Soldiers of the American Revolution buried in Hamilton County, IL

Barker, Jacob Fitzgerald, George Hilman, Thomas Johnson, John
Maulding, Ambrose Mayberry, Frederick McDaniel, Randle Proctor, Little Page
Proctor, Nicholas Taylor, Jesse Vickers, James Williams, Henry J.

Excerpts from Soldiers of the Amer. Rev. Buried in Illinois; pub. IL State Gen. Soc., 1976

Born: 1764
Died: March 2, 1853
Buried: Barker Cemetery, McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL
Spouse: Mary Price
Residences: Lived for many years on his farm in Hamilton County between the towns of Walpole and Broughton.
Service: Private. SC:PA.  He served in the Pennsylvania troops in Capt. John Rea's Company.  His service is also listed as South Carolina.  According to family tradition, he was wounded twice.
Pension: R497 (SC) Residence: Hamilton Co., IL when pension claim was rejected (Act Jun 7, 1832) "Not six months service."

Note: According to descendant, Barbara Stockwell, Jacob did not serve in the PA troops.  Instead, he served in SC, going into one skirmish where he was wounded.  He went home to recuperate and then into another couple of battles and was wounded again.  He returned home crippled, but denied a pension later because he not served the required 60 days.  He was very young, age 17, when he enlisted in 1781.  Jacob lived to be 89 years old and  is buried in Barker Cemetery, Hamilton Co., IL.  (This taken from official records).

Buried: Gatlin Cemetery, Crouch Township, Hamilton Co., IL
Service: Soldier: Virginia.  He served in Col. John Gibson's detachment in the western department.  He was discharged May 24, 1780.
Pension: He was pensioned.
Source: W

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Born: August 22, 1757 in Salem County, New Jersey
Died: May 5, 1835 Bedford, Indiana
Buried: His remains were removed to Richardson Hill Cemetery, Dahlgren Township, Hamilton Co., IL; Government Headstone
Service: Private: New Jersey Militia and Continental line.  He served in Capt. Smith's Company, New Jersey troops.
Pension: S32320 (NJ).  He applied for pension while living in Henry County, Indiana.
Sources: HR, PENSION

Buried: Little Springs Church Cemetery, Hamilton Co., IL
Service: Soldier: North Carolina.  He served with General Marion from Bladen County, NC.
Source: Family Record

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Born: August 1, 1735 in Virginia
Died: August 24, 1833
Buried: Near the Ten-Mile Baptist Church, McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL
Service: Soldier: Virginia
Marker: His monument bears the inscription: "Immortal may their memory be who fought and died for Liberty."
Sources: HR, W

Buried: Big Hill Cemetery, Hamilton Co., IL
Service: Soldier: Virginia
Pension: R6557 (Va); Residence Hamilton Co., Il when pension claim rejected (Act June 7, 1832) "not six months service."
Sources: PENSION, W

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Born: 1755 in Frederick County, Maryland
Died: Hamilton Co., IL
Residences: From South Carolina he moved to White County, IL.  Hamilton County was formed from White County in 1821.
Service: Soldier: South Carolina.  He served three months in 1775 in Capt. John Patton's Company, Col. Holt Richardson's Regiment.
Pension: S32402 (SC)
Sources: PENSION, W

Born: 1760 in Granville County, Virginia
Died: November 15, 1852
Buried: Concord Cemetery, McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL
Spouses: (1) Sarah Jane Woodruff  (2) Sarah Bates
Service: Private: Patriotic Service: Virginia.  He enlisted in March 1778 in Capt. Cornelius Riddle's Company, serving to the close of the war.  He remained in service until August 1794.
Pension: Pension Roll, January 9, 1834, Hamilton County, age 73.  Sarah W576 -- BLWT 26622-160-55 (VA)
Sources: HR, PI, PENSION, W

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Born: 1755 probably in Virginia
Died: after 1834
Buried: Hamilton Co., IL
Spouse: Catherine
Children: Nicholas Proctor is probably a brother of Little Page Proctor.
Service: Private: Virginia Militia
Pension: Pension roll, Hamilton County, May 3, 1834, age 78.  Catherine W8537--BLWT-26634-160-55 (VA)
Sources: PENSION, W

Born: In England
Buried: Near Walpole, Hamilton County, IL
Spouse: Mary (Polly)
Residences: Coming to Illinois, he settled near Olga, Hamilton Co., IL
Service: Soldier: Virginia
Pension: Mary (Polly)
Sources: PENSION, W

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Died: May 20, 1846
Buried: In Hamilton County, Illinois (formerly White County)
Spouse: Elizabeth
Service: North Carolina Continental line
Pension: He applied for a pension in March 1832.  Elizabeth R10939 (NC)
Marker: His name is on a monument at Carmi, White County, placed by Wabash Chapter DAR in 1936.  A flat government marker was placed in the Old Cemetery, Carmi, and dedicated by Wabash Chapter DAR, September 21, 1964.

Buried: Hamilton County, Illinois
Residences: After the war he removed to West Tennessee and from there to Hamilton Co., IL.
Service: Soldier: Virginia.  He served from Virginia and continued in the service in the United States Infantry after the close of the Revolutionary War.
Sources: W

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