North Dakota

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Buford Stark Steele

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sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Buford County

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1885 Census Index:
Alfred Sandiford, No township listed

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sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Stark County

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1890 Census Index: Edward Standiford, Gladstone Township, p. 1

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, Twp 139, Range 94, p. 113B
17/17: E. Standiford, head, w, m, July 1841, age 58, m-38, IL, KY, KY, Farmer
Sarah E., wife, w, f, June 1843, age 56, m-38, 9child/7living, WI, KY, MD
Gertrude B., dau, w, f, Sept 1889, age 19, S, OH, WI, KY, Student at college
Harry N., son, w, m, Apr 1884, age 16, S, ND, WI, KY, Student at college
Little, Jennie, servant, w, f, Nov 1857, age 42, S, ___ ENG, IRE, IRE
Beakely, Franie, servant, w, f, June 1875, age 24, S, IA, IL, IL

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sqrred.gif (852 bytes) Steele County

sqrblue.gif (852 bytes) 1900 Census, Bergen Township, p. 1B
15/15: Andrew Stanfer, head, w, m, Mar 1835, age 45, m-22, PA, PA, PA
Emma, wife, w, f, Nov 1861, age 38, m-21, 2child/2living, PA, PA, PA
Phillip, son, w, m, Oct 1879, age 20, S, PA, PA, PA
Mabel, dau, w, f, Apr 1887, age 13, S, PA, PA, PA 

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