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Colonial History of New Jersey, Vol. XXIV, p. 356
(Extracts from New Jersey Newspaper)

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) October 28, 1765: JOSHUA LIPPINCOTT: "A white man was taken up, and brought to Trenton Goal, on the 24th Instant, he calls himself by the name of John Stanforth, about 5 feet 10 inches high, about fifty years of age.  He has an Iron Collar, with two prongs to it, about his Neck, is full faced, wears his hair; has on a black old under jacket, and a brown outside one, with long trowsers; he says the reason of the collar being about his neck was, that he was caught in bed with a married woman in New England, and was judged by two Justices to wear the same, or else be branded in the forehead.  And whereas he was brought here on suspicion of being a Runaway Servant, any man that has anything to say against him, is desired to come and prove his property before the 19th of November, or else he will be sold out for the cost by me."

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