Descendants of Owen Sandiford

This family information was compiled from the records Walter H. Duffy and James C. Duffy. Thanks, Walter and James!

John Sandiford of New Brunswick, Canada offers this anecdote as an explanation as to how “Sandiford” became a surname. “Seventy miles south of Oslo, Norway, is a pretty little port of Sandefjord and this is where it all started about 900 AD.   Sandefjord  was a flourishing seaport prior to Oslo. The crews of Viking ships took their name from their homeport when raiding the coasts of the British Isles. Many were wrecked and failed to return to their homeland and were assimilated into the community where they were stranded and took their name from where they came. This is vouched for by the many Scandinavian place names along the Northeast coast of
Scotland & England and the Northwest coast of Ireland.

  Link to Sandefjord, Norway

  Generation No. 1

     1.  Owen1 Sandiford was born 1822 in Ireland, and died Unknown in Ellenburgh Center,Clinton County, NY, USA.  He married Rose McKeon  in Hinsdale, MA.

Notes for Owen Sandiford:
Owen Sandiford moved from Hinsdale, MA and settled in 1857, one mile west of Ellenburgh Center.

1850 Berkshire Co., MA Census:
413/413: Owen Sandiford, age 28, W, M, Farmer, b. Ireland
Rosie, age 26, W, F, b. Ireland
Mary, age 2, W, F, b. MA
Benjamin, W, M, b. MA
Alice, age 20, W, F, b. Ireland
Ann, age 15, W, F, b. Ireland

Owen and Rose are listed on the 1860 Ellenburgh, Clinton County, NY census:
Owen Sandiford, age 48, m, Farmer, $400, $187, b. Ireland.
Rosa, age 48, f, b. Ireland
Mary, age 13, f, b. MA
Benjamin, age 11, m, b. MA
Rosa E., age 3, f, b. NY
Christian, age 2, m, b. NY

On the 1880 Census, of Ellenburgh, Clinton Co, NY:
Owen Sandiford, W, M, age 62, Farmer & Tanner, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Rosa, W, F, age 61, Housekeeper, Ireland, Ireland
Rosa A. S., W, F, age 15, daughter, NY, Ireland, Ireland

Children of Owen Sandiford and Rose McKeon are:

+      2                 i.     Ann (Mary2)Sandiford, born May 19, 1848 in Hinsdale, MA; died August 08, 1919 in  
         Saranac Lake, NY.  (Twin)

+      3                ii.     Benjamin Sandiford, born December 07, 1849.

        4                iii.     Martha Sandiford, born abt 1857 (This may be the Rosa E. on the 1860 Census)

        5                iv.     Annie Sandiford, born abt 1859

        6                 v.     Mary Sandiford, born May 19, 1848 in Hinsdale, Berkshire County, MA; died June 
          02, 1848 in Hinsdale, Berkshire County, MA. (Twin)

         Notes for Ann Sandiford:
         Ann was originally named Mary. She (MARY) died 15 days after birth and apparently 
         her parents  renamed her twin ANN as Mary. Later another sibling sister was named 
         Annie.  The Vital records for Hinsdale, MA on microfilm from Family History Center,  
         Salt Lake City, UT-Film Roll# 1902908 (1845-1900)

Generation No. 2

     2.  Mary2 Sandiford (Owen1) was born May 19, 1848 in Hinsdale, MA, and died August 08, 1919 in Saranac Lake, NY.  She married Hugh Duffy November 14, 1867 in Chateaugay, NY, son of Patrick Duffy and Catherine Monaghan.

Notes for Mary Sandiford:

James C. Duffy, great grandson of Patrick, discovered in his family research of Vital Records of Hinsdale, MA. that it shows in the birth records for Mary Sandiford and her twin sister Ann Sandiford, born May 19th, 1848; however the Death Records show that Mary died  13 days after birth on June 2, 1848.

Owen & Rose Sandiford must have re-named ANN and called her MARY.

Later another child was  was born and she was named ANN

On a humorous note....Francis Emmett Duffy, the 8th Child of Mary &Hugh, was a very large man in stature ---about six foot six---and his mother was said to have said " I had thirteen children and Emmett"

Notes for Hugh Duffy:

An original Marriage Certificate indicates Hugh Duffy & Mary Sandiford were united in Holy Matrimony at Chateaugay, NY on  14th day of November, 1867 and witnessed by Bengiman Sandiford & Alisa or (Elisa) Downs    

Children of Mary Sandiford and Hugh Duffy are:

+      7                 i.       Owen3 Duffy, born September 20, 1868 in Ellenburgh, NY; died February 09, 1906 in 
           St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Utica, NY.

+      8                ii.        Edward Patrick Duffy, born November 10, 1870 in Ellenburg, NY; died December 
           16, 1922 in Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, PQ, Canada.

+      9                iii.       Margaret Alice Duffy, born October 18, 1871 in Chateaugay,NY; died 1963.

        10              iv.       Mary Theresa Duffy, born January 19, 1874 in Moores Forks, NY; died Unknown 
            in Saranac Lake, NY.  She married Sven Hokanson.

