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An Alaskan Indian Village needs our help!

In the late 1800s or early 1900s, a Frank Standifer found his way from Texas to Alaska.  He married an Indian Woman from Kenai, Alaska and they had five children.  Their names were Bill (b. 1921), Robert (b. 1923), Annie (b. 1925), Frank, Jr. (b. 1927), and Elsie Standifer (b. 1929).  Frank Standifer is said to have died when his children were quite young.  

Today, Don Standifer (Frank's grandson) is the President of the Tyonek tribe where there is said to be over 120 Standifers.  These Alaskans are anxious to learn about their Standifer  heritage.  Who was this Frank Standifer?  

There are two family stories.  The first story goes "Frank went off to fight in a war and when he came back (to TX) he found his family had been killed.  So with a heavy heart and a desire to start over he came to Alaska."

The second story goes "Frank was a lawman or gunfighter and had to leave TX because he was in trouble there."

Frank can be found on the 1920 Federal Census of the Alaska Territory.  He is 58 years old and says his parents were born born in Tennessee.  He was living in Kasiloff at this time.

Can you help?  Please contact me, Nicole Vincent or Don Standifer.

1. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Carol Lee Yarbrough
(Archibald Standerfer, b. VA to TN to IL in 1816)

2. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Rick Lanham  *Contributor
(Benjamin Standerfer of Moultrie/Shelby Cos. IL)

3. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Michael Wright   *Contributor
(Standerfers of Moultrie/Shelby Cos., IL)

4. email8.gif (1126 bytes)  John A. Parsons
(Sallie Estill Sandifer Parsons of KY)

5. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Nancy J. Fairchild
(James Sandifur SC to GA)

6. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Helen Keusch
(Richard Sandifur of VA)

7. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joseph Britt
(Standifer's from Wise Co., VA)

8. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Josephine Lindsay Bass
(Sandifer's of Pike Co, MS)

9. email8.gif (1126 bytes) George Sprouse, Jr. *Contributor
(Standifers of Knox Co., TN)

10.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joan Rash Pappa *Contributor
(Texas Standifers)

11.email8.gif (1126 bytes)  Barb Locker
(Alinah Standifer, wife of Thomas Hill - 1770's VA)

12.email8.gif (1126 bytes) J. C. Sandifer
(Peter Sandifer SC to MS)

13.email8.gif (1126 bytes)  Michele McCaffrey *Contributor
(Richard Standforth)

14.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Earlene Sanderfer Smith
(Sanderfers of MS)

17.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Pat Heydt
(John and James Standifer of MD)

18.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Robert Standefer
(Standifers in MD, VA, TN)

19.email8.gif (1126 bytes)Denise Michaels
(John, Israel, Ephriam Standiford of MD)

20.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joe & Bonnie Cooney 
(Joseph Standifer, b. abt 1810)

21.email8.gif (1126 bytes)Josephine Bass
(John J. Sandifer of MS)

22.email8.gif (1126 bytes) John Charles Sandifer, Sr.
(Sandifers of MS and AL)

23.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jim Clayton
(John Clayton/Abraham Sandefer apprentice.)

24.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Martha Sandifer Greaves
(James Madison Sandifer)

25.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Ann Davis *Contributor
(William Sandefur of VA)

26.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Ron Black
(John Standifer/Polly Boggs of Wise Co., VA)

27.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Charles W. Oliver
(Texas Standifers)

28.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Denise Hambrick *Contributor
(Kentucky Sanfords)

29.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Doris Carter
(Sandifords of SC & GA)

30.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jeanette Chess
(The Auxier/Standerfer connection in IL)

31.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Pat Palmer
(William & Elizabeth Jones Standifer)

32.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Dyer Carithers *Contributor

33.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Sharron Standifer Ashton *Contributor
(Thomas Standifer of Lee Co. VA)

34.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Gene Keush 
(Richard Sandifur, b. VA)

35.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Colleen Tennison Elzy *Contributor
(Archibald/Job Standerfer of IL)

36.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Wayne McGinnis *Contributor
(William Standiford)

37.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Dale Standifer *Contributor
(William & Elizabeth Jones Standifer)

38.email8.gif (1126 bytes)Wilma Moore *Contributor
(Israel Standifer; w. Sarah from NC/TN - Looking for ANY Standeffer)

39.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Rose McArthur 
(Standiford/Talbott connection)

40.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Dena Spaulding 
(James William Standeford/VA)

