Logan A. Porter

Contributed by Jim Simmons. Thanks, Jim.

Pub. Eldorado Republican (date unknown)

        Passes Away at 7:30 p.m.  
Song and Prayer Sermon Wednesday
Interment at Broughton


        Logan A. Porter, after a brief and fatal attack of typhoid fever, passed away Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m.  The deceased was taken violently at the inception of malay and a little later on a hemorrhage set in which was beyond the skill could do was of no avail and he had to be given up.

        Mr. Porter came here from Broughton about three years ago and entered the Webber Bro. Drug Store.  Later on he married the daughter of C. E. Webber the then proprietor of the drug store.  After his marriage he became a partner in the drug store.  He was highly esteemed by all that knew him and out of respect the business houses were closed during the brief funeral services held at his late home.

        The remains were taken to Broughton Wednesday afternoon and were consigned to the tomb there Thursday.  The deceased leaves a young wife, mother and several brothers and isters.  "Tis said indeed to give him up in youth, he having not reached his majority, being only twenty years, six months and twenty-eight days.----Eldorado Republican

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