Thomas Roberts


Another Young Life Give

Pub: McLeansboro Times, November 14, 1918

Our County has once more, been called upon to lay one of her beloved sons as a sacrifice upon the alter.

Thomas Roberts was a son of R. D. and Laura Roberts and a grandson of Rev. John C. Elliott.  He was born in Twigg Township July 23, 1897 and departed this life October 6th, 1918, aged 21 years, 3 months and 23 days.

The family moved to McLeansboro and Tom, as he was called, entered the McLeansboro Public Schools and here he endeared himself to his fellow pupils.  On leaving our schools he began the study of Telegraphy under the tutelage of Mr. C. L. Young.  Here young Roberts proved himself an apt pupil and soon became one of the most proficient operators on the L. & N. System.  He held, from time to time, some very important positions.

About a year ago, although under the draft age, he felt it his duty to aid his country in our present war and enlisted in the army as a member of the Signal Corps.  He was sent to Camp Grant for training.  His health failed and he underwent an operation of the spine and after ___,  He was granted a three days furlough and came home to bid father, mother, brother, sisters, grandpa and other relatives and host of friends goodby.  I met him on the west side of the square and taking him by the hand I said, "Tom, I bid you farewell and hope you may come back all safe and sound."  He looked up and said "Well, some of us will never come back and I amy be one of them, but I am no better than the other boys."  Now this was the kind of stuff that Tom Roberts was made of - was a man.  His mother on bidding him farewell said "Tommy, make your peace with God."  His reply was "Mother, they have the same God in France that we have here."

He left here on the 31st day of August for New York and later sailed for France.  On the voyage over he was stricken with Influenza and died at sea.  The body was brought back to the United States.

He leaves to mourn his departure, his father, mother, one brother David, and four sisters -- Hallie, Hettie, Mary, Nellie and all those who love their country.  One sister, Lena having preceded him to the Great Beyond.  The entire community mourns with this family.

Funeral services conducted at Hickory Hill church, Sunday October 27, by Eld. John B. Maulding.


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