41.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Betty Pickett
(Elizabeth Standiford Anguish, daughter of John (1804-1844), son of Skelton)

42.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Janice Kelsey
(William & Sarah Evans Standifer of AL)

43.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Nancy *Contributor
(Eli Davis/Irena Standiford connection - VA) 

44.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Donald L. Gunter
(Mary Sandefur/James Westbrook connection - to TN)

45.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Lorna
(John R. and Delila Ruark Stanford)

46.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jodye Stone
(William Bailey Standifer/Alzada Harrell)

47.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Steve Standerfer
(Standerfers from IA to MO to OR toCA)

48.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joan
(James & Nancy Standiford Stovall)

49.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Imo Greenwood
(William LeQuire Standefer in the Whitwell, TN area)

50.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Bev Sandefur* Contributor
(Samuel A. & Obedience Collier Sandefur of KY)

51.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Nancy Leeg Jankowski * Contributor
(John and Joanne Sandefur of Virginia)

52.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Stan Seyb
(Dewitt Clinton Standiford of Mauckport, Harrison Co., IN)

53.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jim Standifer  *Contributor
(Standifers of Tennessee)

54.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Herman R. Standiford  *Contributor
(Ephraim Standiford)

55.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Blaine Standiford
(Indiana Standifords)

56.email8.gif (1126 bytes)  Mary Ann Daniell*Contributor
(Charlie Standifer from TX to OR)

58.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Dennis Aslinger
(Fanny Standifer, d/o William, married to Luke Hendrix)

59.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Brian Bivona *Contributor
(Descendants of Skelton Standifer and Lydia Echols)

60.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Diane Bender *Contributor
(Texas Standefer's)

61.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Barb Pate Jackson *Contributor
(Julia Ann Standifer, d/o Jesse Standifer and AL Standifers with McCullough connections)

62.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Eileen Moore Coppola
(Mary Tabb Sandefur Stovall (Mrs. Archelous Stovall)

63.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Mike and Pam King  *Contributor
(James Sandifer, JR (Mercer Co., KY)

64.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joan Rambo *Contributor
(Isaac Standefer and Elizabeth Standefer (cousins))

65. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Gladys Sandefur *Contributor
(Henry and Elizabeth Miller Sandefur)

66.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Kevin E. Standerfer-Bullock *Contributor
(Illinois Standerfers)

67.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Robert Steven Sandifer
(John Alexander Sandifer of VA.)

68.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Tony Stasuik *Contributor

69.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Brian G. Williams

70.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Bill McMahon
(John and Martha Sandifer Wilson)

71.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Cleta Terrell *Contributor
(Joshua A. Sandefer)

72.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Frank Berry
(John D. Sandifer of Copiah Co., MS)

73.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Wanda Worley *Contributor
(George R. and Litha Florence Casada Sandifer)

74.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Candace Gregory
(John D. Sandifer of Copiah Co., MS)

75.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Keith Peeples
(Descendants of Littleton Sandifer (b.1823)

76.email8.gif (1126 bytes) A. C. "Trip" Wilson, III *Contributor
(Sandifers from Copiah Co., MS)

77.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Marsha Dekker
(Sandifers- James and William)

78.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joe Myers
(Standifords of Licking River, Nicholas Co., KY)

79.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Pamela Roy
(Ephraim and Hannah Whitaker Standiford)

80.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Richard Woodcock *Contributor
(Woodcock/Standifer connection)

81.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Tammy Turner *Contributor
(Turner/Standiford connection)

82.email8.gif (1126 bytes) George Rogers
(Emmitt Standifer of Collin Co., TX)

83.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Marsha Dekker
(George Meyer Sandifer, son of Joseph Sandifer)

84.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Bruce Sandifer
(Samuel Matthew Sandefur)

85.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Julie Cheche *Contributor
(Aquilla and Anna Gray Standifird)

86.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Nina Cosper Fuller *Contributor
(Lysanias A. M. E. Standifer who married William Cabaniss)

87.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Wanda Calder
(Wm. Standiford and Rebecca Brasher)

88.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Phil Crowther
(William and Sarah Standifer Taylor Brummett of Whitley Co., KY)

89.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Scott S. Standerfer*Contributor
(Descendants of William Standerfer, b. 1847 - Moultrie Co., IL)

90.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Grace Case *Contributor
(Descendants of Jeremiah Standerfer, b. 1845 - Moultrie Co., IL)

91.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Allen Richmond
(The Armstrong/Standiford connections)

92.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Fred Eggleston*Contributor
(The John Sandefur of Elizabeth City County who made a deed of gift in 1742).

