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Many thanks to all!

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Barb & Ruth have this to say: 

"What a wonderful site you have!  Your Standerfer information is quite
extensive.  I found your site very easy to navigate.  Your census information is
wonderful.  Thank you so much for putting your information online for others."

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"Congratulations on your hard work and diligence.
The Internet is a better place because of your contribution!
Your site is being awarded because of its excellence,
unique format, historical significance and because of
its contribution to students, educators and interested
parties of the great American Civil War."

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Thank you, Jan!

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Discover It! - The Best of the Web

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Thanks, Linda!

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Thank you, John

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                                                 Thank you, LeeAnn!               Thank you, Luci!     


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Thank you, Lynn.

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                         Thank you, Gracie!          Thank you, DeWanna!                  Thank you, Sherry!

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                                                          Thank you, Paul!                 Thank you, Pam!

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Thanks, Roger!

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Thank you, Rose!

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Here's what Jeffery says on his site: "Any researcher of the Standerfer and variety spellings of the name must add this to their bookmarks.  Carol has put a lot of work bringing the past to the present for all researchers.  She has a wonderful mixture of documents and resources for the Standerfer, etc. researcher."   Thanks, Jeffery!

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"The Best Sites on the Internet"

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Thank you, Mark.

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Here's Sam Review: "Carol Lee Yarbrough has a one-name study home page that I simply adore, even though I do not share this surname. I was hooked after reading her "Women Biographies" section. There are marriage records, births and court records, census records, deeds, bible records, military records, wills and court orders, and yes, "Men Biographies", too. :  I especially enjoyed the "Old Letters" section as nothing else can give such an insight into one's ancestors. Carol Lee gives all variations of the Standerfer surname and an explanation of its origin. And, of course, there are the lineages themselves. Her genealogy is laid out well and is easy to follow and comprehend. The graphics are nicely done and quick to load, and the little animated horse & buggy makes sure you can safely get back to the home page." Thank you, Sam!

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