Descendants of Pleasant Cross
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Descendants of Pleasant Cross

Generation No. 1

1.  PLEASANT1 CROSS was born April 19, 1799 in Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia, and died March 16, 1868 in McLeansboro, Hamilton county, Illinois.  He married (1) ELMIRA STACY.  She was born July 19, 1803 in Tennessee, and died March 19, 1846 in Middle Creek, Hamilton County, Illinois.  He married (2) KISIAH STACY.  She died Abt. 1855 in Middle Creek, Hamilton County, Illinois.  He married (3) SUSAN MCCALLEY.    He married (4) CHASY A. KING.  She died Abt. November 1867 in Middle Creek, Hamilton County, Illinois.

Notes for Pleasant Cross:
1850 Census:
619/619:  Pleasant Cross, age 57, m, Millwright, b. GA
Kissiah, age 28, f, b. TN
Pleasant, age 16, m, b. TN
Elmira, age 14, f, b. TN
Nancy I., age 12, f, b. TN
Laura A., age 10, f, b. IL
Mary J., age 7, f, b. IL
STASEY, Silvia L., age
6, f, b. TN
CROSS, Asiel, age 21, f, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 21, f, b. TN
Emaline, age 7, b. IL
Thomas J., age 5, m, b. IL
Lydia, age 3, b. IL

In 1860, Pleasant is living in the household of Wesley, Goens, his son-in-law.
1860 Census, Hamilton Co., IL:
1329/1329: Wesley Goens, age 29, m, Farmer, $400, $250, b. TN
Elmira, age 24, f, b. TN
CROSS, Lurena, age 21, f, Domestic, b. TN
John W., age 4, m, b. IL
William J., age 2, m, b. IL
CROSS, Plesant, age 62, m., House Carpenter

From: McLeansboro Times, March 2, 1871: Pleasant Cross; admr. Asle Cross and adrx. Elizabeth Cross. pub. Notice dated 27 Jan 1871
From: Dahlgren Echo, September 1, 1910: Family of Pleasant Cross: 125 Descendants of Pleasant Cross met at Middle Creek last Sunday.  He was born in 1799, came to Hamilton Co. in 1840, and died in 1868.


2.            i.     PLEASANT MARION2 CROSS, b. January 08, 1833, Tennessee; d. March 04, 1891, 
  McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois. (See below).

              ii.     ANGELINA CROSS, b. March 24, 1821.

             iii.     LUCINDA CROSS, b. March 04, 1822.

             iv.     MATILDA CROSS, b. May 19, 1823.

             v.     JOHN CALVIN CROSS, b. September 02, 1825.
  From: McLeansboro Times, 31 Jan 1872.  John C. Cross. D. M. Maulding, admr. of estate. pub. 
  Notice.  From: McLeansboro Times, 30 May 1873. John C. Cross; Admr. Maulding pub. Notice of 
  Sale of Land.
  1870 Census, Hamilton Co., IL;
  199/190: John C. Cross, age 44, m, farmer, $12000, $1200, b. TN
  Nancy, age 35, f, Keeping house, b. TN
  Elmira, age 19, f, b. IL
  James C., age 17, farm laborer, b. IL
  F. M., age 15, m, farm laborer, b. IL
  J. L., age 12, m, farm laborer, b. IL
  A. M., age 9, m, b. IL
  Flora, age 7, f, b. IL
  Silas, age 4, m, b. IL
  Adren, age 2, m,. b. IL
  Brids, age 4/12, m, b. IL
  L. A., age 27, f, Domestic Servant, b. IL

             vi.     CHRISTOPHER C. CROSS, b. January 08, 1827.

            vii.     ELIZABETH CROSS, b. September 22, 1829.

