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Each week I will feature a popular song from the late 1800s & early 1900s on this page.
These songs are dedicated to my dear Aunt Pauline Stinson Boyd from Dahlgren who loved the "oldies".  

Misty Flannigan
Misty was a dedicated researcher for Southern Illinois Counties.  She hosted the Jefferson County GENWEB website and, 
also, had a Research Page for Hamilton County.  
She worked hard to preserve old records and family data to the benefit of everyone.  She will leave a void that cannot be filled. 

Mary Lou Jacobson
Mary Lou died unexpectedly on October 28, 2001.
She was a devoted genealogist who loved researching
and sharing her discoveries with others.  Mary Lou
was a friend to Hamilton County researchers and
contributed many items to this site.  

This kind and generous woman will be missed.

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