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From History of Hampton, New Hampshire

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) p. 983: William Staniford (also written as Stanford) born 1684

  From Genealogical Register; First Settlers of New England, p. 163:

p. 163 Bullet5.gif (101 bytes)John Staniford of Ipswich, born 1648; died May 27, 173?.  Married before 1680 Mary Harris, born 1657; died May 18, 1750, daughter of Thomas Harris.  Had daughter Margaret Staniford (d. 1727) who married Robert Calef and had son, Dr. John Calef of Ipswich, born 1725.

p. 163 Bullet5.gif (101 bytes)Thomas Staniford lived in Concord in 1644.  Also lived in Charleston.  Married Sarah ? who died 1707.

Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, by James Savage (1884)

p. 164 Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) STANIFORD, or STANIFORTH, JOHN, Ipswich, married before 1680, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Harris, had prob. ch, for the name was long kn. there.  THOMAS, Concord 1644, of what I have nothing except a suggestion on Farmer's interleav. copy, that he may have been at Casco in 1658.  Thomas, Charleston, had David, Richard, Rebecca, and Elizabeth all baptisted August 16, 1688, when he entered into covenant with that ch. and is styled "the blind Man," which was sufficient description at the time, it may be though for our distant day, it would have been equally good, had we got the name of the mother.   Of thos children the ages were 8, 5, 2, and 1; and after had baptisted Samuel, 8 June 1690; and Martha, 26 Feb 1693.  Perhaps this was the same as Stanford, for so Morton, the min. of C wrote it, but as he was lately come from England it is uncertain.  Widow: Sarah S. died at 11 Dec 1707.

From Ancestral Heads of Families in New England

John Staniford married in Ipswich, Mass. in 1680

Robert Staniford of Sittuate, Mass. in 1670 moved to Marshfield, Mass. in 1680

Thomas Staniford was living at Charlestown, Mass. in 1688

From New England History and Genealogical Register

Vol. 4, p.189: Richard Staniford is listed as a passenger for Virginia July 27, 1635 on the Primrose. Age 25

Vol. 5, p.327: Dr. John Calef of Ipwich, born 1725.  Was the son of Robert Calif and Margaret Staniford, daughter of Deacon John Staniford of Ipswich.

Vol. 5, p.329:

Daniel Staniford, Graduate of Harvard, 1738 m. Mary Burnam and had issue:  Margaret Staniford; Mary Staniford; Sarah Staniford; Martha Staniford; Abilgail Staniford; Rev. Benjamin Staniford.

Mary Burnam Staniford m. 2nd in 1758 Rev. Nathaniel Rogers.

Half sisters of Nathaniel Rogers, children of Mary and Daniel Staniford: Mary Staniford married Rev. Joseph Dana of Ipswich; Margaret Staniford married Dr. Josiah Smith of Newberryport; Sarah Staniford married John Heard of Ipswich; Martha Standiford unmarried and living with Mrs. Heard; Abigail Staniford married Dr. Josha Fisher LLD of Beverly, Mass.

Rev. Daniel Staniford is the half brother of Nathaniel Rogers.

Vol. 6, p.159: Daniel Staniford graduated from Harvard in 1738.
p. 162: Daniel Staniford on Grammar School Board and teacher at Ipswich in 1756.

Vol. 27, p.277: David Staniford, Thomas Staniford, Rebecca Staniford, Richard Staniford, Elizabeth Staniford, children of Thomas Staniford, blindman, were baptized June 19, 1688.

Mary Rogers, daughter of Francis Robers, married Charles Staniford of Salem.
Joshua Staniford married Hannah Bradford.

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