Descendants of John T. Taylor

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JOHN T. TAYLOR was born 12 May 1807 in Smith/DeKalb Co, TN, the son of SAMUEL and NANCY (Rose??) TAYLOR SR. He died 7 July 1884 in White County, Illinois. He is believed to be buried in Springerton Cemetery, White County. He married 24 May 1825 in Vanderburg Co, Indiana to MARY MAGDALENE MCGEHEE.  John's father and mother, Samuel and Nancy Taylor, consented for his marriage. They lived first in Scott Township and later in Armstrong Township, Vanderburg County, Indiana. Sometime during the mid 1850's, they moved to the Springerton-Mill
Shoals area of White Co, Illinois. Some members of this family lived in Beaver Creek Twp, Hamilton Co, Illinois which borders White County on the west. Many of John's grandchildren died at a young age and are buried in the
Springerton Cemetery. Many of them died of tuberculosis or from an epidemic that struck the area. Several cholera epidemics occurred in the early 1800's.

The children of John T. and Mary Magdalene (McGehee) Taylor are:

1. TAYLOR, HYRUM/HIRAM - Born 26 Jan 1824 in Vanderburg Co, IN; died 14 May 1855 in Hamilton Co, Illinois; Married 4 Aug 1846 to VIANA D DAVIS in Hamilton Co, Illinois, the daughter of Jane Davis; MILTON TAYLOR, his brother, was administrator of his estate which was probated 18 June 1855. His personal property was appraised at 247 dollars and his real estate at 431 dollars. Hirum was only 31 years old at the time of his death. It is believed he is buried in Springerton Cemetery, White Co, Illinois. His widow remarried on 2 Aug 1855 to William Leroy THOMAS in Hamilton Co., Illinois. His first wife, Evelyn YORK had died a few years earlier. Vianna had several sons by William L Thomas: Wade W Thomas, Jasper Thomas, Dorinda Thomas and Samantha Thomas.  Hiram worked at various jobs including working with timber and farming. He started buying land in 1851 in Beaver Creek Township, Hamilton Co, Illinois. His children were:

  A. TAYLOR, JOHN JOSEPH - twin, Born 11 Oct 1848; He lived with his grandparents, John and Maggie Taylor, in 1860 as did his cousin, Jacob Meni, Cynthia TAylor's son. He married 7 March 1879 to Susan WHEELER.

  B. TAYLOR, WILLIAM CALVIN - twin, born 11 Oct 1848 in Hamilton Co, IL near Enfield (White Co, IL). In 1860 he was living with the Eli YORK family, as were his brothers Hosea, Warner, Lewis and the six Thomas children. He married 3 Oct 1872 to Lucinda OLIVER born 1858 Indiana. He is the one mentioned in the following deed:

Note: Hamilton Co, IL: S.W. Oliver and Rettie his wife of Hamilton Co, IL, LUCINDA TAYLOR AND
W. C. TAYLOR her husband of Jefferson Co, IL, Mary and F.S Venerable her husband, Quit Claim to C.N. YORK of Beaver Creek, 11-8-1890, Book 59 p 130. Wit: H. T. RANKIN.

William C Taylor died 14 March 1899 Mt Vernon Illinois.  William and Lucinda had at least the following children:

  1) TAYLOR, OSCAR M - Born 1873 Hamilton Co, IL
  2) TAYLOR, JOHN W. - Born 1877 Hamilton Co, IL
  3) TAYLOR, IDA - Born 5 May 1879 Hamilton Co, IL
  4) TAYLOR, SARENA ALICE - Born 19 March 1880 Ham. Co.
  5) TAYLOR, WALTER - Born 1883 Hamilton Co, IL
  6) TAYLOR, MARY ETHEL - Born 1885 Mt Vernon, IL.
  7) TAYLOR, CHARLES - Born 1889 Mt Vernon, IL
  8) TAYLOR, ELSIE born 1893 Mt Vernon, IL

  C. TAYLOR, HOSEA MARTIN - Born 19 Feb 1851. He was living with the Lemuel GLASCOW family in 1870. Hosea married to Mary Annice Taylor COOK born 1857. She was the daughter of CHARLES TAYLOR, son of SAMUEL TAYLOR JR. He obtained land in Hamilton Co, IL from W. E. Glasgow and wife, son of Lemuel Glasgo, quit Claim deed, 25 Nov 1872, Book S p 444, W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 12 T4S Range 7E.

