Family Photos of the Descendants of Israel Thomas Standifer

 These photos were submitted Jim Thompson.  Thanks, Jim!

Israel Thomas Standifer (1865-1949)
Son of Joel D. Standifer (1838-1904)
Photo taken abt 1895 at age 30

Israel Thomas Standifer
Photo taken ca 1939 at age 74


Israel Thomas Standifer's Family
Photo taken about 1908 at his home at Mt. Hebron, near Leeds, AL.
L to R: Israel Thomas, Fred Manuel, William Oscar, Bessie Lee
Mary Melissa McCombs Standifer, Ethel Mae and Rosie Myrtle Standifer

Photo made ca 1922 at the home of Israel Thomas Standifer
at Mt. Hebron near Leeds, AL

L to R: Israel Thomas, Mary Melissa McCombs Standifer, Carrie Marie, 
Lena Estelle, Mary Corene Foster (grand daughter).

In Swing: 
(Front) Lorene Jones (neighbor who later married Fred Manuel Standifer)
(Back) Bessie Foster (neighbor)

Standing on Porch - L to R:
Mabel Stalnaker (neighbor) and Stanley Brasher (neighbor)

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