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Baltimore County:

Calvert Rent Rolls from Balimore County, MD

p. 127: Hopewell was surveyed June 5, 1687 for William Standiford on Seneka Ridge.  Possible executors of Edward Boothby.

MDGS, Vol. 29, No. 2, Spring 1988, p. 170:

August 4, 1704: depositions made by Thomas Bale, age 40 (HW #2 361); John Gudgeon, age c 30 (Ibid, 366); Thomas Presont, age 58 (Ibid, 366); Simon Pearson, age 40 (Ibid., 366) Samuel Standifer, age c 30 (Ibid.366)

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber R. R., No. H.S.:

April 9, 1685, William (x) Standford witnesses a deed to Miles Gibson, Baltimore Co., MD.

 Liber R. M. GS013323, p. 527: Israel Skelton and wife, Mary, sell land on Sennica Ridge called Hopewell (formerly William Standiford's land) in 1696.

 Liber T. R. #A GS013323 (3), p. 158: John Standeford and Margaret, his wife, sell land called Spring Neck 126 acres (land mentioned in Isreal Skelton's will) to William Noble. February 20, 1710.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber I. R., No. P.P.:

Samuel Standford witnessed a deed to John Nelson on June 11, 1737, in Baltimore Co. County.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber T. R., No. R.A.:

May 3, 1699, Simon Peirson, weaver, of Baltimore County, MD to Samuel Strandifor, cooper, of same, 3,000 pounds of tobacco, 100 acres...Binns Run. Signed Simon (x) Peirson. Wit. Thomas Long, Mark Swift and H. Wriothesley.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber I. R., No. A.M.:

 June 2, 1691, William and Mary Standiver, of Bush River, Baltimore Co., MD to Israel Shelton, planter, of same, 205 acres....Senica Ridge. Signed William (x) and Mary (x) Standivore. Witnesses: George Ashman and Thomas Stayly.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber H.W.., No. 2:

June 2, 1701, John Hopkins, of Baltimore Co., MD to Richard Tillyard, of same, records. Signed John Hopkins. Witnesses: John Standford and John Dobricker.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber T. R., No. A.:

February 20, 1710, William and Elizabeth Noble, planter, of Baltimore County, MD to John Standford, planter, of same, 3,000 pounds of tobacco, 300 acres...head of Bush River. Signed William (x) Noble and Elizabeth (x) Noble. Witnesses: Mathew Green and Henry (x) King.

February 20, 1710, John and Margaret Standford, planter of Baltimore County, MD to William Noble, planter, of same, 8,000 pounds of tobacco, 126 acres...north side of Gunpowder River. Signed John (x) Standford and Margaret (x) Standford. Wit: Mathew Green and Henry (x) King.

June 9, 1715, Edmond Standford witnesses a power of attorney to Jonathan Massey from George Read on June 9, 1715 in Baltimore County, MD.

Baltimore Co. Patented Certificate #1573 H of R:

1719: "Elliott's Risque". Warrant dated 23 ___1719.  By virtue of a paid warrant to John Standiford - 200 acres bordering on Clark's Forrest and bordered on land, Baltimore, his Manor (Gunpowder Manor).  On 20 August 1720 made unto Skelton Standiford, his son and heir-at-law.  19 October 1724/25 Skelton Standifor assigned it to John Elliott of Baltimore Co.  Patent issued to John Elliot 16 Sept 1728.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber I.S., No. G:

August 8, 1722, Shelton (Skelton?) Standifer records his branding mark.

October 14, 1724, James Standiford records his branding mark.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber I.S., No. H:

October 29, 1725, John Standford witnesses as deed from Edward Cox to John Holloway in Baltimore County, MD.

 Baltimore Co. Deed book, Liber I.S., No. I:

November 15, 1727, Mary Stanford, wife of James Stanford, planter, of Baltimore Co., MD in behalf of her son, John Fuller to William Shepard, cooper, of Baltimore County, MD, said John Fuller is apprenticed to William Shepard for eight years. Signed Mary (x) Stanford, William (x) Shepard and John (x) Fuller.

April 2, 1728, Thomas and Sarah Cross, of Baltimore Co., MD to James Standford, of same, 1,200 pounds of tobacco, 50 acres...west side of Bush River...patented August 1, 1669, by Joseph Hewes. Signed Thomas (x) Cross and Sarah Cross. Witnesses: Daniel Scott and Edward Hall.

May 1728; John Hallaway, planter, of Baltimore Co., MD to Shillen (Skelton?) Standifer, of same, 2,000 pounds of tobacco, 100 acres...great falls of Gunpowder River. Signed John Hallaway (x). Witnesses Luke Stansbury and William Hammond.

November 6, 1728; James and Mary Standford, planter, of Baltimore Co., MD to William Smith, of same, 1,800 pounds of tobacco, 50 acres...west side of Bush River...patented by Joseph Hewe. Signed James Standiford. Witnesses: Richard Gist and John Durbin.

From Maryland Court Records, Liber I.S., No. K

March 6, 1728; Thomas Franklin, of Baltimore Co., MD to John Standifer, of same, 3,000 pounds of tobacco, 120 acres. Signed Thomas Franklin. Witness: Edward Stevenson.

 From Baltimore Co. Court Records:

 Thomas and Sarah Cross conveyed 50 acres called Chance to James Standiford in April 1728.

