Mrs. Virginia Eleanor (Jones) Chaffin Reynolds

Contributed by Jim Simmons. Thanks, Jim.

Pub. Times; March 15, 1923


       Virginia Eleanor Jones, wife of Joseph W. Reynolds, was born Sept. 1, 1852, on the old Jones farm, about one mile west of Old Concord.

       She was the daughter of William and Nancy Jones, who came to Illinois from Virginia, only a few years before the subject of this sketch was born.  She was the youngest, excepting one of nine children, seven sons and two daughters, whose names follow in the order of their birth: Josephine, Aletha, John, Theophilus, Benjamin Lee, Virginia, Thos. H., James Wilson, Joseph L. Weaver, and Augustus Defoe.

       She was first married to James Chaffin, the father of Madeline and Mary, her only children, who today mourn her death in uncontrollable grief.  Mr. Chaffin died in 1886.  Her marriage to the afflicted husband, Joseph W. Reynolds was January 16, 1893, with whom she lived most happily until March 7th, 1923, when at the hour of 11:30 a.m. the silver chord was loosened, the golden bowl was broken and the released spirit took its flight.

     Early in life she became a devoted member of the Methodist Church and practiced the religion she professed in her daily life and conduct.  She knew and spoke of the approaching end in the fullest confidence of living faith.

     Aunt Jennie, as she was affectionately called, numbered her friends by her acquaintances.  She never spoke evil of anyone.  Her last illness was long and her suffering severe, but she bore it with patience and resignation.

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