Standerfer, etc. Links

If you have Standifer, etc. related website, I will be happy to provide a link here!

button.gif (416 bytes) A new Stanford Site by Joey Stanford.

button.gif (416 bytes) James / Hatch Family History. At Daryl James' beautifully done site,  you will find info. re. the John Henry Standifird.

button.gif (416 bytes) Standerfer Genealogy.  (Illinois researchers will love this site!)

button.gif (416 bytes) Candace Gregory's great Sandifer Site. 

button.gif (416 bytes)  Bates Genealogy Database (Check surnames list for Standiford/Standefer)

button.gif (416 bytes) The Woodcock Family (Descendants of Thomas & Mary Standifer Woodcock)

button.gif (416 bytes) Check out The Sanford Research Site (Thousands of names!)

button.gif (416 bytes)  For IL Standerfer/Auxier connections, go here - many Auxier links The Auxier Family

button.gif (416 bytes) (Moultrie Co., Illinois Standerfers) Christopher Standerfer's Ancestry

button.gif (416 bytes)  Sandefur names from Nancy Jankowski here: Sandefur

button.gif (416 bytes) Here's another Standiford Link, The Ancestors of Stanford Philip Seyb   

button.gif (416 bytes) Check this out: Herman R. Standiford's Internet Tree

button.gif (416 bytes) Descendants of Thomas Sanford (1608, England) here: The Bement Family History

button.gif (416 bytes) Sandefurs at Out on a limb on the Family Tree

button.gif (416 bytes) Find descendants of Israel Staniford (b. 1840) at this great site: The Wise Old Owl

button.gif (416 bytes) Here's a new Standifer/Standiford site brought to you by Brian Bivona.

button.gif (416 bytes) Miller / Chipman and associated Names Webpage. (Includes Mildred "Milly"Standifer descendants)

button.gif (416 bytes) You must check out the Stanifer/Deaton Genealogy  (Gedcoms includes Standafer, Standefer, Standfer, Standifer, Standifor, Standiford, Stanford, Stanifer!!!!)

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