93.email8.gif (1126 bytes) S. H. Dodson
(The Dodson/Standiford connection of Pulaski Co., KY)

94.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Nancy Clifford *Contributor
(The William and Sarah Standiford Talbott descendants)

95.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Charles M. Stanford
(Stanford researcher)

96.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jas Hugar
(Family of Robert Graham Sandefur - AR)

97.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Dave Sandefur

98.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Bobbie Tierman *Contributor
(James Wallace Standiford of MD)

99.email8.gif (1126 bytes) D. Smith *Contributor

100.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Gail
(The John and Sarah "Sally" Clack connection)

101.email8.gif (1126 bytes)Candace Biamonti *Contributor
(Descendants of Franklin H. Standerfer, son of Archibald - IL)

102.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Elizabeth Mason
(The Standifer/Smith/Hughes family connections of Bledsoe Co., TN)

102.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Franklin Ross Standerfer *Contributor
(Franklin Redmond Standerfer, son of Franklin H.)

103.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Robert L. Sandifer
(Samuel and Mary Lott Sanderfer)

104.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Glenn Sandefur *Contributor
(Lineages of Robert Sharp Sandefur and Samuel Stanifer of TN)

105.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jan Tice *Contributor
(F. M and Nancy J. Truett Standefer)

106.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Martha Glasscock *Contributor
(The Luke Standifer/Harer connection)

107.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Venita Vaughn
(James Standerford b. 1853 in MO.)

108.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Ron & Joan Sanders
(Descendants of Aquilla and John Whitaker Standiford.   Also research James Isaac Stanford who m. Mary L. Powell)

109.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Peggy Henschel *Contributor
(Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Sandifer)

110.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Frances Armelda Harrison-Truehart *Contributor
(The Jeremiah Standerfer/Harrison connection - Moultrie Co., IL_

111.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jane A. Hardin *Contributor
(Descendants of Nathan C. Standeford and his son Aquilla III Standeford)

112.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jack Standerfer *Contributor
(Descendants of Franklin Standerfer of Moultrie Co., IL)

113.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joan
(Descendants of James and Nancy Standiford Stovall)

114.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Joe Hunt
(Samuel, b. 1790, and Matilda Oliver Standfer or Standiford)

115.email8.gif (1126 bytes) James "Jim" N. Standerfer
(Charles Nelson and Marietta Fritzinger Standerfer of WA)

116.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Zebedee Standerfer*Contributor
(Charles Brummet Standerfer, b. 1879 in Waco, TX)

117.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Nancy Nance
(Descendants of Esau Washington Sandefer)

118.email8.gif (1126 bytes) William J. C. Sandfer
(Baltimore Co., MD)

119.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Chuck Sanford
(Lemuel James and Barbara Ham Sanford)

120.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Christy Simpson
(John and Ida Mooneyham Standefer)

121.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Rebecca Slagal
(Descendants of Robert and Ann Russell Sandefur)

122.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Dick Standefer*Contributor
(Texas Standefers)

123.email8.gif (1126 bytes) John R. Lee*Contributor
(Descendants & Ancestors of LeRoy and Mary Moore Standifer)

124.email8.gif (1126 bytes) R. C. Smith
(Robert Marion Stanford)

125.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jim Graham *Contributor
(Descendants of William R. and Nancy Ann Woodward Standifer)

126. email8.gif (1126 bytes) Alma F. Kennedy
(Job and Huldy Elizabeth Hays Standefer of Moultrie Co., IL)

127.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Lois Clifton
(David W. "Bud" and Emma Standifer [or Sanford] Clifton)

128.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Charles D. Hudgins *Contributor
(William James and Ada Eugenia Standifer Hudgins)

129.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Dorothy Alexander
(Rosannah Standifer/John Jackson Baker of Claiborne Co., TN)

130.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Deborah
(Charles Tandy Sandefur/William H. Sandefur/William David Sandefur/Grace Amelia Sandefur-TN)

131.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Tracie Webb *Contributor 
(Lydia Standiford/Thomas Fullen line)

132.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Donny Ward
(Jessie & Myra Wills Sandefur Johnson)

133.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Donna Clark *Contributor
(David & Sarah Standiford Johnson of Baltimore Co., MD)

