Captain John Bond


From: The Leader, June 29, 1899

*Contributed by Gail Hahn Hutchcraft.   Thanks, Gail!


Captain John Bond died at the residence of his son, Leonard Bond, in Crouch Twp., Sunday, June 25, 1899, aged 82 years.  Captain Bond was one of the oldest residents of this county, and was prominent in the early days, having served one term as Sheriff and one term as Treasurer of the county.  He was very athletic in his young days, and had probably killed more deer in his time than any man in Illinois.  In telling the writer last winter of some of his early hunts, he said that when he got after a deer he would some times continue the chase all day, and that he had killed many a one simply by having the physical power to tire it out.  He was a veteran of the Civil War, and a staunch Republican.  The remains were interred at Pleasant Grove, Monday.

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