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       Hard Times

     This letter is copied from the original written by Gussie Anniebell Brannon Harris (b. October 10, 1880) of Campbell, Missouri to her son, Ben Adam Harris.  The envelope is addressed to him at an address that appears to be Morett, Michigan.  The penciled letter written on old lined paper is fading brown with age.
       Ben Adam Harris was the husband of Grace Ellen Maulding, who was the GGG daughter of Ambrose Maulding of Hamilton Co., IL.  
       Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States at this time and the following year, on October 24, 1929, the United States was devastated when the stock market crashed.

The letter was contributed by Phyllis Maulding Campbell.

Campbell, Missouri
May 30, 1928

Dear Son,

Your letter rec yesterday we sure glad to hear from you glad you got there alright and found you a good job.  What are you working at Ben you said for me not to hoe cotton.  I will haft to hoe if I can.  We can't get any store account.  Can't get a dollar  Riley works out ever day he can for Arthur and get meat and lard.  I washed for Powell folks they owe me 1.26 they won't pay it they promised to pay me all money if I would do their washing so I could buy garden seed and flour for bread  he said when Ben sent him some rent money he pay me  I think it times dont get better I will leave this country.  we are going to begain hoeing next week we just got to put in 6 acre of cotton and about 5 and 6 in corn  I got 211 sweet potato plants out and 250 tomatoes plants  I have got 6 quarts of straw berries caned if I had sugar I can get lots of fruit.  Ben if you can send me money to buy sack of sugar and vinegar I wont to put up cucumber pickles and Beets I am working hard to have something to eat this winter.  I wont you to get a good place I hope you come home when you get your Job what are you working at  I not heard from Earl yet  Bertha talks like she coming home in July  I sure love to see her and the kids  Ben I didn't get to mail your letter to you yesterday the mail carrier didnt run  I Just come in from hoeing my potatoes and tomatoes  it sure wet  We had light storm last night

It is mail time right now.  I can't write much  Annie said whe write next time so be good boy  ans soon.

Your Mother

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