134.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Donna Schultz*Contributor
(James & Nancy Rogers Standifer of TX)

135.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Imo L. C. Greenword *Contributor
(Descendants of William LaCurgie Standifer, son of James Madison Standifer)

136.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Pat Sandefer [March 15, 1999]
(Samuel Sandefer, b. 1781, SC)

137.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Mary Jo Hanna [March 15, 1999]
(Mary Elizabeth Standifer m. Willie Lee McCombs)

138.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Mary [March 29, 1999]
(Robert and Cynthia McGregor Sandefur)

139.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Barbara [March 29, 1999]
(Henry J. Sandiford)

140.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Elizabeth Parkin [March 25, 1999] *Contributor
(Henry Cyrus Standefer)

141.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Carl Easley [April 5, 1999]
(Descendants of Michael Geohegan and Sarah Ann Standiford)

142.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Glenda Goswell [April 5, 1999]
(J. M. and Florence Walker Sandefur/Sandifer)

143.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Lillian Gregorius [April 11, 1999] *Contributor
(John C. and Rebecca Sanford Harrison)

144.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Sheila Tedford Bligh [April 15, 1999]*Contributor
(Alexander and Priscella Standerfer Tedford of IL)

145.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Blaine Standiford [April 15, 1999] *Contributor
(John & Skelton Standiford of VA)

146.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Gilbert L. Peppers [May 7, 1999]
(Richard L., Enoch and William D. Sandefur line)

147.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Carol Stone [May 7, 1999]
(Oklahoma Sandefurs)

148.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Lucie Adger [May 13, 1999]*Contributor
(Descendants of James W. & Sarah King Standifer)

149.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Stan Wooten [May 13, 1999]
(Descendants of Thomas and Mary Ann Standifer Wooten)

150.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Ed Standerfer [May 13, 1999] *Contributor
(John Newton Standerfer and brothers)

151.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Darrel Johnson [May 13,1999]*Contributor
(William Standiford, b. 1777 MD, married to Mary Ann Warford)

152.email8.gif (1126 bytes) David R. Standerfer [May 17, 1999]
(Descendants of Wilburn Standerfer, b. September 15, 1853, Hamilton Co., IL)

153.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Mitzi Calbreath [May 18, 1999]*Contributor
(Green County, IL Standifers)

154.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Forrest King [May 27, 1999] *Contributor
(Descendants of William and Mary Tompkins Sandefur)

155.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Bruce Lord [May 27, 1999] *Contributor
(Descendants of the Staniford family of MA)

156.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Theresa Schroeder [May 29, 1999]
(Hunting for Sanderfords of Warren Co., MS)

157.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Natalie McCubbin Fenwick [May 30, 1999] *Contributor
(Descendants of John D. and Benanna Standiford McCubbin)

158.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Robert A. Edwards [June 2, 1999]
(Seeking info. on Joseph Sandifer, b. c 1800, SC)

159.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Ranelle Willis [June 4, 1999]
(Leroy and Mary (Betty/Polly) Moore Standifer of Standifer Gap, TN)

160.email8.gif (1126 bytes) John T. Bibby [June 7, 1999] *Contributor
(A Burdine descendant!)

161.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Patricia Ezell [June 7, 1999] *Contributor
(John Rice and Rachel Elvira Keith Sanderford)

162.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Jackie Smith [June 8, 1999]
(Cynthia Stanifer m. to John Bailey of Early Co., GA)

163.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Maureen Solomon [June 14, 1999]
(Jesse and Louisa J. Roberts Standiford of Fannin Co., TX)

164.email8.gif (1126 bytes) Alberta [June 15, 1999]
(Simpson & Fannie Reynolds Stanifer)

165.email8.gif (1527 bytes) James McGhee [June 23, 1999]
(Descendants of Luke and Mary Ann Price Standifer)

165.email8.gif (1527 bytes)Kay Craft [June 23, 1999] *Contributor
(Descendants of Israel and Cassandra Standifer's daughter Ruth)

166. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cindy Engebretsen [June 26, 1999] *Contributor
(Descendants of John Henry and Frances Argyle Standifird)

167.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Nelson E. Fenwick [June 26, 1999] *Contributor
(Descendents of John David McCubbin and Benanna Standiford (d/o Benjamin & Jane Miller Standiford)

168.email8.gif (1527 bytes)Ria Hendrix [June 26, 1999]
(William Riley Standefer, b. abt 1827 in TN)

