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Johnson Sandifer suffered a great deal from his service in the Civil War.

Johnson Sandifer filed two applications for a Pension.  On the first one, No. 329, he signed with his mark on September 30, 1898.  He stated the following details: He was living in 1898 in Harrisonburg, Catahoula Par., LA.  He had come to Cataloula Parish in 1882 and had lived there for over 16 years.  He stated he was born in 1844 in Copiah Co., MS.  His wife was age 46 and that he had five children.  He listed in October 1861 in Simpson Co., MS in the 3rd Battalion.  After he was wounded three times in the Battle of Shiloh losing his left eye, he was captured and taken to Alton, IL.  He was released in 1862 and sent to Vicksburg.  He did not take the oath of allegiance to the USA.  Then he joined the 16th MS Regiment, Company B.  He was wounded 4 times near Petersburg, VA on August 22, 1864, losing the use of his right leg.  He was sent home on furlough and was a home walking on crutches when the war ended.

Johnson's second application was filed on April 6, 1900.  It was witnessed by Isaac Enterkin and Joseph Sandifer, both of Catahoula Parish, LA.  On this application, he add that he was wounded on the Weldon R. R. near Petersburg, VA and that his eye was shot out, loss of right leg, and was wounded in the body from a bayonet in 1864.  He states that he was on crutches for two years.  On April 23, 1904, a Dr. C. C. Prichard of Harrisonburg wrote a letter to persuade the board that Johnson should receive an increase in his pension.  He stated that his wounded hip was open and draining (40 years after the incident).  Accompanying this letter was an affidavit signed by eight neighbors and officials on which this was added: "This man is shot through the face, one eye gone, face disfigured --shot through the body, right leg nearly useless bullet wounds - shell wound down the left leg -- striking just below the girth -- behind."1

His known children were: Carrie, Edwin Lee, Andrew Jackson, Emma A. and Alsia I. Sandifer.

1. Sandifer, Vol. 1 by A. S. Trickett, p. 280

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