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Bell Bourbon Bullitt Casey Christian
Edmonson Fleming Green Harlan Henderson
Jefferson Lincoln Perry Shelby Whitley

Bell County:

 Bell County Court Records

 Bk.94, p. 28: E. D. Standiford, 200 acres; Date Survey: 7-30-1873; Watercourse: Strait Creek

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Bourbon County:

Abstracts from Bourbon Co., KY, Master Commissioner's Deed Book "A"
(From Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 24, #4, 1989)

p. 430.  January 21, 1829. Joseph Beckett's Heirs:  John Clarke, Polly Clarke, Uphemia Beckett, Martha McGlaughlin, Elizabeth Hanway, Sarah Beckett, Isabella McGlaughlin, Beckett McGlaughlin, Robert McGlaughlin, Joshua Sidwell, Polly Sidwell, John McGlaughlin, Isabella McGlaughlin, Samuel Graham, Elizabeth Graham, Polly McGlaughlin, Nancy McGlaughlin, Sarah McGlaughlin, by Benjamin Hanway, Commission.  John, William Benjamin and Alexander Ross and George Norman, James Bridges, devisees of William Ross by Henry I. Eastin, a commissioner to John Standiford, Lucy Hughes, heirs of Nathan C. Standiford. 800 acres on Stoner.

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Bullitt County:


  August 27, 1810, Deed Book C, p. 160:  Harrison Greathouse of Nelson County and State of Kentucky and William F. Hilton of Bullitt County and state aforesaid, executors of William Cofer deceased and William Cofer and Nancy his wife, Lawrence Cofer of the County of Bullitt, Thomas Sheckles and Hesse his wife who was Hesse Cofer of the County of Nelson, Thomas Cofer, Peter Wolf and Mary his wife who was Mary Cofer, William Owen and Sarah his wife who was Sarah Cofer, John W. Standiford and Elizabeth his wife who was Elizabeth Cofer of Hardin County and State aforesaid, Heirs and Devisees of William Cofer dec'd of the one part and William Ruby of the County of Bullitt aforesaid of the other part.  Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of eight hundred and twenty dollars Current money of the United States of America by the S'd Ruby in hand paid have given, granted and sold a certain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in the County of Bullitt and conveyed by Thomas Whitledge to said Wm. Cofer deceased containing two hundred and sixty two acres more or less...bounded by John Whitaker's 150 acre tract.

Signed: Harrison Greathouse, William F. Hilton, John Standeford.  Recorded 22 Feb 1815, Bullitt Co. KY Court.

  Bullitt County Court Order Book 1 ; February Court, 1797  (the first court to convene in Bullitt Co.)
Be it remembered that in pursuance of an act of the general assembly for the State of Kentucky the 13th day of December 1796 establishing the County of Bullitt, Moses MOORE, Jesse DRAKE, Thomas SAUNDERS, Benjamin OGDON, Joseph IRWIN and James CALDWELL esq. met at the house of Benjamin SUMMERS in the Town of Shepherdsville on Tuesday the 25th day of February 1797 being appointed Trustees of the peace for the said County of Bullitt and having the Oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the oath of office administered to them by Armstead MOREHEAD Esq. took their seats and then Court was held for the County.
Present the worshipful Moses MOORE, Jesse DRAKE, Benjamin OGDEN, Thomas SAUNDERS, Joseph IRWIN, James CALDWELL. The Court then proceeded to the choice of a clerk and Thomas SNEED (?) was appointed to that office who having taken the oath prescribed by Law then entered into Bond with Adam SHEPHERD his Security for the faithful discharge of his office. 

On the petition of Simon HALL he is authorized to solomnize the Rites of 

Matrimony, he having given Bond with Security 
according to law.

Ordered that this County be laid off into Districts in the following manner 

to wit:  that all that part of the County lying 
on the South or Southwest 

side of the main Road leading from Bardstown to Shepherdsville by the way of 

the Cane Spring
 thence Down long Lick Creek by Samuel CROWS be one District .

And that Frances CHAIN be appointed constable for
said District and all that 

part of the County lying on the north east part of the said Road between it 

and Salt River be one
 District and that John STOVALL  be appointed a Constable for the same. All that part of the County lying between the main
 Road leading from 

Shepherdsville to Louisville by the way of James STANDIFORDs and Salt River 

shall be one District and
 the residue of the County lying to the west of the 

last mentioned Road shall be one District and James SIMPSON appointed 

Constable for the same.