169.email8.gif (1527 bytes)Joyce Faver [June 26, 1999]
(William Richard and Arminta Standifer Faver)

170.email8.gif (1527 bytes)Jean S. Stewart [July 4, 1999]
(Searching for parents of Jerry E. Sandifer)

172.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Marilyn Smith [July 4, 1999] *Contributor
(Descendants of William Metellus Standifer of GA)

173.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Fletcher S. Crowe [July 2, 1999] *Contributor
(Standifer Origins in England, Scotland and Barbardos)

174.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Stephanie [July 13, 1999]
(Gilbert/Standerfer families)

175. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Linda Russell Thompson [July 13, 1999]
(David and Elizabeth Standiford)

176. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Shirley Sanders [July 13, 1999]
(James E. & Martha Griffith Standifer)

177. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Don Dearing [July 13, 1999]
(James Standiford, d. 1823, Jefferson Co., KY)

178. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Dave Scott [July 17, 1999]
(James and Nancy Standiford Stovall of KY)

179. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Charles Caldwell [July 19, 1999] * Contributor
(James and Martha Taylor Sandifer {m. 1781} of KY)

180. email8.gif (1527 bytes) B. Standiford [July 19, 1999] *Contributor
(Ohio Standifords)

181.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cathie Hargreaves [August 4, 1999]
(Ephraim Standiford - son of Israel and Cassandra Anderson Standiford)

182.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Debbie Bueche [August 6, 1999]
(Charles Lee Standifer at one time married to Edwin Enfield.  Lived in Yellville, AR)

183.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Libbie Griffin [August 5, 1999] *Contributor
(Looking for the Doss/Sandeford/Peak/Standifer connection in early Middlesex Co., VA)

184 email8.gif (1527 bytes) Kara Sandifer Rice [August 21, 1999] *Contributor
(The family of Joe, b. 1878 & Kate Sandifer of MS)

185.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Gale Braun [August 21, 1999]
(Descendants of William Rice Standifer, b. 1846 AL)

186.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cathy Hickox [August 21, 1999] *Contributor
(Sanfords of Michigan)

187.email8.gif (1527 bytes) James L. Gore [August 26, 1999]
George (b. 1860) & Margaret Ann Harrelson (b. 1861) Standifer of Hamilton Co., TN

188.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jeff Reynolds [August 30, 1999] *Contributor
Descendants of Isaiah and Mary Jones Standifer

189.email8.gif (1527 bytes)Steina Bessette [August 30, 1999] *Contributor
Descendants of Jeremiah & Malinda Purvis Standerfer

190. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Patsy Schmidt [September 9, 1999]
John and Caladonia Standifer (b. 1859)

191.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Maxine Standifer Hicks [September 9, 1999]
Charles Hopkins Standifer

192.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Susie Chapman [September 9, 1999]
Lucy Sandefer who married Stephen Mullins.  1st son b. 1817 in KY.

193.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Myrna Bettencourt [September 21, 1999] *Contributor
Descendants of Anderson Standifer.

194.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Tom Reed [October 11, 1999] 
Sally Martha Sandefur m. to James A. Parks (Ohio Co., KY)

195.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Gail Standifer [October 11, 1999] *Contributor
Isaiah Standifer (b. at 1816 VA), m. to Mary Poteet, of Claiborne County, TN

196.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Ramona Smith Supensky [October 19, 1999]
Jemima Standiford m. to George Simmons, Baltimore Co., MD.  She died in 1736.

197.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cheryl Coppock [October 22, 1999]*Contributor
James L. Stanifer and Floyd Standiford of Floyd Co., KY 

198.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Martha Lin Sanderford Summers [October 22, 1999]
James Thomas Sanderford of Franklin Co., NC.

199.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Myra Kell McCreery [October 22, 1999]
Nimrod and Sarah Jones Moore, parents of Mary Moore md. to LeRoy Standifer

200.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Curtis A. Standifer [October 29, 1999] *Contributor
Archibald Curtis Standifer, son of Thomas Standifer

201.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Lea Mitchell Wright [October 29, 1999] *Contributor
Zachariah Standifer

202.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Delores Jennings [November 23, 1999] *Contributor
Zachariah Standifer

203.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Mark Monroe [November 29, 1999]
Israel Standifer Edens

204.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Chris Hankins [November 29, 1999]
Jennie Staniford Vandolah.

