James A. Crouch

James A. Crouch
From: The Dahlgren Echo, December 2, 1926

James A. Crouch, aged 50, eldest son of the late Captain Warner D. Crouch, died at his home in Bellefourche, South Dakota, at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday after a short illness.  Two of his brothers, Dr. C. B. Crouch of Canton, Illinois, and Dr. W. L. Crouch of Fairview, Ill, were with him when he passed away, each having gone west on receipt of information of his serious illness with heart disease.  Dr. W. M. Crouch of Dahlgren is another brother, and his only sister is Mrs. J. W. Kinnear of Beaumont, Texas.  He leaves a widow and another brother, Dr. D. B. Crouch of Pine Bluff, Ark.

Dr. James A. Crouch was born and reared in Hamilton County near Belle Prairie, where his mother, Mrs. Sallie Crouch, now resides.  He has been a practicing physician in and near the Black Hills in South Dakota for a number of years, having resided at Bellefourche for the past ten years.

Dr. Crouch was practically a self-made man, educating himself largely through his efforts by working his way through medical school under very adverse financial circumstances, after which he aided his young brothers in securing a coveted education, so that they all by mutual help, perseverance, and grit, became professional men on whose successful careers, Hamilton County citizens can look with pride and satisfaction.

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