinn County

McMinn County, Tennessee Deeds and Other Data 1820-1880 complied by Reba Bayless Boyer

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)p. 71: Deed Book "K", #319: 19 April 1853.  Israel and George W. Standefer to Charles W. Rice; Deed of Trust for personal property.

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)p. 80: Deed Book "K", #587: 28 October 1854: William M. Stanfer and wife Rebecca L. formerly Pearson and Charles M. Pearson, all of Polk Co., to Chrisley Foster; their two undivided shares in estate of Doctor Pearson dec'd.

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)p. 109: Deed Book "O", #221: Dec 1866: Petition by citizens, now without the corporate limits of Athens, to have limits extended one half mile in all directions from the Court House and to hold an election for such purpose; signed by M. A. Helm, M. L. Phillips, A. Blizard, W. C. Owen, F. Brigham, Wm. A. Warren, J. Albert Hyden, John F. Slover, S. M. Henderson, T. Richmond, Edwin A. Atlee, J. M. Berger, E. Walker, Horrace Phillips, A. L. Henderson, Nat. C. Jones, J. M. Clementson, J. S. Henry, James B. Rudd, David Nave, Wm. H. Briant, T. W. Warren, Frederick Miller, B. F. Green, R. M. Craig, G. W. Standifer, A. C. Aytes, R. A. Lester, R. M. Fisher; Judges J. D. Moore, Bernhart Gilbert and James Turner certify that at an election held 2 Feb 1867 the vote in favor of extension was 21 to 0.

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)p. 122: Deed Book "P", #147: 10 March 1869: G. W. Standifer to Sallie McKeldin.

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Overton County

From Overton Tennessee Genealogical Records, by Edythe Rucker Whitely, p. 18:

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes) Deeds B, p. 238. Jesse Standifer of Greene County, Georgia, Power of attorney to Henry Reagan of Overton County Tennessee, to sell land granted to Thomas Houghton by North Carolina land in Overton County, Tennessee. 4 May 1811.

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Sequatchie County

Abstracts from Deed Book "C" 1883-1887, Sequatchie Co., TN

ARROWBLUE.JPG (893 bytes)p. 606: 10 Feb 1887: A. K. Standefer and wife Julia Standefer to James C. Warner of Nashville, TN ..$188..Dist. 2..certain tract on Cumberland Mountain..beginning about 40 poles north of the Church house...west side of old Spencer road...208  A..Except the surfact right of tract west side of Bear Wallow Gulf...81 A, 3 R & 32 P...signed A. K. (X=his mark) Standefer, Julia (X=her mark) Standefer.  Reb. 12 Feb 1887

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