205.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Karen Bors [November 29, 1999]
Sarah Standifer Poteet, b. 1812.

206.email8.gif (1527 bytes) June Clark [November 29, 1999]
The Standeford's of LaPorte Co, IN

206.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Ward H. Oliver [December 3, 1999] *Contributor
William Riley Standifer descendants

207.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jana Shea [December 3, 1999]
Esther Fuller, m. to John Standiford January 1, 1726.

208.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jerry Morton [December 7, 1999]
Charles Roland and Madge Olive Wilcox Standefer

208.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Dan Eaton [December 7, 1999]*Contributor
Aquilla Standiford of IN

209.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Deborah Hollowbush [January 13, 2000] *Contributor
(James M. Standiferd, b. PA; d. KS)

210.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Norma J. Cameron [January 13, 2000]
(James J. Standefer m. Emma Carson, b. 1869)

211.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jo Ann Sandefur Heinrich [January 31, 2000]*Contributor
(Robert and Cinthy McCregor Sandefur)

212.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Lizbeth Pierce [March 3, 2000] *Contributor
(Albert Rolah Standiford)

213.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cheryl Coppock [March 3, 2000] *Contributor
(William & Polly Standifer)

214. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Susanne Wetphal [March 3, 2000] *Contributor
(Needs parents of Mollie Sandifer Grissom 1882-1971)

215.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Barbara Condry Lemmons [March 3, 2000]
(Samuel and Sara Ellen Hicks Standefer)

216.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Ann Hatcher [March 3, 2000]
(Thomas Benton Sandefur)

217.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Brenda Sullivan [March 3, 2000]
(Brothers: Henry and John B. Sandifer)

218.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Deloris Jennings [March 3, 2000]
[Samuel G. & Mary Emily Ward Sandifur]

219.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Tom Graham [March 3, 2000]*Contributor
(Frank Vernon Standifer)

220.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Charlie Gilbert [March 3, 2000] *Contributor
(The Gilbert/Standifer connection)

221.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jennifer Knight [March 3, 2000] *Contributor
(Descendants Richard & Uriah Marks Stanforth)

222.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Carol Stone [March 3, 2000] *Contributor
(William M. Sandefur of Franklin Co., IL)

223.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Kim Stanfier [March 8, 2000]
(William/Jemima Jones Standifer)

224.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jonna Ruby [April 5, 2000]
(Charles & Nevada Fultz Sandefur]

225.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Rodger Barnes [April 5, 2000]
(Phebe Standifer, m. to Claiborn Ake)

226.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Clinton Sandefer [April 5, 2000]
(William Burrel Sandefer, s/o Samuel)

227.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Paul Boggs [April 9, 2000]
(W. P. and Matilda Field Standafer)

228.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Ann Norris [April 9, 2000]
(Mary Standiford who married William Martin in Stokes Co., NC in 1828)

229.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cheryl Ann Johnston [May 9, 2000]
(Charles F. Sandefur m. to Sarah E. Eakins in 1852)

230.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Twilla McKee [May 10, 2000] *Contributor
(Standerfers of Moultrie Co., IL)

231.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Nancy Wadell [May 10, 2000] 
(The Standifer/Poteet connections)

232.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Charles Huff [May 10, 1000]
(The Lee Co., VA Standifers)

233.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Larry Standifer [May 13, 2000]
(Samuel Henry Standifer, b. 1839 VA)

234.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Mary Haley [May 15, 2000] *Contributor
(Isaac and Isabell Kercheval Standafer)

235.  email8.gif (1527 bytes) Gregory R. Standafer [May 13, 2000] *Contributor
(Isaac and Isabell Kercheval Standafer)

236. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Frances Armelda Harrison-Truehart [ May 13, 2000] *Contributor
(Jeremiah Standerfer of IL)

237.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Homer Cain [May 22, 2000]
(Stephen and Matilda G. Harris Stanford)

238.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Elenora Green [May 22, 2000] *Contributor
(Joshua Standiford and the Hendrix connection).

