"A Nation Divided"

Southern Loyalists

From Southern Loyalists in the Civil War: The Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills.

The Civil War is a painful reminder of how failure to resolve social and economic differences can result in a Nation--divided.  There were many southerners who were northern born who believed that their family heritage had to be preserved.  In some areas of the South, an actual majority of the citizens hoped to preserve the Union cause for social and economic reasons.  Of course, they were in a dangerous position.  Many felt it best to simply keep their view to themselves and tried to coexist without making an issue of their loyalty. 

"Those southerners who were loyal to the North, were faced with the same property confiscation's and destruction as were their Southern neighbors by the Union Army.  Six years after armed hostilities cease --on 3 March 1871--Congress created a channel through which pro-Union Southerners could apply for reimbursement of some losses.  Similar commissions had been created both during and after the war for the benefit of Northern citizens, but sectional animosities and a congressional power struggle delayed the extension of economic justice to Southern loyalists."

The newly formed Southern Claims Commission, a three-man board, applied a number of exclusions.  Claims were to be accepted only from those who

held American citizenship;

resided in a state that seceded;

could document loyalty to the federal government throughout the conflict; and

had suffered official confiscation's of goods.

The following comprises a list of surnamed who were Southern Loyalists and fulfilled the requirements above.  The names are listed with County, State, and Year.

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Nancy Sandifer, Barnwell, SC 1877

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Allen Sanford, Cherokee, AL 1872

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) George T. Sanford, Patrick, VA 1873

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) George W. Sanford Estate, Rutherford, TN 1880

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Henry C. Sanford, Cherokee, AL 1874

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) John Sanford, Madison, AL 1872

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Joseph K. Sanford, Madison, AL 1874

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Lemuel J. Sanford, Cherokee, AL 1874

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Elisha Sanderford, Wake, NC 1872

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) George A. Sanderford, Wake, NC 1872

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Caroline E. Sandford, Tipton, TN

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) G. W. Sandford, Rutherford, TN

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Joseph Standefer, Claiborne, TN

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Lemuel J. Standefer, Etowah, AL 1873

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Archibald Standifer, DeSoto, MS

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Franklin H. Standifer, Cherokee, AL 1879

  Bullet7.gif (140 bytes) Isaiah Standifer, Claiborne, TN 1877

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