Frederick Mayberry Rev War Pension Application

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Frederick Mayberry was born 27 Nov 1756 in Liberty, Bedford Co, VA.  He married Priscilla Yocum. 

Both Frederick and Priscilla are buried in Big Hill Cemetery in Hamilton County.  
Mayberry Township was named after him.

Frederick's pension number: R6557 (VA); Residence Hamilton County, IL, when pension claim rejected (Act June 7, 1832) "not six months service."

State of Illinois         )              
Hamilton  County     )   On this 27 day of Nov 1834 personally appeared in
open court
before William Allen a member of the Justices of the county commissioners
court of the county and state afforesaid Frederick Mayberry age seventy eight
years who being first duly sworn according to the law doth on his oath make
the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of
Congress pased June 7th 1832 that he entered the service of the United       
   ________ the following named officer and service as herein stated.

That in the year 1781- he then living in the state of Virginia Bedford County
he volunteered under Capt Thomas Dooly and that was employed in rangering and
scouting after the Tories after rendyvouing at Capt  Dooleys.  The marching
mountainmen(?) in pursuit of the Torries to Stanton River State of Virginia
where we took two torries and sent them to jail. From there we marched to
Goos (?) Creak  about twenty five or thirty miles State of Virginia from
there we marched to the Otter River State of Virginia from there we returned
home having served nineteen days.  After staying at home eight or ten days he
again was called out under capt --owney.  We marched and took near the same
route as above mentioned in pursuit of   the Torries the torries having fled
after destroying considerable property belonging to the Torries. We returned
home having served this tour (?) fifteen days and that in the year 1782 first
of April he was drafted for three months under Capt Isaac Ota(?) that he
rendeyvoued at Bedford court house State of Virginia Bedford County. From
there  we marched to Richmond state of Virginia. From there we marched to
Port Smith State of Virginia where we fell under the command of Colo
Skillard. After laying at Port Smith about three weeks we marched from port
Smith due -----------about three thousand in number we marched after cutting
a road through a cane brake (?) seven miles.  we then marched to James River
about thirty or forty miles below Richmond where we stopped about one or two
weeks having served three months and was legally discharged by Capt Ota. butt
that they were detained two weeks after the three months ------ was out
before he obtained his discharge he then returned home a distance of three
hundred miles which took the applicant seventeen days which added to the two
weeks above mentioned would make one month  and that in the year 1782 he was
called out again under Capt Cummins first of August and rendevoued at Bedford
Courthouse State of Virginia from there they marched to Richmond State of
Virginia from there they marched about one hundred miles below Richmond onto
or near James River where we stopped about one week. We were compeled to
retreat .  Something____thirty or forty miles south of James River where were
stopped three or dour days. We then returned purty much the same route and
crost James River where we lay something over three weeks. He then was
discharged by Capt Cummins having served two months and one week.  We then
returned home a distance of something moore than two hundred and fifty miles
which took the applicant two weeks to perform
he hearby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annity except the
present one. Delcares that his name in not on the pension roll of any state
Sworn to and subscribed this day and year affore said.                    
            his   Frederick X Mayberry     mark
We Daniel Powell of White County and Daniel _______ residing in the County of
Hamilton State of Illinois hereby certify that we are well acquainted with


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