Liber I.S., No. L;  William Standifer witnessed a deed on May 17, 1732 from Thomas, Nicholas, Elizabeth and Ann Hutchins (children of Thomas Hutchins, deceased), of Baltimore County, MD to their younger sister, Susannah Hutchins, of same, chattel goods. Signed: Thomas Hutchins, Nicholas Hutchins, Elizabeth Hutchins and Ann Hutchins. Witness: William Standifer and John Elliott and Thomas Cutchin.

 February 25, 1742: Benjamin Tasker, for Thomas Bladen leases to William and Christiana Stanford, and their son Aquila Standford, of Baltimore County, MD, 220 acres…Cronelius Branch. Signed Benjamin Tasker, Thomas Bladen and William (S) Standford. Witness: James Moore and Christiana (X) Standford.

 Liber TB, No.A; March 3, 1742: John Fuller, planter, of Baltimore county, MD, to Samuel Standsford, 1,000 pounds of tobacco livestock. Signed John (X) Fuller. Wit: Charles Ridgley and Luke Wiley.

 February 16, 1744, Thomas Brerewood Sr., of Baltimore Co, MD leases to Israel and Casandra Standford (Israel is 23 years, Casandra is 17 years, Benjamin Anderson, Jr. is 11), planter, of same, 100 acres. Signed Thomas Brerewood, Sr. Wit: Benjamin Anderson and Luke Wiley.

 William Standsford finds horse: May 2, 1753.

Liber B.B. No. I; March 31, 1760, John Bond, of Baltimore County, MD leases to Ann Standifer and her son Samuel Standifer, of same, 100 acres. Signed John Bond and Ann Standifer. Witnesses: John McCleary and Thomas Bond.

Liber B. No. N; April 7, 1764, Isreal Standsfer witnesses as deed from Charles Taylor, of Baltimore Co., MD to William Purdue.

 December 22, 1763: Abraham Vaughan, of Baltimore County, Maryland assignment of lease to James Standford, of same, L/20, 48 acres. Signed Abraham Vaughan. Wit. William Aisquith and Benjamin Rogers.

 April 28, 1767: Samuel Standford, of Baltimore Co., Maryland assignment of lease to James Stewart, of same, L/10, 54 acres. Signed Samuel Standford. Wit: William Smith and James Everett.

 William Standford, JR witnesses a deed from Peter Carroll, SR to his son James Carroll on March 13, 1767.

 March 9, 1770, John Darrimore, of Baltimore County, MD assignment to lease to Abraham Standford, son of William, of same, 10, leased of Thomas and Ann Johnson of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, MD. Signed John Darrimore and Abraham Standford. Wit: John Moale and Richard Clark.

 In 1771 Aquila Standford reported stray livestock.

 December 15, 1772, William and Susannah Brown, Jr., Samuel and Sarah Bond, Samuel and Elizabeth Rhodes, John and Jean Brown and Israel Morris, of Philadelphia, PA to Abraham Standford, of Baltimore County, MD, L/331.7, 141 acres…called Carters Rest. Signed William Brown, Susannah Brown, Samuel Bond, Sarah Bond, Samuel Rhodes, Elizabeth Rhodes, John Brown, Jean Brown and Israel Morris. Wit: Joseph Russell, Elyah Brown, Blanch Howard and John Beale Howard.

 June 30, 1772 James Standford, of Baltimore County, MD assignment of lease to Thomas Franklin, of same, 5000 pounds of tobacco, 48 acres. Signed James Standford. Wit: James Gittings.

 October 12, 1773, William Standford, of Baltimore County, MD assignment of lease to James Gittings, of same, L/310.5, 220 acres. Signed William Standford. Wit: John Beale Howard and George Thorton.

James A Standiford witnessed a deed from Kean & Elizabeth Curry to Joshua Hendrix in 1830.  Elizabeth Curry was the granddaughter of Adam Hendrix . *Contributed by Elenora Green.
There is also this Deed of Trust:
Deed of Trust - Cox to Bell, Sampson, Mantland, Hendrix & Standiford - for Methodist Church   (Wk1220-21, f109)Indenture dated 29March 1838 between Selmon Cox & Mary Cox, his wife of BC and Dr Ephraim Bell, David Sampson of BCo, Thomas Wantland of PA, Joshua Hendrix and James A Standiford of BCo.  Whereas Bell, Sampson, Wantland, Hendrix & Standiford have purhased from Selmon Cox and Mary Cox the land
described for the purpose of erecting and building thereon a meeting house in or near the village of New Market in BCo for $18 current money all that part of a tract of land beginning in BCo called Sparks Folly conveyed by John Walker & Catherine his wife to the sd Selmon Cox by deed recorded in land records of BCo in Liber YK No 232, f25.... beginning at the end of the last line of Michael Gripes laid off for acres and 3 perches. .building to be erected for the use and benefit of the members of the Methodist Protestant Church or Society. . shall be acceptable and free to the ministers of the Gospel and members of other orders, sects or denominations of Christians on and for every third Sunday or Lords Day.  Signed Selmon Cox, Mary Cox, Ephraim Bell, David Sampson, Thomas Wantland, Joshua Hendrix, James A Standiford in the presence of Wm Mathews, Wm Dorsey.  Recorded 6Apr 1838 at 10am. 

From The Scharf Collection: Property Lease Ageements:
MDGS Bulletin,  Vol. 32, No. 2, Spring, p. 162:

Standeford, Shelton
1747 "Standeford's Reserve"

Standeford, William
1749 "Williams Chance"

Standford, Shelton
1752 "Addition to Standefords Reserve"

Standiford, Samuel
1746 "Standiford Meadows"

Standiford, William
1742 "Gunpowder Manor"

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