           viii.     SARAH CROSS, b. September 06, 1831; d. October 9, 1919; m. Charles D. Epperson  
November 30, 1848 in Hamilton Co., IL.
  From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 178: 
  Pub: Times, 16 Oct 1919: Sarah O. Cross Epperson, b. 06 Sep 1831, Jackson Co., TN; d. 09 Oct 
  1919, at home in McLeansboro, IL.  Married Charles D. Epperson at age of 17; 10 children, 3 dead: 
  K. T., Tobita and Charles D., all dead.  7 children survive: P. M., J. W., J. C., R. E., W. J. & Elmira.
  1860 Hamilton Co., IL Census:
  1333/1333: Charles Epperson, age 33, m, Farmer, $500, $300, b. TN
  Sarah E., age 29, f. b. TN
  Pleasant M., age 11, m, b. TN
  Joshua, age 9, m, b. IL
  John W., age 8, m, b. IL
  Charles D., age 3, m, b. IL
  Mary A., age 2/12, f, b. IL
  Sylvia L. STACY, age 15, f, Domestic, b. TN

             ix.     ELMIRA CROSS, b. March 27, 1835; d. January 26, 1926;  m. 1. Wesley Goin 2. Jacob Leonard 
   Myers 3. Ezekiel Taylor.  
   From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 259:
   Pub. Times, 28 Jan 1926.  Mrs. Elmira Cross Goin Myers Taylor died 26 Jan 1926, aged about 75 
   years  at her home in Dahlgren.  Married Charles Goin; 2 children survive: Mrs. Ella Mitchell & 
   Charles Goin.  (Married Jacob Leonard Myers). Married Ezekial Taylor.  He died abt 1923.  She 
   was interred at Middle Creek.

             x.     NANCY CROSS, b. December 08, 1837.

             xi.     LURIA ANN CROSS, b. March 28, 1839; d. August 19, 1921
   From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 197:  
   Pub. Dahlgren Echo, 15 Aug 1921: Loura Ann Cross b. 28 Mar 1839; d. 19 Aug 1921, daughter of 
   Pleasant & Elmira Cross.  Leaves one sister: Mrs. Nancy Williams of Mt. Vernon, IL.

            xii.     MARY JANE CROSS, b. November 03, 1843. 


           xiii.     JONATHAN2 CROSS.

Children of PLEASANT CROSS and CHASY KING are:

           xiv.     JEANETTE ADALINE2 CROSS, b. January 17, 1862.

            xv.     ROBERT CROSS, b. Abt. 1867.  

Generation No. 2

2.  PLEASANT MARION2 CROSS (PLEASANT1) was born January 08, 1833 in Tennessee, and died March 04, 1891 in McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois.  He married SARAH ANN WILLIAMS, August 4, 1856 in Hamilton Co., IL.  She was born March 20, 1835 in Tennessee, and died June 24, 1903 in Hamilton County Illinois.


1860 Census, Hamilton Co., IL:
1332/1332: Marion Cross, age 27, m. farmer, $1000, $200, b. TN
Sarah A., age 25, f, b. TN
Pleasant W., age 3, m, b. IL
Gilbert W., age 2, m, b. IL
John R., age 3/12, m, b. IL
MYERS, William, age 24, m, b. IL

1870 Census, Hamilton Co., IL:
207/198: P. M. Cross, age 37, m, farmer, $2000, $800, b. TN
Sarah A., age 35, f, keeping house, b. TN
Pleasant, age 13, m, farm laborer, b. IL
G. W., age 11, m, farm laborer, b. IL
John R., age 10, m. b. IL
Eliza (or Eliya), 8, f, b. IL
G. A., age 8, f. IL
AUSTIN, Louisa, age 19, f, domestic servant, b. IL

Burial: Middle Creek, Hamilton County, Illinois   

From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 40
Pub. Times, 06 Mar 1891; Marion Cross.  Old and respected citizen d. 05 Mar 1891 at his home 4 miles west of McLeansboro, IL of pneumonia.