  D. TAYLOR, WARNER ADAM - Born 23 April 1853. His name is also listed as WARREN TAYLOR. Died 25 July 1929, INA, Illinois; married 1) 19 March 1870 Hamilton Co, IL to ANNA FRANCES DRISCAL.

Their children were:

  2) TAYLOR, HIRAM MONROE - Born 1873
  3) TAYLOR, DARCUS - Born 1874
  4) TAYLOR, ESTHER born 1877
  5) TAYLOR, LETHA - Born 11 Dec 1880.

Warner Adam Taylor married 2) Amanda SHELTON in 1893 and had:

  6) TAYLOR, WILLIAM LEROY - Born 1894.

  E. TAYLOR, LEWIS - Born 1856 Lewis was born about eight months after his father's death. Probate records indicate that he shared in his father's estate. According to the census records of Big MOund Township in Wayne Co,
IL, for 1880, he was living with his uncle, MILTON A. TAYLOR and his wife. Married 1)? Married 2) Sarah YOUNG, born 1865 Wayne Co, IL d/o of Martha Harris and Johnson Young.

2. TAYLOR, MILTON ASBURY - Born 17 Oct 1825 Vanderburg Co, IN; married 1) 14 Aug 1850 to Nancy Little HADEN (born 15 Aug 1823; died Dec 1869) She was the daughter of Mary NULL and SAmuel LITTLE; married 2) to Amanda M. WATKINS. Milton A Taylor lived in Hamilton Co, Illinois in 1850.   In 1860, he lived
in White County, Illinois and was a mill owner. By 1880, he had moved to Wayne Co, IL.

Note: White County, Il Court Papers:
MILTON A TAYLOR (Deft) vs Richard UPTON, Plaintiff, Appeal 1861 Box 118. Hamilton Co, IL Court Papers:
M. A. TAYLOR etal vs. HILL, Use of Storm brothers 2-1885, Box 91 No 28.

Note: White Co, Illinois Deeds:
Milton A. Taylor and Nancy his wife to William J Musgrave 25 Feb 1857, E 1/2 SW 1/4 and NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 18 Twp 4S Range 8E, 107 acres.

William J. Musgrave and Sabry his wife to Milton A TAylor, $700, NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 9 Twp 4S Range 8E and SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 9 T4S R8E, 80 acres.

Milton A TAylor to Miles Carter 22 Feb 1861, Book R p 688. I also have some Hamilton co deeds for him.  Milton Asbury Taylor had the following children:

  A. TAYLOR, MAGDALINE - Born 15 July 1851; married 26 Feb 1872 to WESLEY SMITH.

  B. TAYLOR, MARY - Born 26 Sept 1853; married 19 Dec 1871; died 7 Aug 1934 buried Koontz Cemetery. She married JAMES ANDREW BRIDGES, born 9 Sept 1850 Bowling Green, KY He died 5 May 1926 Big Mound, Wayne Co, IL. They had 11 children.

    1) BRIDGES, MARGARET E. - Born 1874; Married___ANDERSON.
    2) BRIDGES, MILTON A. - Born 1877 IL.
    4) BRIDGES, male child
    5) BRIDGES, male child - died young
    6) BRIDGES, LOYD - lived in Fairfield, IL.
    7) BRIDGES, MILLIE - Born 1880; married 31 Jan 1901 to GEORGE MARSH (born 1876)
    8) BRIDGES, AMANDA MYRTLE - Born 1885; lived Albion, IL.; married RAYMOND D LEACH (born 1886).
    9) BRIDGES, DORA - Born 1887; Lived Mt Erie, IL; married 18 March 1908 to Carlies C CLINE.
   10) BRIDGES, MARY - Lived East St Louis, married_ HOLLINGSWORTH.
   11) BRIDGES, CHARLES - Born 1890; Lived Big Mound, IL; Married 10 June1913 to Stella ATKINSON.

  C. TAYLOR, MALINDA - Born 31 March 1856; married Martin Columbus SLUDER (born 1835 IN). Had at least:

   1) SLUDER, MAUDE - Born March 1877 (or 1880?) IL; married 25 Jan 1899 to James A GREENWOOD in Wayne Co, IL.

