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Mineral County
*Contributed by Deborah Hollowbush

Brown, Earl J. (single), age 67, b. April 15, 1914; d. December 10, 1891 in Butte, Montana of natural causes, s/o Walter J. Brown and Dulcie (Standiford) Brown

Brown, Walter James, age 74y-4m-15d, b. October 29, 1883; d. March 16, 1958 in Superior, Montana of Cerebral Hemorrhage, s/o James Brown and Betty (Simmons) Brown, husband of Dulcie Lara Standiford

Brown, Dulcie Lara, age 75y-7m-12d, d. November 10, 1888; d. June 22, 1964 in Superior, Montana of myocardial infarction, d/o Quillee Standiford and Isa (Shoptaught) Standiford, wife of Walter James Brown deceased.

Brown, George Walter, age 43y-7m-7d, b. November 23, 1931; d. June 30, 1975 in Warm Springs, Montana, s/o Walter Brown and Dulcie Lara (Standiford) Brown.

Brown, Walter Ray, age 25, d. November 1946 in Missoula Montana of pneumonia, s/o Walter James Brown and Dulcie Lara (Standiford) Brown.

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