Daniel Omer York


September 27, 1918

Pub: McLeansboro Times, November 21, 1918

Daniel Omer York, son of Daniel P. and Mary S. York, died "somewhere in France" of broncho- pneumonia September 27, 1918.  He was 24 years, 9 months and 25 days old.

Omer, as he was commonly called, was born in Hamilton County where he grew to manhood.  He attended the public schools until he graduated from the common school course.  He later attended  some normal terms at McLeansboro and finished his school work in Ewing College.  After teaching in the schools of Hamilton County for four years he secured a position as mail clerk in the city of Chicago and was steadily employed in the U. S. mail service until December 7, 1917, he volunteered his service to his country and joined the U. S. Marines.  After suffering severe illness while in the training camp he was offered an honorable discharge by the War Department but he wanted to remain in the military service and Sept. 13, 1918, he sailed from Camp Quaintice for France.  Some time during the voyage to France he was stricken with disease and passed away the next day after landing.

August 17, 1918, he was united in marriage to Miss Cleta Price at Baltimore, Md.  Miss Price was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David G. Price of Shattuc, Illinois.

The near relatives are his wife, father and mother, two sisters - Mrs. Lola M. Suttle and Mrs. Fanny Oneal; five brothers, Robert, Ausmer, Edward, Charles and Marion Amos York.

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