  D. TAYLOR, HIRAM - Born 18 July 1858; died 25 Dec 1937; married 1) 22 Feb 1877 to Mary C Smith Poweless, and married 2) Maria Stephens on 24 Aug 1922. Hiram had a dau Grace Mae Taylor who married Wm PEER and whose family moved to St Joseph Co, Indiana. He also had a daughter Maude Adeline Taylor who
married Curtis Elmer ATKINSON

  E. TAYLOR, MAHALA - Born 23 July 1861 MILTON ASBURY TAYLOR married 2) after 1861 to AMANDA M. ___ (born 1831 IL. They adopted JAMES TAYLOR's son before he was 3 years old. James was the son of WILLIAM TAYLOR (Milton's uncle), John T. Taylor's older brother.

3. TAYLOR, RANE C. (his middle name was either Chastain or Carter) - Born 25 Jan 1828 in Vanderburg Co, Indiana; died 1903 in Beaver Creek Township, Hamilton Co, IL (according to his wife's obituary in 1908); married 28 July 1850 in Vanderburg Co, IN to CAROLINE NEWMAN. The following is her obituary  found in "The Times" of Hamilton Co, IL dated 1908:

"'AUNT' CAROLINE TAYLOR of Beaver Creek Twp was born August 18, 1834 in Armstrong Co (typo this should be Twp, not Co), Ind.; Married Wren (Rane) C. TAYLOR in 1849. Had 3 boys and 6 girls. All lived to be grown and married. Raised 3 children not her own. Her husband died in 1903 She had 42 grandchildren and 72 great-grandchildren She is buried in the Springerton Cemetery, White County, Illinois."

RANE C TAYLOR was administrator of his uncle WILLIAM TAYLOR's estate in White County, Illinois on which papers he is listed as his "nephew". I have a few Hamilton Co, IL deeds for him.

Rane C. and Caroline (Newman) Taylor had the following childen:

  A. TAYLOR, CATHERINE (KATE) - Born 1850; married JOHN D. THOMAS and had:

   1) THOMAS, HENRIETTE - married William OLIVER.
   2) THOMAS, GEORGE - married Luette FUQUA.
   3) THOMAS, ADA - married Matthew SPRINGER.
   4) THOMAS, MATTIE - born 24 Dec 1881; married Willie MCINTOSH.
   5) THOMAS, LETHA - married Blaine NEWBY.
   6) THOMAS, RESSIE - born 17 May 1890; married ALONZO NEWBY.
   7) THOMAS, ANNIE - married John MCINTOSH.
   8) THOMAS, HATTIE - married Felix SMITH
   9) THOMAS, AMARIAH (AM) - married Mattie M. LASSATER. They had children: Cott Thomas, Paul Thomas, Clell Vernice Thomas, Mattie Edith Thomas Amariah Thomas married 2) to Frieda Bowles and had: Charles D Thomas.
   10) THOMAS, SILAS - Not married
   11) THOMAS, MATT - died young.

  B. TAYLOR, MARY MAGDALINE - Born 1852; Believed to have married ____RANKINS; She may have also married I. W. SMITH by 1898 (due to deed dated 26 April 1898 from Rane C Taylor to Mary M Smith for 10 acres, $1.00) Also deed to COLUMBUS M TAYLOR from Mary M. Smith and husband I. W. Smith of SToddard Co, MO, for $130, 10 acres on 8 Oct 1899. I only know of one child that we think was hers.
   1) RANKIN, JEFFERSON - Born April 1876. He was raised by his grandparents Rane and Caroline.

  C. TAYLOR, EMALINE - Born May 1856; married 28 Aug 1873 to HENRY TAYLOR RANKINS( born 9 Jan 1854; died 23 Aug 1920); buried Springer Cemetery, Hamilton Co, IL. His obituary refers to him as "Squire Rankins as he was familiarly called". The obituary states that he was a member of the Mormon

Their children were:

   1) RANKIN, CAROLINE - Born April 1876; married ____THOMAS and 2) Jim WILSON.
   2) RANKIN, HENRIETTE (RETTIE) - Born Aug 1886 IL; married Frank BECKER.
   3) RANKIN, GRACE - Born June 180; married 24 June 1911 to Evert A WHITING Wayne Co, IL;
   4) RANKIN, ELDON - married Halley CARTER
   5) RANKINS, RENA or RANE - born Nov 1896 IL.