             Notes for Mary Theresa Duffy:
         Baptismal God Parents were: John Donn? (Downs) &" Anny" Sandiford
            Baptism: January 25, 1874, Ellenburg, NY

+      11               v.       Benjamin Joseph Duffy, born November 08, 1875 in Bangor, NY, Franklin County; 
            died March 06, 1964 in Glendale, CA Hospital , Buried Holy Cross Cem., Los 
            Angeles, CA.

+      12              vi.        Rose Duffy, born September 17, 1877 in Chateaugay,NY; died Unknown in 
             Malone, New York.

+      13             vii.         Martha Helen Duffy, born June 22, 1879 in Chateaugay,NY; died Unknown in 
             Rockville Center, NY.

        14             viii.         Francis Emmett Duffy, born July 13, 1881 in Chateaugay,NY; died July 02, 1946 in 
              Saranac Lake, NY.  He married Annie Kelly Unknown in Saranac Lake, NY.

               Notes for Francis Emmett Duffy:
           Baptismal God Parents were : Patrick Kissane & Rose Alice Sandiford
           Baptism: July 15, 1881, Chateaugay, NY
           Cause of Death: Cardiac Failure

        15               ix.         Anna Duffy, born August 21, 1883 in Chateaugay, NY; died Unknown in Saranac 
              Lake, NY.  She married Charles Goldsmith Unknown in Saranac Lake, NY.

               Notes for Anna Duffy:
           Baptismal God Parents were: Thomas Burns & Mary Duffy
              Baptism: August 21, 1883, Chateaugay, NY

        16              x.          James Maurice Duffy, born October 08, 1885 in Chateaugay, NY; died Unknown 
              in Saranac Lake, NY.

        17             xi.           Robert Arthur Duffy, born April 12, 1887 in Chateaugay, NY; died May 1970 in 
               Saranac Lake, NY.

                Notes for Robert Arthur Duffy:
            Baptismal God Parents were: John Duffy & Alice Sandiford              
            He served in the United States Army during World War I.

               Baptism: April 17, 1887, Chateaugay, NY
            Medical Information: He had  an affliction of his fingers known as Dupuytrens 
               Syndrome which caused a stiffening of the muscles in the knuckles. Frances Hunt was 
               also known to have this.

        18             xii.           Catherine Duffy, born August 27, 1888 in Chateaugay, NY; died Unknown in ?.

                Notes for Catherine Duffy:
               Baptismal Godparents were: Owen Sandiford & Marcia Dwyer z
               Baptism: September 02, 1888, Chateaugay, NY

+      19            xiii.           Henry Leo Duffy, born October 17, 1890 in Chateaugay, NY; died September 
               1928 in Saranac Lake, NY.

+      20            xiv.           Walter H. Duffy, born March 31, 1895 in Malone, New York; died July 23, 1948 
                in Saranac Lake, NY..

3.  Benjamin2 Sandiford (Owen1) was born December 07, 1849.  He married Ellen Unknown.

     Children of Benjamin Sandiford and Ellen are:

        21               i.               Nellie3 Sandiford, born Abt. 1871.

        22              ii.               Benjamin Sandiford Jr., born Abt. 1869.

        23              iii.               Elizabeth Sandiford, born Abt. 1876.

        24             iv.               Arthur Sandiford, born Abt. 1880.

        25              v.               Owen Sandiford, born Abt. 1883.

        26             vi.               Alice Sandiford, born Abt. 1885.

                   Notes for Alice Sandiford:
                Alice Sandiford is Quoted in the book "Ellenburgh", published in 1990 which is in 
                   the Special Collections Section to the Feinburg Library at SUNY, Plattsburgh, NY.

        27            vii.               Irene Sandiford, born Abt. 1889.

Generation No. 3

     7.  Owen3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born September 20, 1868 in Ellenburgh, NY, and died February 09, 1906 in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Utica, NY. He married Mamie Carroll February 1897 in Malone, NY.

Notes for Owen Duffy:

In 1901  he entered a co-partnership with his brother Benjamin J. Duffy in Saranac Lake under the firm name of Duffy Brothers Markets.

He was taken to Utica via train and was operated on for appendicitis and subsequently died of complications.
Owen Duffy, buried in Malone, NY
Burial: February 1906, Malone, NY

Child of Owen Duffy and Mamie Carroll is:

        28               i.      Mildred4 Duffy, born Unknown; died in Saranac Lake, NY.

           Notes for Mildred Duffy:
       Miss Duffy was an employee of the US Postal Service for many years in Saranac Lake, 

 8.  Edward Patrick3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born November 10, 1870 in Ellenburg, NY, and died December 16, 1922 in Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, PQ, Canada.  He married Elizabeth Clark November 05, 1896 in St. Joseph's Church, Malone, NY.

Notes for Edward Patrick Duffy:

Edward Patrick Duffy, a conductor on the New York Central Railroad, died from injuries as a result of an accident in which he apparently slipped from the station platform under the wheels of an engine and had his left leg almost severed and his right leg severely injured. The accident happened at Windsor Station in Montreal, at 7:25 AM as his train was being made up. He was immediately taken to Royal Victoria Hospital where he died of his injuries. He resided on Elm Street in Utica, NY.

