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Howard County:

Missouri Will Index, Howard Co., 1816-1875
Standiford, John (bond and letters), book. 3, p. 4
Standiford, John (letter of administration), book 3, p.150
Standiford, Skelton (bond and letters), book 2, p. 360
Standiford, Skelton (bond and letters), book 3, p. 2

Howard Co. Probate, Vol 3: 
Wm. Dodson, letters granted, p. 326

Martin Dodson is allowed $36 against the estate of Skelton Standiford, dec.; p. 326
Court grants Letters of Administration to George H. Minor on the estate of William Dodson, SR., dec.; p. 326

Howard Co Probate, Vol. 4, p. 9
George H. Minor, adm. of the estate of Skelton Standiford, makes final settlement.(7 Nov 1843)

Howard Co Probate, Vol. 4, p. 33
George Minor, adm. of Wm. Dodson, dec. is allowed money against the estate of J. A. Dodson, dec. (4 Mar 1844)

Howard Co Probate, Vol. 4, p. 47
David Peeler appointed by the Court as Adm. of John Standiford, dec. (13 May 1844)

Howard Co Probate, Vol. 4, p. 321
David Peeler makes final settlement of the estate of John Standiford, dec. (11 Feb 1848)

Knox County:

Rebecca Standiford was born January 23, 1808, in Hardin County, KY and died March 28, 1856 in Near Colony, Knox County, Missouri.  She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Cofer Standiford.  Rebecca never married.

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From Abstract of Wills; 1849-1872, p. 37: Knox County

Bullet5.gif (101 bytes) Will: dated 25 June 1853: To sister Nancy Stovall, brother Aquilla Standiford, and sister Hannah Fryzear, one dollar each. To brother Israel Standiford and nephew John H. Standiford, $50.00 each. To sister Martha Standiford, all residue of property, to wit, my undivided half of 40 acres in Knox County known by us as the Collins forty, and my undivided half of slaves and interest in land we now live on and person property, her life. At her death, slaves are to be given their freedom. Exers. Samuel Cox of Clark Co, MO & Joshua Hobbs of Lewis County, Missouri. Witnesses: Josiah McReynolds & Matthias Pugh. Codicil mentioning more slaves (children) for sister Martha dated 17 March 1856. Wit: Joseph Reynolds & P. Conduite.

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