More About Sarah Ann Williams:
From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 78
Pub. Times, 27 Jun 1902: Sarah A. Williams Cross Nation. B. 20 Mar 1835; d. 24 Jun 1902, Dahlgren Twp.; dau. of Wylie & Mahala Williams, early settlers.  She married Pleasant M. Cross, 14 Au 1856; 4 children: Pleasant M., Gilbert W., John R., and Eliza M.  Married John H. Nation of Dahlgren Twp. abt 6 years ago.  Interred at Middle Creek.


              i.     PLEASANT WALTER3 CROSS, b. June 21, 1857; m. NANCY JONES CLOAR.
  From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 426:
  Pub. Times-Leader, August 22, 1940.  Nancy Jones Coar (or Cloar) Cross. b. 30 Nov 1861, White  
  Co., TN; d. 18 Aug 1940, at home near Dahlgren.  Came to Ill. as a girl.  Married Pleasant Walter 
  Cross, 14 Nov 1877--he died 1925; 13 children, 4 dead: Ora, Bertie, Cloyd & Willie all dead; 9 
  children survive: Rosier, Rice, Elmer, Marshall, Annie, Carton, Harry, Golda & Thelma.  1 sister. 
  dead: Betty Epperson.  Leaves 4 half-bros: George of Portland, Oregon, Rice, James & Johnson all 
  of Texas; 1 half-sister: Ollie of Texas.  Flower girls were grandchildren & great grandchildren: Laura 
  Risley, Helen Hindertiter, Mary Tennyson, Lela Overby, Luella Nersison, Nina Kelley, Alene Carrol, 
  Edna Crawford, Nellie Carr, Madeline Tolley, Gene Mayberry, Lois Cross, Allie Carnahan, Ebadean 
  Ward, Marjorie Risley and Judith Caranhann.  Interred at Middle Creek Cemetery.

              ii.     GILBERT WILEY CROSS, b. October 14, 1858; d. June 29, 1914, Middle Creek, Hamilton 
   County, Illinois; m. EMILY CATES, December 25, 1881; d. August 22, 1914.
   From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 354:
   Pub. Times-Leader July 4, 1935.  Gilbert W. Cross. b. 14 Oct 1858, Hamilton Co.; d. 29 June 
   1935 at home of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Irvin, near Middle Creek Church; son of Pleasant Marion 
   and Sarah Ann Williams Cross. Married Miss Emily Cates, December 25, 1881; she died August 22, 
   1914; four children: Mrs. Florence Irvin, Dahlgren, Jasper Cross of Carbondale, Dr. Roland R. 
   Cross of Dahlgren, Mrs. Flossie Hughes of Carbondale.  He married Mrs. Mollie Cark Townsend in 
   1917, she survives.  Leaves 9 grand children: Gilbert, Eugene & Emma Irvin, Arza & Vernetta 
   Hughes, Jasper Cross, Jr., Roland Robert, James H. Gilbert Hall & Chauncey Cross; 1 brother, Elza 
   M. Cross; 2 brothers dead: John & Walter.

3.          iii.     JOHN ROBERT CROSS, b. December 15, 1859, Dahlgren Township, Hamilton, Illinois; d. July 
  28, 1922, West Frankfort, Illinois.

4.          iv.     ELZA MARION CROSS, b. August 26, 1861; d. July 09, 1941, Middle Creek, Hamilton County, 

Generation No. 3

3.  JOHN ROBERT3 CROSS (PLEASANT MARION2, PLEASANT1) was born December 15, 1859 in Dahlgren Township, Hamilton, Illinois, and died July 28, 1922 in West Frankfort, Illinois.  He married OLIVE EMMA ELLIS May 28, 1881 in Hamilton County, Illinois, daughter of LOUIS ELLIS and OLIVE BASSETT.  She was born February 09, 1863 in Shelby County, Indiana, and died February 01, 1942 in Washington, Indiana.


Burial: July 28, 1922, Middle Creek, Hamilton, Illinois

Elected: Judge of Hamilton County, Mayor of McLeansboro in 1909.