 An indenture of Bargain and Sale Between the Trustees for the Town of 

Shepherdsville of the one 
part and Thomas C. BRASHEARS of the other part was 

proven to be the Act and Deed of the said Trustees by the oath of Levi 

BRASHEARS and Ro. SIMONTON and ordered to be recorded.

An indenture of Bargain & Sale from the same trustees to the Said Tho. C. 

BRASHEARS was proved to be the Act and Deed
 by the same witnesses and ordered 


Upon the motion of Benjamin SUMMERS Esq. to qualify Joseph SAUNDERS a Deputy 

Sheriff the said Joseph SAUNDERS
 being approved by the Court took the oath of 

office as presented by Law.  Ordered that the Court be adjourned till 

 morning 10 o'clock.  

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Casey County:

 The Kentucky Land Grants

Bk. 123, p. 91: James P. Sandifer, 70 Acres; Date Survey: 1-22-1908; Watercourse: Dry Fork

Bk P, p. 468: Pooly Sandifer, 50 Acres; Date Survey: 10-26-1824; Watercourse: Forks Green R

Bk 19, p. 335: Thomas Sandifer, 100 Acres; Date Survey: 3-24-1846; Watercourse: Goose Creek

Bk 24, p. 176: Thomas Sandifer, 50 Acres; Date Survey: 12-10-1847; Watercourse: Dry Fork

Bk 24, p. 186: Thomas Sandifer, 50 Acres; Date Survey: 5-13-1847; Watercourse: South Fork Green R

Right.jpg (1401 bytes)Click here to view Deed re. Benjamin, Polly Ann and Sally Jane Sandifer.

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Christian County:

 Christian County Court Records

 Bk. 2, p. 44: William Standford, 100 Acres, Date Survey: 9-27-1799; Watercourse: West Fork Red River

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Edmonson County:

 The Kentucky Land Grants

 Bk. 104, p. 217: B. Sandifer, 100 Acres, Date Survey: 11-15-1882; Watercourse, Bear Creek

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Fleming County:

The Kentucky Land Grants

Bk. 1, p. 56: George Standerford, 212 Acres, Date Survey: 11-16-1836; Watercourse, Buckannan Creek

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Green County:

From Green County Deeds, Bk 7, p. 206

27 Nov 1815. "This indenture made this twenty seventh day of November in the year of Our Lord One Thousand and Fifteen between Thomas Edgar of Green Briar County State of Virginia James Knox of Shelby County and Hubbard Taylor of Clark County the two last mentioned of the State of Kentucky of the one part and James Sandefur of Green County and State last mentioned of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of thirty two pounds ten shillings to them in hand paid the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said James Sandefur and his heirs forever a certain tract or parcel of land in Green County on Flat Run a branch of the Middle Fork of Pitmans Creek containing one hundred acres part of Thomas Edgars survey of one thousand seven hundred acres and bounded as follows (To wit) Beginning at a white oak and Beech comes to Samuel Durham on the Northwest branch of Flat run thence with Durham's line North Forty five degrees West Sixty poles to a Red Oak White Oak and Elm corner to John Luke and with Lukas line south seventy five degrees...etc." William Bucknew was attorney in fact for Thomas Edgar, James Knox and Hubbard Taylor.  It was witnessed by James Durham, Samuel D. Sandefur, Samuel Durham Jr., and John Durham, Thomas Edgar, James Knox and Hubbard Taylor.

*Although James had lived on this tract of 100 acres, from before 1802, the deed was not recorded at the Courthouse in Greensburg until 1815.

[James Nixon Sandefur (1766-1816 Green Co., IN) and Elizabeth Durham (1765-1836, Shelby Co., IN) were married about 1790 in Warren Co., NC.  He was the son of William and Elizabeth Norvell Sandefur. Their children were:

