Moore's Prairie School's  - 1859

Where were they in 1914?

From: Goshen Trails, Vol. 16, No. 3, July 1980; p. 4
contributed by Doris Threlkeld
Reprinted by permission

          In 1914 the Dahlgren Echo reported a school program and names of person involved in a school closing entertainment held at the old Moore's Prairie School in 1859.  John Judd, later county surveyor and county clerk was teacher.  C. C. Judd, one time county surveyor, had preserved a copy of the program.  Albert Sturman, a student in 1859 gave the Echo additional information and first names of those on the program.

          Mr. Sturman also stated that the first Moore's Prairie schoolhouse was built about 1854.  The second, a two story building, was erected in 1870 on a site one-quarter mile north of the first.  The third was built in the late 1890s.

          The following is a brief taken from Sturman's information.

         (Rube) Burton, oldest son of uncle Tommy and Aunt Sarah Burton, who lived just east of old Lovilla, enlisted in the 40th Ill. regiment in 1861.  He died at Paducah, KY, the first in the regiment.....[Rube is Ruben, son of Thomas and Sarah Burton. Sarah was the daughter of Ruben and Catherine Oglesby; Catherine, daughter of Sneed Davis, Rev. soldier].

         Harlan Estes, now [1914], a general merchant at Opdyke.

         M. Miller, daughter of the widow Miller who lived at old Lovilla a year or two in the latter part of the fifties.

          Hattie Judd, a daughter of Charles Judd who came to Illinois from Ohio about the year 1857...went back to Ohio.

          Jonathan Doughty, oldest son of Dr. Doughty of Lovilla, died of typhoid about 1863.

          Al [Albert] Judd, our neighbor and late townsman now living on his farm 4 miles south of town.  [The late Margaret McPherson's father we believe.  Margaret, a member of the Historical Society.  The Judd house, one of twenty three structures in Hamilton County to place in the Historic Structures Survey.

          Stephen Moore, brother of Mart and Charles Moore who lived south of town...enlisted in the 56th Ill. regiment in '61, burned on the ill-fated ship General Lyon.

          Enos Burton, lives 2 miles south of town, served three years in the 87th regiment...Civil War.

          Lafe Sturman, our brother, still living and makes his home with the writer. [Al Sturman].

          Mary Harwood, married "jack" Wright, lived in  McLeansboro. [Wright & J. J. Guill ran a milling business in McLeansboro].

          Emma Goodridge, married John Deitz....[Emma a teacher and poet, daughter of Judge Goodridge and ancestor of Doris Threlkeld who furnished copy of this material, also of the McLeansboro Deitz family].

          William Burton, brother of E. A. Burton, married to Phoebe Golden, father of Mrs. A. C. Miller of our town [Dahlgren].

           Runion Estes, now an extensive stock dealer and farmer of Opdyke.

           Sarah Davis, raised to womanhood by Uncle Chester and Aunt Mary Judd.  Married to James Monroe in 1874.  Died at Dahlgren, 1896.

           Florence Estes, sister of Harlan and Runion Estes of Opdyke, married to a Mr. Jones of near Opdyke in 1869.

           Mary McCoy, daughter of Simon D. McCoy, sister of George and Charles McCoy, was married to Al Judd in 1861, died at the home of her son in Francisco, Ind. December 26, 1899, while there on a visit.

           Oscar McCollie, orphan, lived with his widowed mother in Lovilla.  Left neighborhood about 1864.

           William J. Conner, son of Wm. & Jane Conner, a cousin of our fellow townsman A. E. Irvin, died in Mt. Vernon.

           Cynthia Doughty, daughter of Dr. Doughty, moved to Kansas.  Married there.

           Sarah McClure, sister of our townsman James McClure, married "Leal" Craig in 1866...moved to Kansas and later to Oklahoma.

          Mary Ann Burton, sister of E. A. Burton and Mrs. Charles Moore, married to Dr. Golden about 1871, died in McLeansboro.

          Isaac Carpenter, orphan boy, raised by Andrew and Ellen McClure, left about 1866 or 1867...lived near New Haven.

          Susan Doughty, daughter of Dr. Doughty, married Dr. Bernard of Lovilla, moved to Kansas about 1878.

          Mildred Porter, oldest sister of Mrs. W. A. Ross and Wesley Porter...married Frank Shipley, 1865.  He was accidentally killed by had car near Dahlgren about 1876.  She died in Kentucky.

          (Kate) Burton [Catherine], sister of Ruben and E. A. Burton, married John J. Wood, mother of John T. Wood, still living on the farm one and one fourth mile south of town [Dahlgren].

         Ann Judd, only daughter of John C. and Sarah Judd...married Columbus Allen in 1872, now living in Livingston County, near Pontiac.

         Al Sturman, too well known by all for comment.  [Albert Sturman, writer of information used here].

         Donald A. Judd, young son of Charles Judd and brother of Hattie Judd, before mentioned.

         Frances Porter, wife of our townsman and friend W. A. Ross.

         Julia McClure, sister of James McClure of this town, moved with her parents to Irving, Illinois about 1865.

         Nathan Sturman, cousin of this writer [Al Sturman].  He lived with uncle A. M. Sturman, until grown; died in Memphis, Tenn.

         Amanda Sturman, oldest sister of the writer, married to Phillip B. Riddle, December 1865, died at old Riddle homestead in spring of 1880.

          Lucy McClure, youngest sister of James McClure, moved to Irving with her parents and died there in 1912.

          John A. Cox, distant relative of the writer, came to this state with his parents in winter of 1857...moved west of Mt. Vernon, living now in East St. Louis.

          Ann M. Conner, only daughter of Wm. & Jane Conner, sister of Wm. J., died in Dahlgren a few years since.

         Two other, Lewis Crouse and Marcellus Damon, whose names were not listed on the program, also took part in the exercises, as remember by Mr. Albert Sturman.

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