Leland Standiford Family Tree

Leland is seated on the first row seated on far right.

1. Leland Standiford (date of birth unknown; died 1904, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky):

(Comments:  Family notes indicate that Leland may have had a sister named Ida and a brother named James, although there is nothing to verify this.  Also, a notation was made in our notes that Leland was born in England, and again there is no verification.  It may be possible that Leland was born in England during a stay there by his American-born parents, but this is only speculation.)

           John H. Standiford (b. May 4, 1856; d. 1933, near Boonsboro, Madison County, Kentucky) 
           and Polliann Harris (b. March 28, 1866):  

John and Pauline Standiford

        Supporting evidence found in Census Records of 1900 in Clark County, Kentucky 
        (see comments below).  Excerpt:

                                        Clark County, Kentucky - 1900 Census:  2 Ward, Winchester, p. 276B

49/55: John Standiford, head, w, m, May 1852, age 7, m-5, KY, KY, KY, Peddler
Polly, wife, w, f, Mar 1864, age 36, m-5, 3child/2living, KY, KY, KY
Ethel M., dau, w, f, June 1897, age 3, S, KY, KY, KY
Claude, son, w, m, July 1898, age 1, S, KY, KY, KY
Harris, Leland, father-in-law, w, ml Sept 1818, age 81, WID, KY, KY, KY
Ruard, John servant, w, m, June 1890, age 10, S, KY, KY, KY

                              Ethel Standiford (b. 1895)

                              Claud Dewey Standiford (b. 7-10-1898; d. 8-4-1976, Indiana) and Hilda Wiese
                              (d. 1991, Indiana):

                        Robert Standiford (b. 4/6/1923, Indiana) and Roberta Hanna (b. 8/2/1928, Indiana; 
                        died 9/7/2000, North Carolina):

                  Terry Standiford (b. 1948, Indiana) (in Indiana as of 2002)

                   Susan Standiford Zwickert (b. 1949, Ohio) (in Phoenix, Arizona as of 2002)

                  Claudia Standiford (b. 1955, Indiana) (in Houston, Texas as of 2002)

                   Nancy Standiford Szypulski (b. 1958, Indiana) (in Beaufort, North Carolina as of 2002)

                   Laura Standiford Ibbitson (b. 1962, Indiana) (in Newport, North Carolina as of 2002)

                         Carolyn Standiford Oswald Jungman (b. 194?) and Robert Oswald (d. 197??):

                                    Allen Oswald (b. 1963)

                                    Carol Oswald (now Dylan Page) (b. 1965) (now in New York City)

Comments Regarding 1900 Census:

(1)        There is a discrepancy in John's birth year.  Census records show 1852; our family notes have 1856.

(2)        "Leland Harris" is listed in the census as father-in-law.  Is it possible that both Polly's and John's fathers' names were Leland -- both Leland Standiford and Leland Harris?  Or are our records wrong?  Are the census records wrong?

(3)        Our records show Ethel's birth date as 1895, but the census records show it as 1897.

(4)        There is a notation that three children were born, but only two survived.  We do not have a name for the third child.

(5)        We do not know what the "H" from John H. Standiford stands for.

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