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James T., and Henry Ingram

From: McLeansboro Times, McLeansboro, IL; August 26, 1915:


James T. Ingram and son killed at Benton Saturday afternoon.

T. J. Ingram and son Henry, well known in this county, were struck and killed by a train on the C & E at Benton last Saturday afternoon.  The Ingrams, who live in the outskirts of Benton, were on their way up town, walking between the double tracks.  A train approach from behind and whistled a warning, which perhaps confused the elder man to such an extent that he stepped in front of the approaching train.  His son attempted to rescue him, with the result that they were both caught under the wheels and killed, the older man instantly, the younger one living about four hours though frightfully mangled.  These gentlemen lived in this county several years ago, and it is said the elder Mr. Ingram years ago lived in this city.  They have a host of friends throughout the county who will regret to hear of their horrible death.

From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 148:
The Times; August 26, 1915

Theophilas James Ingram.  He died August 21, age 73yrs/11mos/8days.  He was born September 13, 1841 in Clark Co., IN.  His parents moved to Knight's Prairie, Hamilton Co., when he was about 8 weeks old.  He was married to Samantha McCoy in 1867 in Hamilton Co.  He was a Civil War Veteran serving in Co. A, 40th Ill. & Co. E, 87th Ill. Inf.  He had 10 children: 3 died in infancy and Henry died on the same day as father; 6 children survive: Wilford, Warren, Mary Darnell, Gennetta Foster, Addie Darnell & Etta Thomas.  He leaves one brother, Seth Philander Ingram; three sisters: Ester A. Moore, L. A. Harrelson & Sarah Meadows.

From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 148:
The Dahlgren Echo; August 26, 1915

Henry Ingram. He was aged about 35 years; d. August 21, 1915, killed by train in Benton, attempting to save his father who was struck at the same time.  Interred at Macedonia Cemetery.

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