239.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Clara Jean Padgett [June 2, 2000]
(John Sanfur/Sandefer of IN)

240.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cheryl Ann Johnston [June 9, 2000]
(W. J. Horner m. to Ann Noah Sandefur, b. 1854 in Henderson Co., KY)

241.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Walter H. Duffy [June 14, 2000] *Contributor
(Descendants of Owen Sandiford)

242.email8.gif (1527 bytes) A. W. Adkins [June 19, 2000]
(Looking for Henry Sandefur who had a son Geo. Franklin b. 1929]

243.email8.gif (1527 bytes) S. Westphal [June 19, 2000]
(Peter and Sarah Carr Sandifer who m. 12/25/1832)

244.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jack Brauckmann [June 20, 2000] *Contributor
(Descendants of Owen J. Sandiford)

245.email8.gif (1527 bytes) April [June 20, 2000]
(Joel Sanderford/Sandiford, b. abt 1810 VA)

246.email8.gif (1527 bytes) James C. Duffy [June 23, 2000] *Contributor
(Descendants of Owen J. Sandiford)

247.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Terry Sandefur [June 26, 2000]
(James Sandefur, b. abt 1772 in Elizabeth City, VA; s/o John)

248.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Kathy Benson [July 7, 2000] * Contributor
(Descendants of Leroy & Luella Howton Standefer)

249. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Bill Hamm [July 7, 2000]* Contributor
(Descendants of Leroy & Luella Howton Standefer)

250.email8.gif (1527 bytes) David Mitchell [July 7, 2000] *Contributor
(John Herman Standifer of Young Co., TX)

251.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Raymond Lee Standifur [July 7, 2000]
(Zachariah Standifer descendants)

252.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Kim Chambers [July 7, 2000] *Contributor
(Skelton Standiford, b. abt 1777 in MD; d. 1861 in Marshall Co., WVA)

253.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Norris [July 7, 2000] *Contributor
(Standifers of Wise Co., VA)

254.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Cathy Hickox [October, 2000] *Contributor
(Sanford's of OH)

255.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Creath Jones Hendricks [February, 2001] *Contributor
(Standifer/Jones of Hinds Co., MS).

266.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Laurence Barber [February, 2001] *Contributor
Stanfords of Suffolk, UK

267.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Jean McCamly [April, 2001] *Contributor
Standiford's of Michigan

268.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Charley Roy [April, 2001] *Contributor
Hunt and Fannin Co., TX Standifers

269.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Darlene Baker [April, 2001] 
Hubbard and Lucinda Stanifer/Standifer MOORE

270.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Shirley Lampky [April, 2001]
Wallace R. and Julia Ann Sandifur HULL.

271. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Maureen Solomon [May, 2000]
Jesse and Louisa J. Roberts Standiford, m. WV 1866

272. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Ann Borreson [May, 2000]
Researching William Rutherford Standiford (1708-1776) & Christina Enloes.

273.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Dennis [May, 2000]
Researching Gilbert Grubbs m. MS 30 Dec 1817 to Elizabeth Sandifer.

278. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Tarny Sandifer Smith. [January, 2002] *Contributor
Researching Peter Sandifer of SC/MS

279. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Joey Stanford *Contributor
Research George Bertrum Stanford

280.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Sharon E. Morger Jones
Nathan Howard married to Sarah Standifer

281.email8.gif (1527 bytes) Bonnie Belyeu
Ancestors of Alice Stanford who m. Howard C. Moody abt 1800

282. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Frederick Bradley
Researching Nathan Bradley who m. Nancy Standiford (6 Sept 1825)and possibly 
Jemimah Standiford (14 Aug 1828) in Howard Co., MO. 

283. email8.gif (1527 bytes) Lyn Hampel (Melbourne, Australia)
Researching Sarah Stanford who married John Smith 1785 in Melbourn, Eng.   Need info. for Thomas Stanford & Ann Webster who m. 07 Nov 1723 in Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, England.

284:email8.gif (1527 bytes) Randy
Researching descendants of Walter Randall & Vivian Sandifer.

285:email8.gif (1527 bytes) Claude Barnes
Standiford researcher for the Pulaski Co., KY and Howard Co., MO area.

286:email8.gif (1527 bytes) Nelda Buchanan
Looking for info. on the parents of Samuel B. Sanford, b. 1837, AL; d. 1887, LA; m. Sarah Ann Zylphia Nugent (1847-1926).

287:email8.gif (1527 bytes) Charles Riley Parnell
Researching ancestors of Issac T. Stanford (b. 1805 GA).  He married three times: Nancy Dancy, Mary Ann Attaway and Francis A. Bailey.

288:email8.gif (1527 bytes) Linda Phillips
Researching ancestors Alexander Hamelett and Sarah Elizabeth Sandeur

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