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Unknown County, Maryland

* Note: The Gregorian Calendar was not adopted until after September 14, 1752.

(Early Wills mentioning our surnames are listed here also).

From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. by Jane Baldwin, 1635-1685, p. 74 

Webb, Henry. Boston, New England.
Written: April 5, 1660; Probated September 13, 1660.
To cousin Eliza; wife of John Blackleeth; to Eliza; daughter of aforesaid Eliza;
To cousin Frances Orum and her two children, Eliza; and John Orum; John and Samuel Sanford, children of sister Eliza Sanford; wife's sister Barbara, wife of Reynold Sewell of Saulsbury; David and Eliza. Sewell, cousins of deceased wife; eldest son of Capt. Edward Huchinson; Edward Rawson; to the poor of Boston; Rev. John Wilson, and to "our father" John Norton, personalty.
To: Harvard College, real estate.
Daughter Margaret Sheaffe and grandchildren Eliza and Mehitabel Sheaffe, execx., residuary legatees of estate, real and personal.
In the event of death of said Margaret, Eliza and Mehitabel without issue, estate to pass to president and fellows of Hartford College absolutely.
Overseers: Edward Rawson, Edler Jas. Paine, Anthony Stoddard, Capt. Edward Hutchinson.
Test: Thos. Buttolph, Thos. Scotow, Samuel Robinson [1.538]. 

 From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. V Wills from 1713-1720;

 p. 80: Stephen Sandford, Unknown County, December 27, 1715; To Mrs. Eliza: Marsh, personalty

Thomas Marsh exec. And residuary legatee. Test: John Carter, Sam Tharley, Charles Stevens. Memo: This will never proved. (14.268)

 From the Maryland Calendar of Wills; comp. By J. B. Cotton & R. B. Henry; Vol. V Wills from 1720-1726;

p. 118: John Salsbury (Salsburry); unknown County; Written March 14, 1710; Probated May 12, 1712; To son John, daughters Prudence, Mary and Elizabeth, personalty. Son to be of age 17, daughters age 16 years. To wife, Ann, extx., residue of estate. Test: Thomas Floer (Flowers), William Sheppard, John Standford. (17, 320)

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