Rhode Island

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Kent Newport Washington

We need Rhode Island Census Records!

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Kent County

 sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1870 Census Index:
Mary J. Sandiford, Warwick Town, p. 226

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sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Newport County

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1810 Census Index:
John Stanford, Newport, p. 123

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1840 Census Index:
Sylvanus Stanford, Newport, p. 182

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sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Washington County

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, North Kingston Twp, p. 90B
213/234: Standeven, Henry, head, w, m, Aug 1843, age 56, m-31, ENG, ENG, ENG
Caroline, wife, w, f, May 1836, age 64, m-31, 11child/8living, MA, MA, MA
John E., son, w, m, Oct 1879, age 20, S, RI, ENG, MA
Herbert W., son, w, m, Apr 1883, age 17, S, RI, ENG, MA
Frederick U., son, w, m. June 1885, age 14, S, RI, ENG, MA
Dermont E., son, w, m. Feb 1887, age 13, S, RI, ENG, MA

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, North Kingston Twp., p. 70B
(Hshd # blurred) Standeven, James, head, w, m, June 1875, age 24, m-0, CT, ENG, MA
Mary, wife, w, f, June 1881, age 19, m-), RI, RI, ENG

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