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Bossier Parish DeSoto Parish

Won't you contribute your Standefer, etc. Will or Court Order?

Bossier Parish:

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: Missouri Pioneer, Vol. 22: Knox County; Abstracts of Wills, 1849-1872; p. 37 *Contributed by Jan Tice
CENSUS: 1850 Louisiana; Bossier Parish; p. 301

Will: Standiford, Israel, of Bosier Parish, La., will dated 8 Nov 1857. To
sister Nancy Stovall of Knox Co; brother Aquilla Standiford of Knox Co; sister
Hannah Fryorear of Scotland Co; and sister Martha Standiford of Knox Co., Mo.
Exr., John Henry of Fairmount, Clark Co., Mo. Wit: P. Conduitte & Joseph
McReynolds. Recorded 28 May 1860 (134-136)

DeSoto Parish:

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From Louisiana Court House - Succ. Bk. D, p. 474-482: *Contributed by Gladys Sandefur.  

"The petition of Rebecca J. Callaham, wife of Nauflet Sandefur, decd., respectfully represents that her husband, Nauflet Sandefur, has recently died, leaving five minor children, to wit: William Nauflet Sandefur, John Marmaduke Sandefur, Robert Pinkney Sandefur, Henry Clay Sandefur, James Madison Sandefur.  She prays that she be permitted to take the oath as natural tutrix of said minors.  That she be appointed administrator of the said husband's estate.  That an inventory and appraisement of the effects of said Estate be made according to law.  That the family meeting be convened to deliberate upon the interest of the said minors.  And she suggest William Rogers as a very fit and proper person as Undertutor for the said minors.
She prays for all necessary orders in the premises and for final relief.

Signed: John Wayne for Rebecca Jane Callaham.

Clerks Order: St. Louisiana, Parish of DeSoto.  Let the application of Rebecca J. Callaham be published in the DeSoto Free Press, a Newspaper published at Logansport, Louisiana and a copy of the notice posted on the Court House door.  Let an Inventory be taken and tutrix sworn and family meeting held.
October 3rd, 1848
Signed J. D. Wemple, Clerk.  Filed October 3rd, 1848.

21 October 1848    Deputy Clerk of Court, William Long, Commissions Notory, James W. Parsons to hold family meeting on 4th November 1848.

4 November 1848   Deliberations of Family Meeting composed of Henry Rugely, Whitten Rogers, George Barfield, John Wagner and Peter Cunningham, friends (as there are no relatives in the parish).  Rebecca Callaham is appointed Administratrix, William Rogers is appointed tutor.

4 November 1848   Decision that land, slaves and other effects be retained by succession for use by family for their benefit.
Inventory and Appraisement - Nauflet's residence about 15 miles from Mansfield town, 79/100 acres. Two (2) lots in Logansport, $15.00 each.  Slaves, Caesar, 40, Lizzy, 20, George 3 and Tom, 6
months.  Mansfield property and slaves worth $1,850.00.  Lots in Logansport and other effects make the total property & inventory worth $2,607.90.

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) Conveyance Book 4, p. 111:
November 26, 1845: Rebecca Callaham, wife of Nauflet Sandefur bought 79/100 acres for $200 from Aaron Ferguson of DeSoto Parish, LA.  She signed with her mark as she could not write.

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