  D. TAYLOR, AMARIAH (AM) - Born 1852; died before 5 Dec 1898 when his estate was filed in Hamilton Co, IL. Henry T. RANKINS was his administrator. This estate listed his children and their birth dates. Amariah bought land from his father in 1892. He married 8 May 1881 to Mary E HILL. They had two sets of twins that died young. Amariah and his wife are buried in Missouri (but I do not know where)

Their children were:

  1) TAYLOR, CARRIE - Born 1881; married Chester WHITE; One record lists her as "Caroline" born 3 March 1894 - so I don't know which is correct.
  2) TAYLOR, FRANKIE - Born March 1882; married HARVE GILLHAN.
  3) TAYLOR, PEARL - Born 27 Oct 1886; died 28 Nov 1958; married HARVEY SMITH ON 1 Nov 1905 Wayne Co, IL.
  4) TAYLOR, JOHN (PAP) CLEVELAND - Born 3 March 1893; died 30 Aug 1978; married Rose Mary WOODROW (born 22 Jan 1900 died 1985). Both are buried in Springerton Cemetery. He lived with Henry Taylor Rankin in 1900 Beaver Creek Twp.

Note: Amariah is recorded as living in Mill Shoals, White Co, Illinois in a Hamilton Co., Deed (DB 67 p 391) in which he and his wife sold land to L.(or S?) W. Oliver of Beaver Creek.

  E. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) - Born 1862; married JOHN ROCKETT; He was born 12 April 1858. He was her cousin, son of Rane's sister, Rachel (Taylor) Rockett.

   2) ROCKETT, RENA (RANE). He may be the R.C. Rockett whose little dau Vivian picked up a gun, playing, thinking it unloaded, shot off the rifle, killing her two-year old brother, saying "Watch me shoot". R. C Rockett had
been using the rifle to kill a wolf who had been seen prowling about the neighborhood.

   F. TAYLOR, ANGELINE SARA - Born 15 April 1864; died 3 March 1954; Married 1 May 1881 to JAMES ROCKETT JR, born 26 June 1860; Died 23 Dec 1946. He was her cousin, son of Rane's sister, Rachel.

Their children were:

   1) ROCKETT, STELLA - married Joe NELSON.
   2) ROCKETT, EFFIE - born 29 Sept 1883; died 9 Feb 1957; Buried Springerton, Il.
   3) ROCKETT, JOHN H. - Born 1886; married twice
   4) ROCKETT, JESSE CLEVELAND - Born 9 Dec 1888; died 15 Sept 1972; married Anna MARTIN. She was the granddau of Rane's brother, Benjamin TAYLOR.
   5) ROCKETT, MAGGIE - Born 24 Sept 1892; married 24 Oct 1908 to Cloyd Commodore MALONE; born 26 April 1883. Buried in Enfield, White County, Illinois.
   6) ROCKETT, ALMA B. - Born 1895; died 1900; buried in the Springer
Cemetery, Hamilton Co, Illinois.
   7) ROCKETT, EVA EDITH - Born 26 May 189; died 15 June 19790; Married
Orville HENSON.
   8) ROCKETT, RUFUS - Born 1901; died 1902; Buried in the Springer
   9) ROCKETT, DELPHA - Born 1903; died 12 Sept 1979; Spouse Obie HENSON.

  G. TAYLOR, JEANETTE (NETTIE) - Born 20 March 1867; died 3 Aug 1944 in Piggott, Clay Co., Arkansas; Married 7 April 1884 to JOHN FRANKLIN STALLINGS (born 6 March 1863 Texas City, Saline Co, IL). He was the son of William Stallings and Angeline Reeves. John received 10 acres of land from Rane C. Taylor on 30 Nov 1893. I have a copy of Jeannette's obituary which states she was a member of the Mormon Church.

   1) STALLINGS, ALBERT EUGENE - Born Feb 1885.
   2) STALLINGS, RUFUS - Born April 1887.
   3) STALLINGS, CHARLES - Born Aug 1889; married Ethel WOODROW. Had children Woodrow, Maureen, Lawrence, and Curtis.
   4) STALLINGS, HAYWOOD (JODY) ROSCOE - Born ca 1891.
   5) STALLINGS, MARGARET - Born Feb 1892.
   6) STALLINGS, TROY - Born Aug 1894
   7) STALLINGS, OTTO - Born Dec 1896.
   8) STALLINGS, MAYMIE L.. - Born March 1900; married ____YATES. Had child Joy Yates who married a LORIMER.
   9) STALLINGS, CORA - Born ca 1905; married __Mowery.
 10) STALLINGS, MACEL - Born ca 1907; died between 1934 and 1944.
 11) STALLINGS, MILLIGE - Born ca 1910; died 1925

   H. TAYLOR, AMOS - Born 15 Dec 1869 Hamilton Co, Il; died 16 March 1952 Hamilton Co, IL in the Fairfield Hospital. Buried Springer Cemetery; Married 17 Sept 1891 to FLORA MAE UPTON (born 5 July 1873 died 10 Jan 1936). She was the daughter of JOHN H UPTON and his wife ANN ELIZA DERRICK.

