Herndon H. Harrelson

From: Times; pub. May 5, 1921



        Herndon H. Harrelson was born in Spartenburg Pansto, South Carolina June 24, 1831 and died at his home in Flannigan township, Sunday morning, May 1, 1921, age 89 years, 10 months and 7 days.  His good wife, some nine years ago preceeded to the great unknown.  Uncle Nathaniel Harrelson was his father and Frances Vise Harrelson was his mother.  His mother was a sister to the Rev. Hosea Vise, commonly called "Uncle Hosea".  Two sons N. B. (Ben) and Lora and one daughter, Mrs. Charles Heard, are left behind together with several brothers and sisters, grand and great grand children and numerous friends to mourn his departure.

        We have known Uncle Hern from our early manhood and know him to be every inch a man.  In the spring of 1881 we went to board with Uncle Heron and Aunt Emily and shall pen a few things of the many that made us glad that we ever met these good people.  That year was unusually hard on one and all, provisions for man and beast were hard to get.  Many came and told their troubles to Heron Harrelson, and he would say: "Boys, we are in the same condition.  We must buy our meat and bread, but there are some cattle back in the field, help yourselves."  They would.

        Another case: A widow's son had died and the mourning friends and neighbors had gathered at the home.  All were profuse with words of consolation and sympathy.  But, the boy was to be buried and the mother without funds.  All were wondering how this son was to be buried.  Uncle Hern was seen coming across the meadow, head bowed and his arms crossed behind him and with sympathy in his every motion.  Going into the room, he spoke a word of cheer to each member of the sorrowing family.  Still they were discussing "how shall that boy be buried."  Uncle Hern took $20.00 from his pocket and said, "take this and bury that boy."

        Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this.  To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and keep himself unspotted from the world.

        The remains were laid to rest in Antioch Cemetery Monday.

One who knew him.

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