Thomas B. Wright

From McLeansboro Times, July, 1922


          Rev. Thos. B. Wright was born July 13th, 1843, departed this life July 7th, 1922 at 7:30 p.m.  Age, 78 years, 11 months and 24 days.

           This county was his native county, and McLeansboro his home since the days of his boyhood.

            He dearly loved his native land, so well that he was willing to live for it and if need be die for it.  When the Union was imperiled and the honor of our Flag was at stake, he volunteered to serve his country in time of her trouble, and did faithfully serve as a soldier in the 6th Illinois Cavalry for 3 years and 6 months, and until the close of the War of the Rebellion.

            After returning from the war he was married to Miss Mollie Oneal on the 20th day of November, 1864, by Rev. Milledge Miller.

            To this union 6 children were born; 4 boys, William Samuel M., Benjamin, and Charles Wright, and two daughters, Mollie and Dollie Wright.  The mother, the youngest son, Charles, and both daughters, Dollie and Mollie preceded the husband and father to the Spirit World.

           On December 13th, 1892, Brother Wright was married to Miss Emma L. Wilson, who survives him.

           In the twilight of the dying Friday of last week the Spirit of one was taken with the parting day, and one left to journey a while longer with us here in this earthly pilgrimage.

           In a material way in the affairs of life, Brother Wright was very successful.  By his industry, energy, perseverance, frugality and making the right use of his God-given talent, common sense, he worked out his salvation in a business way, making a business success of life.

           He was a good citizen, progressive, ever standing for God and native land, and all that made for the betterment of the people.

           He was a faithful friend. "To err is human, to forgive is divine."  Show me a man who never made any mistakes and I will show you a God.  Brother Wright, like Paul, did not get the Heavenly vision in his youth but somewhat late in life, in his matured manhood.  But when he saw it and heard the call from the Captain of his salvation, for his life and services, he heeded the call and enlisted as a soldier in the Christian Warfare, uniting with the First Baptist Church of McLeansboro, Illinois.

           In the early history of the church he was an active, faithful member; identified with its membership in all the activities of the church.  He helped to plan, finance and build the frame church building, and to support it during the days of its usefulness.

           When the time came for the new building, standing on the site of the old one, Brother Wright was not found wanting, but liberally helped with his money and influence.

            In the activities of the church, in the Sunday School work, the Young Peoples' Societies, and the mid-week Prayer Meeting he was a faithful attendant and a loyal supporter.  He was one of the most successful Sunday School Superintendents the School ever had.

            He was a successful Home Missionary.  He heard the Macedonian cry, "Come Over and Help Us" from neglected portions in this county, Gallatin, White and Wayne counties and he heeded the call and went and helped them in many places, without money and without price.  Sometimes in localities antagonistic to him and at the peril of his life, held successful meetings, organizing many churches and building meeting houses and these churches and church buildings are standing today as a monument to his memory, for his sacrifices in helping his fellowman in the cause of the Prince of Peace.

            The devil loves a shining mark.  Many were the fiery darts hurled at Brother Wright when he was so successfully fighting for his Lord and Master, and for the spiritual welfare of humanity, but with the shield of faith, wielded with the skill and courage of a Joshua they slew not our Brother but fell harmless at his feet, and he lived to continue the good fight of faith.

            For more than a third of a century Brother Wright has been a faithful Soldier in the Army of the Lord.  Many have been the hard battles he has fought; much good has he done in the name and for the cause of his Christ, he has kept the faith, he has finished his earthly course, that ended in the twilight of the dying day of the 7th of July, 1922, in his home he loved so well.  Now he has gone to receive his well earned reward, awaiting the faithful.

           The funeral was conducted from First Baptist Church, Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, and was attended by a large concourse of sympathizing friends.  The floral offerings were many and beautiful.

           Interment at Odd Fellows Cemetery.

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