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sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Essex

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, 1 Ward Newark, p. 110B
29/38: Standeven, Pollen, boarder, w, m, May 1854, age 46, S, ENG, ENG, ENG, Machinist, immig. 1882
living in household of R. Ashurst

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sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Gloucester County

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, East Greenwich Twp., p. 57
179/196: Stanfer, Archie, servant, b, m, ___, ___, age 23, S, VA, VA, VA
living in household of Samuel Shuter.

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sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Monmouth County

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, Wall Twp., p. 136
350/254: Staniford, Daniel F., head, w, m, ___1825, age 74, WID, NY, NY, NY, Poultry raiser
Mary L., dau, w, f, Nov 1854, age 45, S, NY, NY, NY, housekeeper

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sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Passaic County

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1850 Census Index:
Abraham Standeven, Paterson Township, p. 235
Joseph Standeven, Paterson Township, p. 251

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1870 Census Index:
John Standeven, Paterson Township, p. 492
Maria Standeven, Paterson Township, p. 493

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, 7 Ward Paterson, p. 91B
88/207: Standeven, James, head, w, m, Mar 1869, age 31, m-11, NJ, ENG, IRE, Soapmaker
Annie, wife, w, f, Jan 1867, age 33, m-11, 3child/3living, SCOT, SCOT, SCOT (Immigrated 1886)
Robert, son, w, m, Oct 1892, age 7, S, NJ, NJ, SCOT
Jorsne, dau, w, f, Feb 1896, age 4, S, NJ, NJ, SCOT
Stella, dau, w, f, Nov 1899, 6child/2living, NJ, NJ, SCOT

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, 5 Ward Paterson, p. 251B
20/297: Standeven, John, head, w, m, Sept 1834, age 65, m-36, ENG, ENG, ENG (Immigrated 1840)
Thomas, Son, w, m, Nov 1871, age 18, S, NJ, ENG, ENG, Clerk
Samuel S., w, m. Apr 1874, age 26, S, NJ, ENG, ENG, Bookkeeper-Silk Mill
Martha B., w, f, June 1864, age 35, S, NJ, ENG, ENG

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, 7 Ward Paterson, p. 91
84/191: Standeven, William H., head, w, m, Jan 1846, age 54, m-13, ENG, ENG, ENG, Immigrated 1876
Sarah, wife, w, f, June 1848, age 51, m-13, 0child/0living, IRE, IRE, IRE, Immigrated 1881

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sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Somerset County

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1786 Tax List:
Joseph Standford, Bridgewater Township, p. 8

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sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Union County

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1860 Census Index:
John Standford, Plainfield Township, p. 93

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, 6 Ward Elizabeth, p. 39/39B
22/23: Stanfer, Eugene E., head, w, m, Mar 1858, age 42, m-17, PA, PA, PA
Elizabeth, wife, w, f, Feb 1860, age 40, m-17, 7child/6living, PA, PA, PA
Edward S., son, w, m, July 1884, age 16, S, NJ, PA, PA
Fannie, dau, w, f, June 1887, age 13, NJ, PA, PA
Lula, dau, w, f, Apr 1888, age 12, S, NJ, PA, PA
Minnie, dau, w, f, Aug 1890, age 10, S, NJ, PA, PA
Lizzie, dau, w, f, Mar 1891, age 9, S, NJ, PA, PA
George, son, w, m, Sept 1893, age 6, S, NJ, PA, PA

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sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) Warren County

sqrred.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, 5 Ward Phillipsburg, p. 104
25/25: Stanaford, William, boarder, w, m, May 1869, age 31, S, NJ, NJ, NJ, Artist
Living in household of John McClosky

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