Obit from Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 207:
Pub. Times, August 3, 1922.  Honorable John R. Cross. b. 15 Dec 1859, Dahlgren Twp.; d. 28 July 1922, at his home in West Frankfort.  Moved to West Frankfort abt 1916 and opened a law office.  Married Miss Olive E. Ellis, May, 1881; 4 children: Mrs. Isaac Hardesty, Galesburg; Mrs. Joseph Reeder, Memphis, Tenn.; Mrs. W. W. Brown, Louisiana, Missouri; John E. Cross, at home.  Interred at Middle Creek.


Burial: February 01, 1942, Middle Creek, Hamilton County, Illinois

Children of JOHN CROSS and OLIVE ELLIS are:

5.            i.     IVA MAE4 CROSS, b. January 20, 1882; d. January 05, 1945, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

6.           ii.     INEZ MYRTLE CROSS, b. June 01, 1884, Middle Creek, McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. November 24, 1959, Port Allen, Louisiana.

7.          iii.     NONA CROSS, b. April 13, 1888, Middle Creek, McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. November 11, 1983, Kemp, Texas.

8.          iv.     JOHN ELLIS CROSS, b. July 20, 1900; d. May 31, 1985, Michigan.

4.  ELZA MARION3 CROSS (PLEASANT MARION2, PLEASANT1) was born August 26, 1861, and died July 09, 1941 in Dahlgren Twp,. near Middle Creek, Hamilton County, Illinois.  He married MARY E. TENNYSON October 28, 1882, daughter of JOHN TENNYSON and SUSAN STANDERFER.  She died 1944 in Middle Creek, Hamilton County, Illinois.

From: Felty's Legacy of Kin, p. 441:
Pub. Times-Leader, 24 Jul 1941; aged 79 years; d. 19 July 1941, at home in Dahlgren Twp., near Middle Creek Church.  Interred Middle Creek.

Children of ELZA CROSS and MARY TENNYSON are:

              i.     HARVEY4 CROSS.

              ii.     LILLIE CROSS.

             iii.     SUSIE CROSS.

             iv.     VELMA CROSS.

             v.     LIZZIE CROSS, b. January 19, 1884; d. February 6, 1941

             vi.     JAMES WILLIAM CROSS, b. May 16, 1890; August 10, 1969

            vii.     MARION CALVIN "HOOKS" CROSS, b. March 25, 1892; d. August 10, 1969

           viii.     JOHN CROSS, b. April 19, 1900.

             ix.     BULAH FERN CROSS, b. August 15, 1905; D. February 1988.

Generation No. 4

5.  IVA MAE4 CROSS (JOHN ROBERT3, PLEASANT MARION2, PLEASANT1) was born January 20, 1882, and died January 05, 1945 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  She married ISAAC SYLVESTER HARDESTY April 01, 1901 in Mount Vernon,  Jefferson County, Illinois, son of JESSE HARDESTY and MARGARET SIGLER.  He was born March 13, 1876 in Norris City, White County, Illinois, and died March 12, 1932 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa.


Burial: January 07, 1945, Cedar Memorial cemetery


Burial: March 14, 1932, Cedar Memorial cemetery
Probate: March 16, 1932, Linn County Courthouse, Iowa #12146

Children of IVA CROSS and ISAAC HARDESTY are:

              i.   HELMA CROSS5 HARDESTY, b. February 06, 1902, McLeansboro, Illinois; d. February 15, 1965, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; m. EARL DUNCAN MCCULLOUGH, November 30, 1924, Galesburg, Illinois; b. July 02, 1892, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada; d. November 21, 1977, Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

Auntie died as a result of an auto accident. She and Dad were going to Newhall to get eggs, when they were struck by a guy who ran a stop sign. He had no license, and no insurance!