Their children were:

   1) TAYLOR, DELBERT R. - Born 2 June 1892; died 16 Nov 1950; married Maud THACKERY (born 14 Oct 1894; died 8 Jan 1988) Buried in Springer Cemetery. Children: Easter Marie, Donald C., Delmar Ernest, Curtis Denzil and Susie May Taylor.
   2) TAYLOR, infant - Born and died 1894.
   3) TAYLOR, HENRY A. Born 2-8-1896; died 28 Nov 1957; married Minnie WHITING, lived in Peoria, IL. Had at least: Renice and Charles Taylor.
   4) TAYLOR, JOHN H. - Born May 1899
   5) TAYLOR, MILDA - twin - Born 1901; died 1961; married Franase SOUTH. Had: Dwight, Maxine, and Junior
   6) TAYLOR, MINDA - twin - Born 1901; died as an infant.
   7) TAYLOR, RENNA - Born 1906; died 19 Jan 1981; married to IMA JEAN WEAVER. Children: Daniel Webster, Goldie, Cleatus, Judy, and Patricia.
   8) TAYLOR, JOHN HERMAN - Born 24 May 1899; died 1968; married Isia MORRIS; Had dau Shirley Taylor.
   9) TAYLOR, SARAH ELIZABETH - Born 5 July 1904; married Raymond WISLEY; 2) Elmo WEAVER.
 10) TAYLOR, AMOS - Born 14 Nov 1906;
 11) TAYLOR, MACIE - Born 14 Nov 1906; married Fred SHUSTER. Children: Carl, Robert, Donald, Bertha.

4. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH - Born 23 Jan 1830 IN; daughter of John T. and Mary Magdalene (McGehee) TAYLOR. Married 12 Aug 1846 in Vanderburg County, Indiana to JAMES ROSE, born 1822 died 18 Dec 1860. They had at least:

   A. ROSE, LOUISA M. - Born 23 July 1847 in Indiana; died 18 July 1901; Buried Kitty Sweeten Cemetery, White Co., Illinois. Married 21 April 1864 to JOHN N. NULL (he was the administrator of the estate of L. L. Taylor on 27 May 1897. 

Their children were:

     1) NULL, WILLIAM JESSE T.. - Born Nov 1867 White Co, IL; married 1) Mary E. CLEVENGER; married 2) on 18 Sept 1809 to WINNIE MCGEHEE. aa. Null, Stella - Born July 1891. bb. Null, Ivy, born Aug 1897. cc. Null, Nancy M - Born Jan 1899. dd. Null, ___ - died before 1900.
     2) NULL, PHILLIP L. or C. - Born Aug 1871; died 1953, Buried Kitty Sweeten Cemetery, White Co, IL; married Louisa or Laura J. WORTHENS, b 1871 died 1955.
     3) NULL, ALBERT W. - Born 1877
     4) NULL, WINNIE R. - Born ca 1870; married 17 Dec 1898 in White Co, IL to Joseph STOVE.

   B. ROSE, MARY CATHERINE - Born 1852 IL; married 26 Sept 1878 White Co, IL to John Martin MILLER, born 1860; died 1921 buried Kitty Sweeten Cemetery. Louisa and Mary were raised by their Rose grandparents after Elizabeth's death.

   C. ROSE, WILLIAM - Born 1854 White Co, IL; married first on 10 July 1875 in White co, Il to LYDIA E TAYLOR, born Dec 1859 died before 1879 the daughter of CHARLES TAYLOR and the granddaughter of SAMUEL TAYLOR JR. Married 2) Margaret Elizabeth BOYER. 1) ROSE, Mary - Born 1877 IL.