Children of Edward Duffy and Elizabeth Clark are:

        29               i.               Leo E.4 Duffy, born Unknown.

        30              ii.               Mary Duffy, born Unknown.

        31            iii.                Genevieve Duffy, born Unknown.

        32             iv.               Helen Duffy, born Unknown.

  9.  Margaret Alice3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born October 18, 1871 in Chateaugay,NY, and died 1963.  She married Harry Downs Abt. 1914 in St Bernard's Church, Saranac Lake, NY 12983.

Notes for Margaret Alice Duffy:

God Parents were James Duffy & Margaret O'Neill
Baptism: October 28, 1871, Chateaugay,NY

Child of Margaret Duffy and Harry Downs is:

        33               i.     Dorothy4 Downs, born Unknown.

          Notes for Dorothy Downs:
      Married to Jacques Herbert, in Trois Riviers, PQ, Canada
     Adoption: Unknown, Saranac Lake, NY

   11.  Benjamin Joseph3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born November 08, 1875 in Bangor, NY, Franklin County, and died March 06, 1964 in Glendale, CA Hospital , Buried Holy Cross Cem., Los Angeles, CA.  He married Mary Ellen Downs November 13, 1896 in Tupper Lake, NY.

Children of Benjamin Duffy and Mary Downs are:

        34               i.          Bernard Arthur4 Duffy, born October 23, 1898.

        35              ii.          Alice M. Duffy (Roche), born July 26, 1900.

        36              iii.          Raymond B. Duffy, born November 09, 1901.

        37              iv.          Agnes Theresa Duffy, born December 30, 1903.

        38               v.          Elizabeth Martha Duffy, born August 18, 1905.

        39              vi.          Francis Edward Duffy, born September 19, 1906.

        40              vii.          John Hugh Duffy, born July 13, 1910.

        41             viii.           Benjamin Joseph Duffy Jr., born January 17, 1913.

        42               ix.           James Clarence Duffy, born June 06, 1916 in Rochester, NY.  He married Dixie 
                 Dorthea Frank
Unknown in ?.

  12.  Rose3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born September 17, 1877 in Chateaugay, NY, and died Unknown in Malone, New York.  She married David Dillon Unknown in Malone, NY.

Children of Rose Duffy and David Dillon are:

        43               i.               William4 Dillon, born Abt. 1910.

        44              ii.               Francis Dillon, born Unknown.

                    Notes for Francis Dillon:
                Francis Dillon died in a drowning accident in the Salmon River in Malone, NY. 
                   Time unknown

        45              iii.               Rose Mary Dillon, born Abt. 1912.

        46              iv.               Robert Dillon, born Abt. 1915.


     13.  Martha Helen3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born June 22, 1879 in Chateaugay, NY, and died Unknown in Rockville Center, NY.  She married Richard English in Saranac Lake, NY.

Notes for Martha Helen Duffy:
God Parents for Martha Duffy were Owen Sandiford & Catherine Duffy

More About Martha Helen Duffy:
Baptism: June 29, 1879, Chateaugay,NY     

Children of Martha Duffy and Richard English are:

        47               i.              Theresa4 English, born Unknown.

        48               ii.              Florence English, born Unknown.

        49              iii.               Frances English, born Unknown.

        50              iv.               Mary English, born Unknown

  19.  Henry Leo3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born October 17, 1890 in Chateaugay, NY, and died September 1928 in Saranac Lake, NY.  He married Anna Maguire  in Arveme, NY.

Notes for Henry Leo Duffy:
Henry L. Duffy died of an accidental gunshot wound September, 1928, while hunting in the Saranac Lake area.

Children of Henry Duffy and Anna Maguire are:

        51               i.          Owen Henry4 Duffy, born July 13, 1916; died December 15, 1993 in Sasranac 
              Lake, NY.

        52               ii.          Edna Duffy, born Unknown.

        53              iii.           Margaret Duffy, born Unknown.

        54              iv.           Charles Henry Duffy, born 1927.

        55               v.           Robert Duffy.


     20.  Walter H.3 Duffy (Mary2 Sandiford, Owen1) was born March 31, 1895 in Malone, New York, and died July 23, 1948 in Saranac Lake, NY..  He married Margaret Gertrude Burke September 01, 1925 in Mineville, NY, daughter of Walter Burke and Sarah Hogan.

Notes for Margaret Gertrude Burke:

Margaret Burke Duffy was a wife, mother and she was Music Supervisor in the Saranac lake School System for many years.

Both Walter H Duffy & Margaret Burke are buried in St Bernard's Cemetery in Saranac Lake, NY

Children of Walter Duffy and Margaret Burke are:

      56               i.         Mary Theresa4 Duffy, born December 07, 1926.

      57               ii.        Walter Hugh Duffy, Jr., born May 07, 1928 in Saranac Lake, NY.

      58              iii.         Patricia Ann Duffy, born June 18, 1930 in Saranac Lake, NY.

      59              iv.         Margaret Ellen Duffy, born October 13, 1933.

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