Burial: February 17, 1965, Cedar Memorial cemetery

Uncle Mac was born in Canada, and never did become a U.S. citizen. He was a classic salesman, and sold everything to everyone. At one time he also sold Amana refrigerators and products, as well as Muzak systems. He was one of the first people in Cedar Rapids to demonstrate the new thing called 'TV' back in the forties!!
Burial: November 24, 1977, Cedar Memorial cemetery

9.           ii.   WALTER WADE HARDESTY, b. June 26, 1909, McLeansboro, Illinois; d. January 04, 1993, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

6.  INEZ MYRTLE4 CROSS (JOHN ROBERT3, PLEASANT MARION2, PLEASANT1) was born June 01, 1884 in Middle Creek, McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois, and died November 24, 1959 in Port Allen, Louisiana.  She married JOSEPH FIFER REEDER 1911 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., Illinois.  He was born April 09, 1889 in McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois, and died November 27, 1955 in Port Allen, Louisiana.

Children of INEZ CROSS and JOSEPH REEDER are:

10.          i.   ELEANOR ELIZABETH5 REEDER, b. April 25, 1913, McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois; d. July 22, 1981, Port Allen, Louisiana.

11.         ii.   JOSEPH FIFER REEDER JR, b. December 26, 1914, Des Moines, Iowa; d. January 19, 1988, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

12.        iii.    JOHN ROBERT REEDER, b. November 17, 1918, West Frankfort, Illinois; d. April 19, 1999, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

13.        iv.     INEZ POLLY REEDER, b. September 03, 1920, Memphis, Tennessee.

7.  NONA4 CROSS (JOHN ROBERT3, PLEASANT MARION2, PLEASANT1) was born April 13, 1888 in Middle Creek, McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois, and died November 11, 1983 in Kemp, Texas.  She married WILFRED WESLEY BROWN February 01, 1917 in West Frankfort, Illinois, son of SAMUEL BROWN and MARY ALLISON.  He was born September 12, 1867 in Louisiana, Pike County, Missouri, and died September 15, 1960 in Dallas, Texas.

More About NONA CROSS:
Burial: Rest Land cemetery, Dallas, Texas
Ordination: 1893

The Reverend Mister Brown was a fire and brimstone Baptist minister for over 65 years. He died at the age of 93 in Dallas, Texas. He and Aunt Nona moved to Texas from Illinois in 1952. Rev Brown was involved in a train accident at some point and collected a hefty settlement. Their only daughter, Louise, married Sumner Roberts.

Burial: Rest land Cemetery, Dallas, Texas
Degree: 1901, William Jewell, Liberty, Missouri
Ordination: 1893, Newton Center, Massachusetts

Marriage Notes for NONA CROSS and WILFRED BROWN:
Louise  Brown Sides, their daughter found a wedding announcement stating that the Rev W.W. Brown and Ms. Nona Cross were married at the brides residence in Carbondale, Illinois. The wedding announcement in the St. Louis Republic newspaper, dated February 1, 1917 stated that the marriage took place in the home of attorney and Mrs. J.R. Cross in West Frankfort.    


              i.    EMMA LOUISE5 BROWN, b. August 09, 1918, Bloomington, Illinois; m. (1) CHARLES SUMNER ROBERTS, February 12, 1944, Bloomington, Illinois; b. September 08, 1905, Asotin, Washington; d. April 24, 1974, Dallas, Texas; m. (2) JOHN WAYMON SIDES, SR, January 04, 1978; b. August 23, 1920, Rector, Arkansas; d. December 01, 1994, Dallas, Texas.

Degree: JD, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Burial: Kemp, Texas

8.  JOHN ELLIS4 CROSS (JOHN ROBERT3, PLEASANT MARION2, PLEASANT1) was born July 20, 1900, and died May 31, 1985 in Michigan.  He married RACHEL EVELYN PETERSON January 03, 1935 in Detroit, Michigan. 


              i.     JOHN ROBERT5 CROSS II.

              ii.     EMILY ELLIS CROSS.

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