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Lane County:

From Donation Land Claim Records:

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) #1743: Standifer, Luke, Lane Co.; b. 1786, VA; arrived OR 1 Nov 1851; settled Claim December 10, 1851.  He married Jemima 15 Jan 1815, TN.  Letter of L. O. 17 Nov 1863 states Luke Standifer is deceased and claim should be for wife and heirs-at-law. Signed Jemima Standifer, Sanuel T. Standifer, Sarah Harer, J. E. Kirkland and Mary E. Kirkland. Aff: James H. Beard, David Harer, W. S. Standifer, Wm. T. Turnbow.

 Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) #1659: David Harer, Lane Co.; b. 1819, AR; arrived 1 Nov 1852; SC 6 Nov 1853/1 July 1854; m. Sarah Standifer 4 April 1843 AR; boundary conflict with Hanks N. Hill. Pat del 29 Dec 1876 to Ellis G. Hughes.  Aff: Moses Haugham, J. E. Kirkland.

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) #1825: Harer, Enos S., heirs of Lane Co. 23 Nov 1853.  David and Sarah gave aff. in the year 1852.   Enos Harer started to the trail of OR to settle on a claim. In October 1852 he died on the Umatilla River in the T. of OR leaving two orphan children--one of which has since become of the age of 21 years.  Jane Harer, wife of Enos and mother of said children died in AR 1847, that Enos Samuel Harer yet under 21 years and will be until after expiration of donation law is minor heir of Enos and Jane Harer. 6 Feb 1855 Hanks N. Hill was appointed guardian over the persons and property of Enos S. Harer, orphan and minor child.  Pat de. 28 July 1892.

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) #1992: David Harer was appointed guardians of minor orphans of Ewing P. and Jane Craig, deceased Benton Co. Aff. by David Nelson and Andrew J. Tigard that Ewing and Jane died on or near the Snake River August 1852. Children Jon W., Hetty A., and Sarah E. August 1854.

[Note: Children of Luke and Jemima Butcher Standifer: 1. Samuel T. Standifer, 1816-1888; 2. Sarah Standifer, 1818-1907; 3. Laurinda Standifer, abt 1821; 4. William S., 1824; 5. Ann Standifer, b. 1828; Jane Standifer, 1831-1852 (d. on OR Trail / m. James Harer); Mary Adeline, 1834-1916.]

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)If you are interested in this family, you will want to check out letter #7 in the Old Letters section of this website.

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