5. TAYLOR, BENJAMIN H. - Born 20 Nov 1831 in Vanderburg Co, IN to JOHN T. and MARY MAGDALINE (MCGEHEE) TAYLOR. Married 1 Feb 1853 to MARY ANN ROCKETT (born 22 March 1835; died 13 March 1905); Benjamin died 24 March 1900; Both buried Springerton Cemetery, White Co, Illinois. Mary Ann Rockett was the sister of Benjamin's sister, Rachel (Taylor) Rockett's husband, James Rockett. They had:

  A. TAYLOR, A. F. W. (nothing known about him).

  B. TAYLOR, GEORGE W. - He was still alive at his father's death.

  C. TAYLOR, JOHN C. - Born 25 May 1856; died 13 Oct 1879, at age 23 years. He is buried in Springerton Cemetery. He killed when he was thrown from his horse in Hamilton Co, Illinois. He was married, but I don't know to whom.

  D. TAYLOR, RACHEL - Born 25 Oct 1857; died 25 Sept 1860, almost 3 yearsold.

  E. TAYLOR, SUSAN - Born 25 May 1860; died near or in Wabash, Indiana; Married WILLIAM J. QUINN. F. TAYLOR, JOSEPH - Born 18 Dec 1862; died 31 March 1883 at age 20 years, married J. A. ____.

  F. TAYLOR, BELL R. - Born___; died 5 Aug 1877. G. TAYLOR, SARAH - Born 13 Nov 1864; Died 29 Feb 1944. Buried Old Springer Cemetery, Hamilton Co, IL; married 10 June 1883 to MARCUS or MARQUIS MARTIN, son of LYDIA JANE TAYLOR and ELLISON MARTIN. Lydia was the daughter of WILLIAM TAYLOR (BORN 1801, brother of John T. Taylor) They had 7 children.

  H. TAYLOR, HENRY - Born 11 Dec 1866 (twin); died 30 oct 1867 almost 1 yearold.

  I. TAYLOR, JAMES H or S. - Born 11 Dec 1866 (twin); died 25 Jan 1889, at age 22 years. He married Eliza J PORTER on 1 Sept 1887 in Wayne Co, IL.

  J. TAYLOR, RANE - Born 8 July 1868; died 8 June 1886 at age 18 years of age.

  K. TAYLOR, MARTIN - Born 14 May 1870; died 19 June 1939 an is buried in Springerton Cemetery, White Co, IL; Married Mary A. WADKINS (born 25 May 1869). Had at least:

   1) TAYLOR, Pearlie Mabel - Born 1 July 1895.

  L. TAYLOR, CATHERINE - Born 17 Jan 1872; died 6 Sept 1960; Buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Hamilton Co, Il; Married William MCNEELEY. 

Their children were:

    1) MCNEELEY, HOWARD - Born Feb 1888 IL
    2) MCNEELEY, MARY E. - Born 1890
    3) MCNEELEY, JAMES M. - Born Sept 1893 IL
    4) MCNEELEY, ALMA A. - Born Sept 1896. This family was on the 1900 Beaver Creek Twp, Hamilton Co., Illinois census.

  M. TAYLOR, WILLIAM B. - Born 10 Aug 1874; died 31 Jan 1885 at age 10 years old.

6. TAYLOR, RACHEL - Born 10 Feb 1834 in Vanderburg Co, IN, daughter of JOHN T. and MARY MAGDALINE (MCGEHEE) TAYLOR; died after 1910; Rachel and her husband can be found on the 1850 census of Vanderburg Co, IN and on the 1860 and 1870. In 1870, her husband is not listed, so we do not know if he had died or was off working somewhere at the time the census was taken. Legend has it that he was buried in a horse lot in Posey County, Indiana. Rachel married 2) CHARLES MENI in 1880. On the 1900 census she was living with her daughter Maggie and her husband Ben Overfield in White County, Illinois and in 1910 she was living with her son James Rockett, Jr.   She accidently burned to death when her clothes caught fire after backing up to the
fireplace. She is supposed to be buried in the Springer Cemetery in Hamilton Co., Illinois. She was living with her son James at the time near Bungay, Hamilton Co, Illinois.

Rachel married first to JAMES ROCKETT SR on 8 Feb 1850 Vanderburg Co, IN; Married 2) CHARLES MENI/MENY on 17 Feb 1880. He was a widower, the son of John George Menu of Germany and the brother of Franklin Meno who married Rachel's sister, Cynthia Taylor.