1. William 2. Samuel D. 3. Jane Catherine 4. Sarah "Sally" 5. James B. 6. John 7. Elizabeth Ruth 8. Alexander.]

From Green County Deeds, Bk 14, p. 331

January 14, 1832. "This indenture made and entered into the 14th day of January, 1832 between Joel C. Durham and Samuel M. Durham of the one part of the State of Kentucky and County of Green and William Sandefur and Rhoda, his wife, Samuel D. Sandefer and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Harris and Jane his wife, James Sandefur and Nancy his wife, John Duckworth and Sarah his wife, John Sandefur and Mary M. his wife, Lewis Todd and Betsey his wife, and Alexander Sandefur of the other part of the State of Indiana Witnesseth That the said William Samuel Thomas James John Duckworth and John Sandefur Lewis and Alexander with their wives have this day bargained and sold by these presents doth bargain & sell to the said Joel. C. Durham and Samuel M. Durham for and in consideration of one Hundred and fifty dollars to us in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in Green County State of Kentucky on Flat Run a Branch of the Middle Fork of Pitmans creek containing 100 acres It being part of Thomas Edgars Survey of three thousand and seven hundred acres and bounded as follow to wit. Beginning at a white oak and beech corner to Samuel Durham's line then on the north west bank of Flat Run - Thence with said Durham's line North Forty five degrees West sixty poles to red oak white oak & elm corner to a tract of land formerly owned by John Luke..etc."

Signed and Sealed by all named persons above in the presence of Thomas Shipp and Richard Shipp.

*An attached document is attached drawn the 17th January 1832, in John County Court in Indian, before John S. Sanders, Justice of Peace and James Thompson, Justice of Peace wherein the same persons were examined by the judge, the wives separately from the husbands, so as to assure that they were in full accord with the sale of property.                                                               

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Harlan County:

 Harlan County Court Records

 Bk. 104, p. 130: James Standerfer, 200 Acres; Date Survey: 7-28-1882; Watercourse: Big Black Mt

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Henderson County:

 The Kentucky Land Grants

Bk P, p.4: Francis Sandifer, 250 Acres; Date Survey: 10-12-1823; Watercourse: Deer Creek.

Bk M-2, p. 436: Francis Sandifer, 105 Acres; Date Survey 8-15-1838; Watercourse: Deer Creek.

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Jefferson County:

 Jefferson County Court Records

 Bk. 10, p. 585: David Standford, 125 acres; Date Survey: 2-3-1786; Watercourse: Drennings Lick

 Bk. 16, p. 23: David Standford, 500 acres; Date Survey: 7-3-1784; Watercourse: Floyds Creek

 Bk. 6, p. 309: David Standeford, 5,000 Acres; Date Survey: 6-9-1784; Watercourse: Kentucky River

 Bk. 6, p. 344: David Standeford, 5,000 Acres: Date Survey: 6-9-1784; Watercourse: Big Kentucky River

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Lincoln County:

 The Kentucky Land Grants

 Bk 35, p. 130: Joseph Sandifer, 43 Acres; Date Survey: 8-6-1851; Watercourse: Buck Creek

 Bk 41, p. 489: John Sandifer, 100 Acres; Date Survey: 4-13-1854; Watercourse: Buck Creek

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Perry County:

 Bk. 16, p. 5: Samuel Standford, 50 Acres; Date Survey: 5-31-1845; Watercourse: Big Willard Brook

 Bk. 123, p. 375: W. P. Sandifer, 75 Acres; Date Survey: 3-19-1910; Watercourse: Long Brook

Bk. 16, p. 5: Samuel Standford, 50 Acres, Date Survey: May 31, 1845; Watercourse, Big Willard Branch

Bk. 29, p. 469: John Standerford, 50 acres, Date Survey: May 23, 1849; Watercourse, Meeting House Creek

Bk. 70, p. 169: William Standerford, 50 acres, Date Survey: August 21, 1866, Watercourse: Hurricane Fork

Bk. 43, p. 403: William Staneford, 500 Acres, Date Survey: February 26, 1852, Watercourse: Big Willard Creek

Bk. 60, p. 467: Samuel and Stephen Stanaford, 200 acres, Date Survey: January 18, 1860, Watercourse: Wilburn Creek

William Standerford, 50 acres, Date Survey: August 22, 1866, Watercourse: Chestnut Flat Fork.

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Shelby County:

 Bk. 3, p.202: David Standiford, 330 acres; Date Survey 10/22/1792;Watercourse: Clear Creek.

 Bk.5, p.157: David Standford, 2,000 acres; Date Survey: 10-3-1794; County: Watercourse: Kentucky River

 Bk.7, p. 43: David Standeford, 113 Acres: Date Survey: 10-23-1795; Watercourse: Brashears Creek

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Whitley County:

Bk. 37, p. 91: Ranson Stanford, 100 Acres: Date Survey: March 4, 1851; Watercourse: Wolf Creek

Bk 37, p. 92: Ransom Stanford, 100 Acres: Date Survey: March 4, 1851; Watercourse: Dave Creek

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