James Vickers Rev War Pension Application

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Pension Appl. Nat'l. Archives #R.10939 NC Cont.  Line   Md 1. Polly Johnson; Md 2. Oct 18, 1799, in Sevier County Tennessee, Elizabeth Mowrey who was born 1 Sep 1782 he died 20 May 1840 in Hamilton County, Illinois. He was a Baptist Minister
MARRIAGE: Pension App. Nat'l. Archives #R.10939

INFO: Appl. above states 7 children in 1st mar.
PRO: Will dated 23 Apr 1840, Hamilton Co., Ill.
Probate Box 2 file #1 13 Oct 1840
RES:  On 1801 tax list, Blount Co. Tenn. Bogle's Prct.
RES: On 1806 Knox Co., Tenn. Tax List Capt. Bond's Company
MIL: in Capt. John Mills Co, 38th Dist. Botetourt Co,VA. 31 Aug. 1782 to serve in US Army for 3 yrs or duration of War

p. 68 name in record Bickers; John Johnson Surety JP in 1834 name on monument at Carmi, White Co. and a flat gov't. marker in the Old Cemetery, Carmi.

National Archives Pension Application #R.10939

State of Illinois
Hamilton County 

On this twenty-eighth day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty nine before the subscribers two of the Judges of the County have missioners Court in and for said County at a special term of our said court in open court in and for said county personly appeared Elizabeth Vickers a resident of said county aged sixty-seven years who being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of Congress passed the 29th of July 1848 that she is the widow of James Vickers who was a private in the Revolutionary War in the North Carolina Malitia in the company commanded by Captain Harris and if not mistaken in a regiment commanded by Colonel Williams in the latter part of the War with Great Britten and also a tour of three month as a Ranger unde Captn. Wallace -- and she further states that she was married to the above named James Vickers some time in October 1799 in Sevier County in the state of Tennissee by Esquire Andrew Cowen (?) and by a Licen and her name before marriage was Elizabeth Mowery and that the said Vickers her husband did on the 20th day of May (1840) one thousand eight hundred and forty.  that she was not married to him prier to his leaving the servises but that the marriage took place previous to the second day of January eighteen hundred Vis at the time above stated - she further swears that she is now a widow and that she has never before many any application for a pension.
Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first
above written.  [signed] Elizabeth [her mark] Vickers.
       Also John G. Millspaugh and Henry J. Williams


State of Illinois
Hamilton County On this 17 day of October in 1853 personally appeared before me Eli Smith - a justice of
the peace duly authorized by law to administer oaths for for general purposes within and for said county, Elizabeth Vickers a resident citizen of the county of Hamilton State of Illinois, aged Seventy-one years on the first day of September of this instance one thousand eight hundred and fifty three (1853), to me well known her statements being entitled to the fullest of credit, a lady highly respectable, and after being duly sworn for that purpose on her oath makes the following declaration in order to obtain a pension for the Revolutionary Service of her husband, James Vickers, deceased, agreeable to several acts of Congress as the facts of her case may authorize the application of to her case, and under the acts of the 3'd February 1853, and of 1848.  She is the identical Elizabeth Vickers, who same applied for a Revolutionary Pension heretofore through the aid of Joshu P. Barratt, of Mount Vernon in Illinois which application she now would have this now application make a part thereof and filed together; and considered of all in connection, She would further state that the said James Vickers, her deceased husband made an application for a Revolutionary pension, sometime before his death, he lived in White County, Illinois, the time of his application not now exactly recollected but believed to be not far from 1835, or there about.  the papers are most likely on file in the Pension office and is prayed now by her to make a part of this Declaration and all considered of together,  Her husband was most certainly a Revolutionary soldier, as such was his consistent history from Dee claimant's first acquaintance with him, and served in the Revolutionary war under Captain Harris, and Lieut Gibbs, and under and subject to General Ash, at some period or all his service, as to the periods of his service in the war and particulars she relies mostly on his Declaration.  She recollects her husband being as he used to say at or near the battle of Briar creek and spoke much of Col. Williams and of the Doctoring his wounded horse wounded in Battle.  She thinks near or on Savanna River, She understood her husband to have served about nine months three months of which he was a spie!! She has no record of her marriage to said soldier, but to her undoubted calculation she was married to her said husband on the 18th day of October one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine (1799) in Sevier County East Tennessee by Andrew Cowan or Cowin, a Justice of the Peace, Declarant's husband's oldest child John Vickers, being the oldest child of seven, born of the soldiers first wife, whos maiden name was Polly Johnson.  Here said husband's oldest child John Vickers was only 18 months younger than Declarant, Declarant cannot give the county of her husbands residence in time of the Revolutionary War at this time; wholly relies on his papers now on file as to their particulars, Declarant would say her husband was a good truthful pious man, a Baptist preacher before Declarant married him, reputed all way as a soldier, died in the esteem of his acquaintance generally, he died in Hamilton County state of Illinois on the 20 day of May one thousand eight hundred and forty. (1840)  That she is still his widow, Declarant is nearly blind and lives nearly sixteen miles from the courthouse of her county Hamilton, and is unable to attend court from bodily infirmity.  She prays a Pension, under the laws above refered to, and such other law as my fairly apply to her case, for at least so much as may appear to be just and right refering the whole matter to the constituted authority to allow her what they may think right, She has no documentary evidence as her husband's service or to the facts set forth in this Declaration in any of the particulars as to her marriage nor of the death of her husband.  Her maiden name befor her marriage was Moury.  

Elizabeth [her mark] Vickers.   Sworn to and subscribed this 17 day
of October 1853, before me Eli Smith J.P.

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