  A.  ROCKETT, JESSE - Born 1853 IN; died 6 Dec 1897 in Equality, IL; Married 19 Dec 1877 to Elizabeth (Lizzie) MENI born 1857 IN. Lizzie was the daughter of Charles Meni (now spelled Meny). Had children Theresa, Charles Jesse, Nancy Cecelia, James Samuel, and Hattie Lovena.

  B. ROCKETT, MARIA - Born 1856 IN; married 1st 12 Dec 1877 to JOHN ROCKETT; died before 1880; On the 1880 census, Maria is found living with her brother, James Rockett. She married 2) to Daniel A MILLER of Princeton, Gibson Co, IN. 

Their child was:

    1) ROCKETT, JAMES - Born 1879.

  C. ROCKETT, JOHN - Born 12 april 1858 IN; died 27 May 1934; Buried Springer Cemetery, Hamilton Co, IL; Married first ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) TAYLOR (born 1862). She was his cousin, daughter of Rane Taylor, Rachel's older brother.

Their children were:

     1) ROCKETT, RENA - Born 1882; married 1907 to VIOLA__.
     2) ROCKETT, GILBERT - Born 1885 IL; Married 1909 to MELISSA___. John Rockett married secondly to LOUVINA OR MELVINA (VINA) UPTON born 1867.
     3) ROCKETT, HERSHELL - Born 1895
     4) ROCKETT, NORMAN - Born 1897
     5) ROCKETT, PEARLIE - Born 1898
     6) ROCKETT, ANN - Born 1900
     7) ROCKETT, MARY XINN - Born 1903
     8) ROCKETT, CORA - Born 1904
     9) ROCKETT, LU ELLEN - Born 1905

  D. ROCKETT, JAMES JR - Born 26 June 1860; died 23 Dec 1946; Buried Springer Cemetery, Hamilton Co, IL; married 1 May 1881 to ANGELINE TAYLOR (Dau of Rane Taylor).

  E. ROCKETT, MAGGIE - Born Jan 1863; died 1925; First married ____THOMAS; married 2) on 10 Nov 1897 to ABNER OVERFIELD (born Aug 1846; died 1925). Maggie and Abner are both buried in the Springerton Cemetery.

  F. ROCKETT, NANCY (NANNIE) - Born 1865; married 15 May 1886 to SAMUEL MONTGOMERY. Nannie was living in Haubstadt, Il in 1946

7. TAYLOR, CYNTHIA - Born 17 Jan 1838; Married 1) 2 July 1853 to FRANKLIN MENI/MENY (born 1831 died before 19 July 1859 Hamilton Co, IL. Franklin's will was written on 20 Sept 1857 and probated on 19 July 1859. Since Cynthia and her daughter Nancy were not found on the 1860 census, there is the possibility that they may both havedied shortly after Frank did. Jake Meni was raised by his Taylor grandparents. He was already living with them in 1860 when the census was taken.

Vanderburg Co, IN Misc Record Book A
"I, Cynthia Meni, of County of Hamilton, make and appoint MILTON A. TAYLOR of County of White and State of Illinois my lawful collect and demand receive all of the one third part of the money due FRANKLIN MENI from the estate of his father JOHN GEORGE MENI of the State of Indiana. Dated 10 Oct 1859."

Cynthia married 2) to GEORGE BOLSOVER (born 1827). When Cynthia, died, he married to a woman named ELIZA THOMAS and had at least two daughters: Temperance (married Gershbacher) and Carrie (married A.W. McNeeley).

  A. MENI, JACOB - Born 16 Nov 1853; died 28 Dec 1885; He is buried in Springerton Cemetery, White County, Illinois. In 1880 he and his family were living with his Taylor grand- parents. He was listed as a farmer. He married ca 1871 to Josephine R. ___ (born 23 April 1855; died 10 Jan 1912. She is also buried in Springerton Cemetery under the name "JOSEPHINE UPTON".

Their children were:

   1) MENI, LOUISA J.. - Born 1872
   2) MENI, WILLIAM FRANKLIN - Born Jan 1879
   3) MENI, EUNICE M. - Born Oct 1882
   4) MENI, HETTIE - Born Oct 1884 After Jacob's death Josephine married 2) to a WADE. They had one child Warner H Wade born 1888. She married third to JAMES B UPTON (born 10 Feb 1830; died July 1890).

B. MENI, NANCY C. - Born ca 1855

C. MENI, ELIZABETH - ca 1857; died before 1859.

8. TAYLOR, JUDITH K. - Born 13 May 1840; died 14 Aug 1841.

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