Mrs. Ellen (Jeffries) Edwards

(1830 - 1922)

From: McLeansboro Times, November 23, 1922

Mrs. Ellen Edwards was born October 31, 1830, departed this life November 17, 1922, age 92 years and 16 days.

She was the daughter of William and Barbara Jeffries.

With her parents she moved, at the age of twelve years, from Virginia, her native state, to Elkton, Ky., where she lived till grown.

There she married Wm. Presley Edwards.  Soon after marriage she and her husband moved to McLeansboro, Ill., her home city the remainder of her life.

To this union were born five children: Mrs. Lizzie Dulaney, now deceased, Mrs. Chas. A. Barron, Mrs. A. A. Thompson, Mrs. F. A. Allen, now deceased, and one son who died in infancy.  Only Mrs. Barron and Mrs. Thompson survive their mother; but she left fifteen grand-children and thirteen great grandchildren.

When needed most to help care for and educate their young children, their father died nearly half a century ago, leaving the widowed mother to bear her burdens alone; no not altogether alone, for she relied much on her heavenly father for guidance and assistance.

She was no religious bigot, she loved all Christians, but for service she united with the Baptist church of McLeansboro and was a faithful member thereof, attending its services when able and by precept and example teaching her children their duties to their God and their neighbors.

She was a member of the Senior bible class of her church and attended the Sunday School when she could.  She and her daughter, Mrs. Frank Allen, were members of the same class and mothers and daughters pictures are found in the class pictures hanging on the south wall of the church they loved, an object lesson for good for others surviving them.

Surely she had her share of life's hardships, but she was a patient overcomer, and lived to a ripe old age, loved and honored by her children, grand children and neighbors.  Her children honored their mother by honoring themselves, making good and useful citizens; that please their mother.  One grandson, Justice Thompson, one of the members of the Supreme Court of Illinois, honored his grandmother Edwards by so living that his fellow citizens gave him one of the highest judicial offices in the state of Illinois.  Honored mother and grandmother, she did not live her life in vain.

Funeral services were held at the Baptist church in this city, Sunday, November 18th, conducted by Eld. John B. Maulding, assisted by Revs. Brandenburg and Low, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Odd Fellows cemetery.

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